This part of my blog is all about the things I collect or the things I make myself. I love so many things, I paint and draw and want to learn oils and pastels. I knit and crochet but want to learn tatting. I embroider and can turn my hand to most things given a chance. So much still to learn and do. I live in hope of some day reading all my books, learning all I want to learn and now I am learning to blog. You will often find my original poems, poor as they are I offer them here. I also appreciate other people art and will feature things I find that I have enjoyed. That includes pictures of fairies and fantasy or maybe just anything beautiful.
I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

New ornament..........

Only one new thing this time. I have been working in the garden on and off when its not too hot. I had found some dishes (prev post) and wanted to make a garden ornament with them. I needed some copper pipe in order to do that. Well finally I got some. So I used this flat Button glass dish and a wavy dish that together makes a flower
 photo 5a65aa75-3263-4fff-a179-14dd4ff0ec8d_zps0e1926d4.jpg
I stuck those together and then I used a small bottle on the back. I was hoping that would hold the pipe. It worked.
On the front I found one of my salts that I have a collection of, wont miss one will I? So stuck that to the front and then added a glass ball.
 photo e596b999-88cf-42ee-9a75-f9c767933158_zps38064482.jpg
I am still not happy with the height and will change that tomorrow. Right now it sticks up above everything like a stop sign.So tomorrow I put it on a shorter stick. I am using copper. I think it may go green eventually. This is how it looks in the garden.
 photo ec0629c4-5d50-4988-be96-4392ed65984b_zpse4ae91c9.jpg
The bottle on the back works well to hold it.
 photo 6e5b3404-f9ff-42c8-bcd3-32261b2094de_zps4e0ad516.jpg
I am pretty happy with this one. I think tomorrow I will start a new one. I have two glass plates outside that are on a ledge and cant really be seen. If I can find a couple of bottles to put on the back of those I will make a couple more and put them in the flower beds out back. Suncatchers.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Looking for garden containers..............

Saturday we took two of the poodles in for hair cuts. We had forgotten that it was the beginning of the Cherry Festival week. Traffic coming into town was backed up for miles. Lucky we knew a back way home or it would have taken hours. Well, while I was dropping off the poodles I could not resist popping into the thrift shop. I needed some containers or pots for the garden. Look what I found.
 photo fa54941f-72c4-476a-b726-e9a72f0abe96_zps1d8c70ec.jpg
I bought a nice big Hosta to go in this. It was perfect for the spot I needed it for. I really didn't see anything else that day that I could use as a planter but..........I found two crystal champagne glasses just like two I already have. I used to have 4 but two broke so now I have 4 again.
 photo 18c86afa-43aa-417f-be4c-8e75053b6166_zps85855986.jpg
Also two glass dishes. I may keep those to make a flower for the garden. I think that I can make something pretty if I can find just the right attachments. A project for this week maybe
 photo bff45c7e-8872-4e62-aeb0-a8953b8f94eb_zps3d7c118b.jpg
 photo 157e4425-f234-4d62-a4f6-08462f3e2f3c_zps07269538.jpg
The flat one would be the back with the wavy one would be the front, then I need something in the center. This week I will look for something.
The next thing was a couple of blue and white souvenier cups and saucers from Stratford On Avon in England.
 photo 3a79d66d-0088-41b4-b75c-a77cadc6149f_zpsa8360f88.jpg
I found this fairy welcome sign, just had to take that home
 photo e78ea4ee-e11c-4cd8-aba4-357baa4a7c46_zps2988c00a.jpg
Also an angel. I had just the spot for her too.
 photo b931fe6b-3be4-44b0-9e51-b8158615e955_zpsec86bdd8.jpg
The next thing that I could not leave behind was a milk and sugar bowl set and a gorgeous little bowl. The bowl is hand painted in Thailand. The gold is in relief and the blue is so pure and lovely. I had to have it. I will maybe put a plant in it.
 photo ea75190a-4531-4943-9a83-9f8d027c9b1d_zps4bf69ce2.jpg
 photo 95a1666b-c333-4bf8-aed5-1a8e579fc918_zpsaf303f64.jpg
Lastly I think was this small colander. It is black. It will be just right to rinse berries in. Or if it doesn't get much use then it too can be a planter, its just the right size for that too.
 photo 07a229cf-604e-4472-81b0-995d7cda5c46_zps70ced7b5.jpg
So, although my search for planters was only a partial success I do think I found some other good things.
I took the pictures with my phone. I did a very silly thing. I left my camera out on a barrel of flowers while I did some garden chores. Then I completely forgot and put the sprinklers on. Yes well, I thought the camera was ruined. It would not even turn on. Tried different things and gave up. went and got a new camera. I had wanted a new one, the Kodak was getting iffy at best. Now I had good reason. We were going to Gabbys for a cookout and I knew I would want to take pictures. I got a Nikon. It was not as expensive as the Kodak...........well tonight the Kodak turned on.
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Friday, July 4, 2014


I really don't have a lot today but wanted to do a post anyway. In my Facebook page Bluebell Woods, I post a lot of pretty pictures. I love the colour blue (also green) actually I like a lot of colours and my taste in colour depends upon its use. If its clothes then I like neutrals and love black. In my house I suppose earth tones dominated for the longest time but I am slowly changing that.............for flowers though and other things I just love blue. This first picture is a delicate blue, probably my favourite.
 photo 5f492a06-e306-4e81-ba60-701d614ed3f2_zps522526ed.jpg
I love it in pictures and probably in decorating too. I did a bedroom in blue and I am very happy with it.
 photo b1f0701c-5387-43fc-a66d-853938a9c98f_zps3011d617.jpg
There is a point where blue becomes purple, I am not sure where the line is but this china is beautiful
 photo 8d32d564-9148-4d41-841b-5d07bcab224d_zpsba49f1e7.jpg
Lavender may be a better word than purple, because this dress is not purple and yet is not blue either
 photo 7b1e2b57-3c9f-41ce-b495-c0389ef00911_zpse5a0803b.jpg
Then there is jewelry. My favourite stone is the diamond but the Tanzanite comes a close 2nd.
 photo aa50f340-fbe8-4d54-96ae-08bf7b2e90f5_zpse4ced811.jpg
I suppose the flowers take the cake though
 photo 89176f70-d26b-4cde-8221-fbd4d1231a59_zps2e4c9566.jpg
so just a few pictures to put you in a blue mood.............not litterally but colourfully
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Tuesday, July 1, 2014


My daughter and I agree we must have been Magpies in a former life. Not that I believe that stuff but if I did........well the point is I love glass.
While out with Edna we stopped in Alden. There is a shop there that I always stop in, it has a very large variety of stuff. One thing I found and wanted more of were little glass dishes, not really dishes.......well take a look.
 photo 8831703c-abe0-4029-95f4-381383d22695_zpsb60b7f92.jpg
So I was able to find a couple more.I have a couple on my kitchen windowsill. They are useful, rings, pills and so on. They also look pretty.
I am thinking of getting a few for Christmas gifts.
 photo 074a5039-5522-4aee-8824-5f9b14cce82c_zpsb1526121.jpg
They had more last time we were there, more variety, but I found a couple.
 photo e4201e9b-7c10-4fdb-8560-6991ae162bf7_zps40f8f067.jpg
those were the small ones and before I did get one a little larger.
 photo ccc7b78b-504f-4abf-91a0-8c2971c04a32_zps5ead2771.jpg
I bought this trivet at the same place. They are really coasters and I think I will get a set for someone as a Christmas gift. They are sparkly and pretty.
 photo 27b6d42a-b3b9-4618-b9a8-5c695061c17c_zpsa8a5b25e.jpg
I collect, just like a Magpie, to decorate my nest. I love glass. I had no idea what to do with these glass balls, then I found the dish.
 photo 6e3de6e2-c29b-4ea4-a681-9b767678ef26_zpsebee7434.jpg
Not sure if the cobwebs show or not but I love to hang glass where the light catches it.
 photo 93524b79-3f7a-4597-8190-137993e89a57_zps35c5fb4f.jpg
I also have some wire baskets full of fish floats, they sparkle in the sun. I was going to show a few more things but the Photobucket is not working so thats it for today.
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Sunday, June 22, 2014

More odds and ends..................

I found one garage sale this weekend. There was not a lot of stuff there but I did find this for 8 dollars. I only paid 8 for it because it goes with my pink (red and white?) things I already have. The lady was asking 10bucks. I didn't want it that much.
 photo a76762b7-77fe-4c5c-8cc4-3f32ae5dd960_zpsbf56fae5.jpg
 photo 62908fed-6220-4477-8a1c-6045d89803a2_zps80b74fea.jpg
I also bought this small plate, it was pretty and only 25c.
 photo 9a6356b9-55d8-43a1-83b7-07be01d407c7_zps66d9c029.jpg
This old Button hook was also 25c
 photo fd9724a4-d057-4b06-ba4d-a8620a864c41_zpsac6b1905.jpg
Then I decided I could use this lovely tea pot who had lost its lid. A plant pot, what else. Perfect for 50c
 photo 83e12fd7-a6e1-406f-97c7-1b396e43242b_zps6e57e1a7.jpg
Another 50c item will come in useful when I find something to hang in it.
 photo e910603a-516b-459c-a46d-718d8c7d2e2a_zpscf57a2a6.jpg
When we were at Manitou gardens I picked up some herbs. I found this old box in the garage. I had Gerry screw it on the deck. I will keep it there for now.
 photo 79ed40ea-35de-4f6f-a810-f30ffe6164b5_zps464f6aa0.jpg
I love old boxes. When I find them,(or baskets) I have a job relegating them to the outside. I am always aware that it wont take long for them to be weathered away.
 photo 21a038ea-248c-4608-b26f-180a78ca0433_zps919dbc3f.jpg
While I was getting the box out I refound this old mail box. Not sure what to do with it. I bought it as a planter but still not sue where to put it. I need to clean off the brown paint and make it more presentable.
 photo 73c77acb-ee45-4b40-bba8-c7fbbfd5a215_zpscb0f4f72.jpg
These are the blocks that I got from Laura, I am thinking around the pond and the garden there will be a great place for them. If not, plenty of other places to put them.
 photo a13650ef-bc45-4a71-9700-8b17a3943e07_zps5ba45af2.jpg
Its just a question of getting down to work. Some of my other treasures I have not found a permanent home for yet so this glass dish on its base will sit there for now.
 photo 541fa10c-8784-4e56-b17a-321fe1cbd558_zps1f5d3216.jpg
At least the things I found this week were the right price for a change.
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Friday, June 20, 2014

A mixture..................

Going to the thrift shop the other day I really didn't find much. I was looking for a few pots to plant some flowers in. I did accomplish that goal. I found this jar/container that was missing its lid. I liked it because it had dogs on it, It says "Dogs smile with their tails". I got it home and wondered what to do with it. Then.....duh!!! I want planters right.
 photo 4e63b0fe-96b3-45ef-9b0a-614e707d4e78_zps11a8599c.jpg
The pot that I found was ideal for this plant, just the right size. If the plant likes it I will plant it in this pot it was just what I was looking for. For 1.99 how could I miss?
 photo 1632125f-a481-48df-8708-97613caf9e4b_zps0c79d78f.jpg
I also got these 3 bird house thingies someone made.
 photo 8fa66791-0718-4489-a8d0-d8e19e04d953_zps44afa414.jpg
Then there are ones I painted myself.
 photo ff891683-c795-4e4f-9c4c-d48b52844dab_zps6ffc136d.jpg
One year I made a bunch of butterfly houses. They do not do well out in the elements. I should bring them in and repaint them but......well at the moment I have other projects. This one was in the house and I put it out this year. The bird house in front is waiting for a plant to go in it. An ivy maybe.
 photo 4b16d0fe-ca44-4813-ad78-47f70c68d4cf_zpsf419a822.jpg
I don't have a lot in my sketch book to show so will just throw a couple in on this post for now
 photo ecb95107-ea8c-438d-8d3c-ffd10c3689a1_zps538555d5.jpg
Not much going for me this time, I did like my fox though
 photo 5e4ebbe9-9d85-4c8d-8569-80f3a2dcb98e_zps4613384e.jpg
Here is one page of faces.........
 photo 6d9d0249-7ec8-4022-9e16-2b3ac07fe78d_zps971d0fae.jpg
I have now filled book 8 and have to go get another. I am still enjoying doing it so may as well keep going.
 photo 33d5c765-d26a-4c0f-a421-f2d91fa19af4_zpsb74e91ee.jpg
This is a wren
 photo 1d9c4d5f-d6e1-4bfd-a042-b9df4a978666_zps1e4ba5dd.jpg
Thats it folks..............all for today.
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

More Treasures.............

On Friday Laura and I went to our local fav thrift shop. I found some treasures as usual. I must stop going there. Some one is very generous and donates great things. Their prices are a little high for a Thrift shop but this one thinks of itself as a "Boutique" well I can deal with that. They have lovely donated items, new items like hats, scarfs jewelry that are very nice. The 2nd hand items that I have found myself are often expensive things. I feel I am helping the cause as well as getting nice things for my home. I have no problem saying I found them at a thrift shop or garage sale. I love getting nice things for a good price. It's the thrill of the hunt.
Here are some pictures of some of my recent finds.
 photo c43b04ca-fa32-40c5-8b93-7d0d4554d09e_zpsa16ba962.jpg
 photo aa38258e-02f4-4b91-80bb-a7600f0f026e_zps4c1705f7.jpg
This is a Crystal bowl, can you believe it? 9.99.
 photo a562242b-940b-49cd-806c-8ccbc2ead471_zps1b1a9607.jpg
So is this one, a Lenox
 photo 2f8cd100-f66c-4354-9e7c-d110d58b7448_zps9c2d9d7a.jpg
OK so I got this one for the fish pond. The fish like to play with them
 photo ae10fe5c-db72-4ec6-900b-763c091f9514_zps72c1e223.jpg
I got a few nice linens that day too.
Then we found an estate sale. Wow. What a beautiful house. The lady was very tiny and we heard them talking about her. Its a shame when people are going through personal things. It comes to us all. She had beautiful taste. The things were good quality and expensive, I only bought a couple. There were a LOT of things though so I did find a few I could afford. The good thing was that next day would be 50% off. I could not believe that Laura actually got to my house early Saturday. Woo Hoo we were off.
These are some of the things I bought. Linens and cushions.
 photo bc0f5a37-dfff-4136-be7b-b256a63c9620_zps80702803.jpg
 photo 2442d751-a83a-4b40-ae51-1b42c3725f69_zps8ccfaf18.jpg
 photo 858ba8f7-fa1d-4fb5-8af0-5b3118c1557c_zps4601f646.jpg
 photo 4fb1a24e-d911-4b23-b123-7efd570ff249_zps6ab93f88.jpg
A beautiful wreath for 12 dollars. I could not wait for the 50% off I wanted it for sure.
 photo 46ba713e-100c-4e31-b289-d654abc5ac47_zps6ab1abf6.jpg
I have decided to collect more teapots. So this is a couple that I found at the Estate sale. I love the one cup pots
 photo 2631e647-344b-4275-a86d-04ea349c93bc_zps500f3831.jpg
 photo e854a15d-28a5-4f26-a145-6b142e5effc8_zps062232d3.jpg
This little fairy just had to come home with me.
 photo a7416443-8472-4bcb-826b-2fbd0b06be9d_zps0e5db7e9.jpg
I am always looking for things for the garden. These were from the thrift shop at the right price. Just need a clean up and a couple of plants.
 photo 375610b8-df41-4d84-8ddb-6fe7c9b07b2f_zpsdea20ee9.jpg
I found this at another sale and as I want a butter dish, I thought this would fit the bill.
 photo 1e489093-3aed-4405-92a8-d7f3844851f9_zps86162ec3.jpg
An angel I could not resist from the estate sale. A lot of my garden ornaments were no good this year. So for 5 dollars I thought she would be a nice addition. I usually get fairies but Angels are most welcome.
 photo 9ca32303-e026-4816-841a-169ba5170a2f_zpsaed1c4d5.jpg
Berry dishes, not sure why I wanted them. Guess I got carried away. The main bowl has a chip in it. I really do not need it so may use that in the garden. A bird bath or something like that? I will put it with my ornament things for later.
 photo e6e9ba4e-b839-4b4c-aa1c-82d57a2a280b_zpsf2b1bcd3.jpg
This may also end in the garden ornament pile for later but I love the colour, I found that with the butter dish at another garage sale.Everything else was the Estate sale.
 photo 5891a7dd-b6ac-4c9e-8127-bfe9549f35f8_zps201bdd4f.jpg
I found a basket of flowers at the estate sale but they were selling them all stem by stem. So, I found this vase of flowers for 5 dollars and I think there is a nice selection there for making wreaths. Another project. Will that get done? It is a heavy glass vase and that may be useful.
 photo d06c03d7-7b91-4299-9de9-2a7efdf44dff_zpsc3f5d227.jpg
The last thing I was in two minds over. It is a dinner service for 4. I normally only buy sets of 8. This was so pretty that in the end at 50% off I paid 22 dollars for the set that included salt and pepper, cream sugar and serving dishes. I will do a post maybe when I get them unwrapped.
 photo dd1de9ab-d583-4795-8a91-a53f25d7e773_zps6f55130b.jpg
Now I have to say that I have no idea where to put this set. For now it will remain in the box till I work that out. Maybe when we fix up the other room I will find a place. I am looking for a large dresser of some sort. When we change our back door from where it is now. The entrance will be bigger and I want a very large piece of furniture there to hold all sorts of things from shoes to toys. If there is room for storage so much the better. That is another story.
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