This part of my blog is all about the things I collect or the things I make myself. I love so many things, I paint and draw and want to learn oils and pastels. I knit and crochet but want to learn tatting. I embroider and can turn my hand to most things given a chance. So much still to learn and do. I live in hope of some day reading all my books, learning all I want to learn and now I am learning to blog. You will often find my original poems, poor as they are I offer them here. I also appreciate other people art and will feature things I find that I have enjoyed. That includes pictures of fairies and fantasy or maybe just anything beautiful.
I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.
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Thursday, May 24, 2018

Bayside Gallery in Suttons Bay.............................

The Bayside Gallery in Suttons favourite glass shop.
Edna and I went to Suttons Bay today. She wanted to go to the Quilt shop. I didn't want to get more quilt supplies so I just looked. Hard for me to do but I am getting better simply because I have so much already to do. I have given away a whole load of fabric already. I loved doing that rather than hoarding it. Chances of me using all I have is zero to none. Bluebell Woods I described our day out and so this page is rather dedicated to this particular gallery. Oh my, if I could only afford to buy stuff there. I may go back as I did see one thing that was 1/2 off and it was way over 100 dollars so I must think on it. However there were several pieces that I would like and I live in hope that I can persuade Gerry to buy me a birthday pressie.
 photo 20180524_113544_zpsdryn6uvh.jpg
They have a fake stream running along one side and have fish in it. I often see frogs too. It adds to the pleasure of being there.
 photo 20180524_114713_zpswxnfsvwy.jpg
 photo 20180524_114649_zpsqyxlzzts.jpg
I enjoy the shop for the garden stuff but inside is all kinds of wonderful things. Mainly glass and thats why I always call it the glass shop.
I really want one of these
 photo 20180524_114638_zps4gvm71wu.jpg
Anyone who loves glass would love this shop
 photo 20180524_114556_zpsxxmgxaq9.jpg
I have learned my lesson though. I can't have nice things. They get broken.
I took the next picture to remind myself, I can do this
 photo 20180524_114351_zpsa6i57zuv.jpg
A wall of clocks all with moving parts
 photo 20180524_114303_zpsdam2ao2f.jpg
The bug collection is adorable
 photo 20180524_114226_zpsuxuvht9j.jpg
 photo 20180524_114140_zpsj6sczkas.jpg
Another picture to remind me what I can do myself if I just get craking
 photo 20180524_114000_zpsho2g1xat.jpg
 photo 20180524_113955_zps1yd8f9cg.jpg
Then there are other things that I would enjoy if I had the money to redo things. I could do a bathroom around that pretty fish
 photo 20180524_113924_zpsmrie1zxi.jpg
Liz may like a Butterfly
 photo 20180524_113912_zpsq0slhusb.jpg
But it's mainly the outside stuff that I really want
 photo 20180524_113846_zpscptqlahs.jpg
 photo 20180524_113831_zpsg2pk5y2u.jpg
 photo 20180524_113727_zpsptwsolj7.jpg
You have to look at the individual pieces of art to see how wonderful they are. I think it takes more than one piece to make a garden really shine. I hope to collect a few
 photo 20180524_113715_zpsmxdkz2z3.jpg
 photo 20180524_113632_zpsyqto1ngt.jpg
 photo 20180524_113556_zpsqinyh19o.jpg
Well I can dream..........if anyone wants to know what to get me for my birthday you only need to look here haha..........well I can dream. There were a couple of things in another gallery that I want to post so as I remember them.
 photo 20180524_124357_zpsknixm3ev.jpg
 photo 20180524_124352_001_zpszj7n3ps7.jpg
Absolutely no reason not to make these they are pine cones. I sure have enough of those. All for now.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

April and nothing happening.......

Well I suppose I could bore everyone with a few of my latest cards but I won't right now. I have not been doing it every day like I was. I have slowed down a bit. Maybe that's good because maybe I will finally get to do some sewing. I have that stack of quilts and ironing to do. When I get stuck on one thing everything else gets left.
I found an old piece of watercolour I had cut off of a painting I did and didn't like. It was originally a picture of a seascape in a storm. Well it didn't work but I liked this piece and wanted to use it somehow. This is what I did and not sure I like it. So it will sit for awhile and I will see if I want to throw it away or keep it.
 photo 20180404_122257_zpsmn8lztja.jpg
 photo 20180404_122303_zpsmw9dzlye.jpg
Another thing I did was to paint on a few of my stones I picked up at the beach. I have been experimenting on what paints to use.
 photo 20180404_112141_zpslectvwqh.jpg
I have not had a lot of success so far but these are a bit better. I want them perfect though and sometimes the dots smudge
 photo 20180404_112147_zpszi1wp3ty.jpg
These ones I copied from Pinterest, but I want to make refrigerator magnets of the faces, the little ones. I don't know why because I don't use them. Maybe when I do my yard sale I can sell them at a dollar a piece. (Well I did pay for the magnets)
 photo 20180404_112158_zpssmz1qoqf.jpg
 photo 20180404_112208_zpswrh0syn2.jpg
 photo 20180404_112220_zpsk1wa13vq.jpg
I will pick up more stones this summer and see what else I can do. Maybe paint some of the faces and leave them on the beach haha.......
So Carrie and Justin bought me some lovely Tulips that I sat in different rooms. They ended up here in the living room and I moved the plant off the coffee table to set them there. I got so used to them there that I was sad when I finally had to let them go............I decided I like real flowers sitting there and so I bought me a plant.
 photo 20180404_112247_zpsgmqgwg6t.jpg
When it stops blooming it can go outside for the summer and I will replace it with another. I also need to replace some of my African Violets that are getting straggly and in need of repotting. I love those they bloom all year in my dining room window.
 photo 20180404_113212_zpst0frsjvc.jpg
The cats are bored. They want to be out in the garden but we got a winter storm last night and the snow is back. I opened the front door and got glared at by Bessie.
 photo 20180404_112810_zpsipo3svtp.jpg
Ah well, Boots had just got used to sunning herself in a garden chair so she is not happy either and the Poodles miss coming and going as they please
 photo 20180404_123920_zpsatniidaj.jpg
Bijou looks sadly out the front window hoping for someone to bark at to relieve her boredom.........At least the sun came out.

Friday, March 23, 2018

Day out thrifting with Edna............

Yesterday Edna and I went out for the day. It has been a long time since we have done anything, it has been so cold and icy no one wanted to go out. Next week is her birthday so I took her to lunch. Well she drove but then she always does. Edna will be 80 and it occurred to me that my friends are getting old. There was a time when I would have said ancient but now at almost 72 myself it does not seem old at all. Liz is 80 now and she is certainly not old either. So age is really irrelevant and does not mean anything anymore. Edna is still spritely and gets around and energetic as ever. I suppose the danger at our age is falling or illness that can knock us out.
Anyway..........we have not been to the Thrift shops in awhile so that's what we did.
Edna didn't find much at all but naturally I did. Sigh.................
 photo 20180322_134644_zpsu2zet2rq.jpg
I paid 12 dollars for that so not very Thrifty. I have been in need of new cushions but didn't want to pay the price. Well at one of the shops I found some cushions that were exactly what I wanted. In fact matched some I already have. The dogs get on them, did I say dogs gasp? I meant Poodles. They scratch them and pull threads, plus some people use them to put their plates on with inevitable spills. So cushions get washed and lose some of their new looks so need replacing frequently. I refuse to pay the price unless on sale, so this saved me the chore of looking for some.
 photo 20180322_134655_zpsnhfcevez.jpg
I loved the red one and the other one is like two I already have. This one fits right in.
 photo 20180322_134708_zps7mnvzohe.jpg
I put all my English cushions out on the front porch and that will be my theme for this year. It's so cold out there right now. Brrrrr.
 photo 20180323_105001_zpscwkmheod.jpg
 photo 20180323_104955_zpseixlj2vz.jpg
 photo 20180323_104951_zpsnpwbxubt.jpg
 photo 20180323_104958_zpsttvxbhop.jpg
I have not done yet but right now it's too cold. Maybe when the sun gets around that way I may go out later and sweep and organize a bit. At least I got the Christmas trees down.
So one other thing I found on my Chicken/Rooster theme, was a nice little trivet for the Kitchen.
 photo 20180323_104922_zpsrutjuhgi.jpg
I have no idea how or why I got on this chicken kick, but it seems I have quite a collection now. I think maybe because they are so colourful.
They have found their way into the living room now too with that cushion. So I suppose it was inevitable that this little chickie found a place on the coffee table where I set her down. As I have no other place right now she can stay with the Rooster as she seems at home there.
 photo 20180322_134629_zpst1io0t42.jpg
The last thing I found was a picture frame to put one of my cards in. I need a few frames but even in the Thrift shops they were too much money. This one was only one dollar so it came home with me.
 photo 20180322_134609_zpscsyyla7o.jpg
I doubt it will be any good for what I have in mind but I am sure it will be useful at some point for something.
I think this was a very good days thrifting seeing as I found stuff I was actually going to buy and the cushions were new and unused. Cant do better than that. Oh the cushions other than the Rooster were just 6.99 and 4.99 so not bad. Maybe I could have found cheaper in the store but hey, saved myself a trip if nothing else and I doubt I could have beat that price by much.
All for now. Happy thrifting.

Monday, March 12, 2018

More ..............

I am still making cards and probably will for some time. I will keep posting pictures on the blog for a record of what I am doing. I sent one out today for Raylene's birthday.
 photo 20180310_173833_zpswqkurj0q.jpg
It was not at first supposed to be a birthday card but I liked it and I thought she might like it. It's Raylene's 16th birthday, but she is not really 16 mentally yet. Raylene is the child with the brain damage from her Mothers boyfriend. She had the shaken baby syndrome. The guy went to jail for that and is now free, Raylene still suffers. She is doing well all considered, and it's hard to believe she is 16 now, they had not thought she would survive. Anyhow, a card is on the way to her. This is a detail.
 photo 20180310_173907_zpsrel9tfyu.jpg
I love the glitter.
If I am going to send cards to friends then I think I want to make more in the sewing theme. So I did these two. I will have to come up with more designs. So far I prefer the wreath to any others, but here are the latest two.
 photo 20180312_153335 1_zps1mtyieux.jpg
 photo 20180221_143509_zpstididinh.jpg
I am not fond of either of those but there is a base idea I can work with maybe.
I have done a couple of Mushroom cards that I really like, they are based on those by Annsdoodles. They are different but her idea.
 photo 20180310_174015_zpscithqfoj.jpg
 photo 20180312_153422_zpsu9iulzna.jpg
I also like doing Hummingbirds and there are two versions I have been playing with on that theme. To this one I added more bubbles and liked that, but I still prefer borders on the pictures.
 photo 20180310_173842_zpsyodije5i.jpg
This is the 2nd one
 photo 20180308_121109_zpsdog1pumq.jpg
Again, with borders maybe they would be a lot better. I now have quite a pile of cards done. I won't be using most of them but they will be a record of ideas and experiments and its fun. I also enjoy doing sun. I thought I might work on this idea and do seasons........
 photo 20180308_121052_zpseswuc2sb.jpg
I like that idea and will work with that.
At least out of the whole load there are a couple of ideas that I like and will work with. I will work on a line of the ones I can actually like and enjoy doing. I may try to get rid of the extras in my yard sale in the Spring. No skin off my nose and will give me an idea if people like them.
So thats all for now. Sharing with Make it Pretty Monday at the Dedicated House