This part of my blog is all about the things I collect or the things I make myself. I love so many things, I paint and draw and want to learn oils and pastels. I knit and crochet but want to learn tatting. I embroider and can turn my hand to most things given a chance. So much still to learn and do. I live in hope of some day reading all my books, learning all I want to learn and now I am learning to blog. You will often find my original poems, poor as they are I offer them here. I also appreciate other people art and will feature things I find that I have enjoyed. That includes pictures of fairies and fantasy or maybe just anything beautiful.
I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.
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Monday, May 11, 2015

A few from my sketch book...............

I know, I was supposed to stop doing the sketch book and start sewing. The machine is still on the table. I really did want to do some sewing but so many things have happened. I lost the enthusiasm and just drew instead. Maybe I will still get around to it because I want to make some cushions for the bench outside and a cover for the seat. This when its painted. I have to do that first. Seems like there is always something else that needs doing first
Anyway, some faces........

 photo 100_6631_zps6hwugutx.jpg
 photo 100_6629_zpszx6cml0u.jpg
 photo 100_6623_zpszgpuutho.jpg
I like doing faces
 photo 100_6619_zpssggkgvub.jpg
 photo 100_6621_zpsbucmuwsa.jpg
My pages have no reason. I see something I like and try to do something like it. I enjoy doing flowers as well. You may see some things you may have seen elsewhere, could very well be. I do not copy exactly but I do my own version simply for the idea and practice.
 photo 100_6618_zpsjbmiosgc.jpg
 photo 100_6616_zpszdf0urjd.jpg
 photo 100_6610_zpsjr2jtjoi.jpg
 photo 100_6609_zpsfqwduzqc.jpg
 photo 100_6605_zpswx3kjlmb.jpg
I am showing how my pages look as I do them. The above are selections from some of the pages.
 photo 100_6608_zps1smjcfty.jpg
 photo 100_6598_zpsh3sz5avm.jpg
 photo 100_6603_zpswp05wm3i.jpg
 photo 100_6588_zpsm40a2gcz.jpg

Ah well, thats enough for now, they don't really show up so well when they are enlarged like this.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pretty Girls...............

My poodle pals are looking smashing. All trimmed for Spring. Bodi likes to sit out on the deck and watch the world go by, but only if I sit with her. Unless she knows her dad is coming home. Then she will sit and look through the trellis.
 photo 37913e76-b72c-4c00-b1c5-98bf8c3454f9_zpsolicg1ku.jpg
I need to scrub the deck but it was way too hot today. So Bijou, is feeling a bit better, I will take her back to the vet tomorrow to get checked before the weekend. Her tummy is sore and swollen. Anyway, she has been enjoying laying in the sun relaxing.
 photo dbab8b44-d751-474e-bffd-ac6dd8dcfd70_zpszueyarad.jpg
Bella is so sweet and she wants to be on my lap. She eventually agreed to lay on the cushions with the others. She is saying "Why cant I sit on your lap mum"
 photo 00ec89cb-0520-42eb-81b4-108f3080e75e_zps7ntr85yt.jpg
Brea chose to stay inside, but she did come out later wanting to play. That kid needs to go on a diet. She has a bum knee so she does not want to run around so much at the moment. After we get Bijou sorted out maybe we can get her knee fixed.
 photo 22fea9e5-0c6a-433f-8e41-5f30c8eb8c62_zpshcgpu4ax.jpg
Here they are soaking up the sun.
 photo 8392cfa6-bc14-46c2-9e19-58b502602c91_zpsiw850hod.jpg
Bodi moves to the shade
 photo 4ddc5f31-8524-4f74-9181-e873c4f835cb_zpspepylr1k.jpg
She is supposed to be on a diet too. Still at least she is getting outside and walking around a bit.
 photo 83c219a3-7b1a-435f-8765-5220496a8c84_zps39aejekx.jpg
So that's my lot, enjoying the Springtime.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Two weeks if thrifts..........

I am all behind with my posts. I just had to catch up on the couple of things I found at the thrifts recently
 photo bcaf4eb8-aaf0-4b5f-bff9-5c36fceaf427_zpskbml2lde.jpg
This nice little rose dish, what is it? I have no idea but I liked it and its in my living room.
I also found a pretty platter that I love. It's oval shaped and will be very useful at holiday times.
 photo d11ec920-0493-4251-9eec-ac56c4d17b81_zpsuyell3yp.jpg
Then there was a small wreath that I thought I could use the flowers from. They are pretty Spring colours and I am not sure what I will do with it but, it will have a home one way or other. I may pull it apart and add it to another wreath.
 photo b2954856-2ee8-4ccf-9ea0-09c39230dcc9_zpsepevwllo.jpg
Anyway, I also found a pot for outside and an angel that is now sitting on the porch.
 photo b3b32acf-e437-4599-a780-ad1bf9fd0069_zpso6rseuuv.jpg
 photo ca099107-45a4-4a83-9353-1166edfd6f7b_zpsllc35yvc.jpg
Anyway that was one days haul.
I do think that I showed the other things so I will leave it at that for now. I can always add to the post if I find the rest.
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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day with the girls..............

I really didn't want to go out on Saturday, I wanted to work in my garden while it was sunny. As always I am glad I did though. Nancy came up to bring some quilts for Barb to sew. Barb is our long arm quilter lady. When we left the bank that is what she wanted to do, she started her own business and is doing very well at it. She is also loving it. Trouble is she is always busy so it was great to see her.
 photo f25ebee2-f407-4758-a135-cc4333d26ec3_zpsax8znowf.jpg
Barb Gurn....
The next picture is Edna and Nancy, doesn't Nancy look happy haha.
 photo 02322f29-6dfd-4704-8190-b5e6c610c8fe_zpsywom9f7n.jpg
We went to Applebees. I got an awesome sandwich. I don't usually like family type places as it can get noisy but we got there quite early and it was great, the food is good.
Well Barb had to go right away because she had a load to do, but the rest of us went thrifting.
I showed them a place I love called The Red Drawer. It sells antiques and crafted items. I just love that place and they did too.
I bought a couple of things. A wire basket for outside. I intend filling it with moss and putting some pots of plants that I can change out through the year. I also found a tin I could not live without. Had a rooster on it and for some reason I have started a collection of items with roosters on. I am going to find some more if I can and in this one I put laundry detergent.
 photo a349f376-2907-4981-bd55-c7b83915e87b_zpspzncwglw.jpg
 photo 174a1b9d-31f5-45b9-a49d-bed7b8f03326_zpsz2xvj1mx.jpg
This is the wire basket
 photo 4d87ddf5-d275-4ba1-8ab8-a6a13b8dd514_zpswyhlli9b.jpg
After we left there we went to my favourite thrift store. Edna liked it so much she figured Nancy should take a look. Apparently Edna's son also had to go take a look. Maybe I should have kept it secret? Nah, it's not that I need anything. WHat I did get this time was a nice little bowl in the colour I collect.

 photo f3fd8bb6-b825-44b2-87bc-328cfd386518_zps4vogwm27.jpg
I saw a chicken that will go out in the garden.
 photo 51295aba-d572-43d6-9ad7-d05e1147209c_zpsyqvj1ta2.jpg
I found two little plates that may or may not become bird baths.
 photo 3d488b81-984f-4cf1-b9c4-5c02f50c813a_zpsfjysjmys.jpg
I always pick up doilies. These 50c each.
 photo 286ab0e9-3cde-4fd3-a058-e8c11642f9a4_zpsqm3xcix6.jpg
I think that was just about all we did that day but as always it was a fun day with good friends and a few nice finds.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Old pictures to redo some day.........

This is an old water colour that I does not hang anywhere as I am not sure I like it.
 photo d2eeccb6-c903-4c19-bb12-56033f7a7674_zpsgjcncppa.jpg
I did not draw a picture. I just painted and let it develop. Probably a mistake. There is not much colour there and the bird was a mistake. I was trying to put some "life" into it.
I used salt to make the foreground. Not much to it really. So sits in a corner hiding.
This next one I have done several times and can not get it right
 photo b03d331b-6199-4477-abe6-9a5da204fc25_zpsq0uny9j0.jpg
Laura has one version of it. This is called "shadow of my mothers house" it is from a photo taken from mums bedroom window. It is one I have done nothing with. I did it a couple more times without the shadow. I have overdone it. I think I might try again. I do like the subject and the view and it has meaning for me. SO.............maybe I will try it again.
The next one is a shadow painting. It reminds me of dad fishing so.......again, it is one to redo.
 photo f19851f9-5a58-4b66-925b-4b1f5ecde205_zpstvbteqkd.jpg
It was done on an old piece of paper rather than watercolour paper, so is not any good. I just got the idea down on paper. I have a few pictures like that where I just got the idea down. I do want to do that one again properly.
Another in that category is this one.
 photo b34f3a4e-5aa8-4fdc-9caf-5e3da477dd10_zps2h2ikvyf.jpg
That is another very very old picture I did on a scrap of old paper. It is of a piece of land I pass now and then and for some reason I am drawn to it. So I drew it quickly and painted it so I could remember to do it again some day. Some day...........

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A quick thrift...............

Last night I went out with friend Edna. We went to eat at a small place near here. It was Polish night but I had lasagna. It wasn't that good and today I have heartburn. Ack!!!
So on the way home we stopped at my fav thrift shop. I had to show it to Edna. Well, they had cups and saucers. Edna is a fan of English china. She got the best one too.
I just had to show my finds.
 photo 68fd5b9f-ae66-43ec-ba2a-a48adb4c92e8_zpsx4ivgwrd.jpg
That set is actually a beige/cream colour. The one Edna got was black with Anemone inside in reds and purples. It was beautiful. Still I am also happy with mine and I found one with Violets on too.
 photo 5b4fbbd9-c6ae-472c-a08c-979d58070886_zpsqthnkurp.jpg
They all need a good wash.
Then, and oh I just had to get I found another fruit bowl. Really heavy so I assume its cut glass. I am not sure how to tell for sure. Well this is the bowl.It actually looks like moulded glass. I will try to find out. Its not as sparkly as the others I found before but is very heavy.
 photo 0622675a-71c7-499a-98e2-ff8b7b111d70_zpsuxqjp06i.jpg
The next piece once probably had a lid. I didn't care that it was missing because I wanted it as a plant holder. It too is really heavy.
 photo b238a619-7fcd-4193-b035-544c53231675_zps0s1k1j7g.jpg
I found this little tea pot. It's not usable. Thats fine, I want it for a planter as well. I think it would look nice with an ivy in it. Someone hand painted it, a small clay tea pot that was probably very plain.
 photo 2998ba38-171b-4542-9664-ad2bbb86d966_zpsfwwgxnri.jpg
Then this small tea pot to add to my Oriental collection. I have no idea why I am collecting them except that they are so delicate. I may end up giving them all to my son Jason.
 photo 330392c1-e6c3-40eb-a8dc-7624cf18ad81_zpspxpqaf9w.jpg
In the picture above is the small tea pot that I found and the dish that I already had. Here are some more that I have found over time at garage sales.
 photo de940bc6-e832-40a8-9846-4e6f043b79f4_zpst1nqrnub.jpg

 photo 93e55bda-a1b1-4127-a3b2-4782d5a41326_zpsic4r6dep.jpg
 photo eb6c8731-d784-47c5-a21d-5ae5334df9ff_zpshbxktavb.jpg
 photo 5d251dda-44d9-4294-a51c-2977ea3d01c8_zpseuddfjpt.jpg
The above are all Japanese, the next is made in China
 photo 8ae042e2-ddc2-4a35-81ad-9ee9c643138a_zpsdyavuwhw.jpg
The next I have no idea but it is so unusual.
 photo 5aef1187-8c81-4e2f-b419-9558804e4def_zpsinsqn5qi.jpg
This last thing I found last night is for the garden in some way or other.

 photo f1de0e82-027b-4986-9d38-639cc23c978d_zpsnyuwewkx.jpg
So as you see it was a rather productive stop. I have not been in there for awhile. Last week Edna and I had gone in some Thrift shops and Antique shops but had not found anything worth showing. I did buy the crochet runner that I have displayed these items on, but that was it. I have a whole basket of linens that need to be ironed and starched. I should get to that.

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