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Friday, July 26, 2019

More Thrifts .........

A few things I found this week, When I stopped at the Thrift shop when I dropped off the poodles. The Goodwill shop next to the groomers sometimes has good things. I must say though that the prices have really gone up beginning to make it less of a thrill to find things. I really don't need anything else, I have replaced the broken things in the garden and really don't need any more. Having said that, I found this glass item that would make a great flower center.I may make that because I do have a nice glass plate that would work with it.

I gave Laura some of the glass dishes I had found so picked up 3 more at 50 cents each. We stopped at the Samaritans closet out in Lake Leelanau. Boy they sure get some nice furniture in. Anyway, this is button glass, its heavy cut glass but I am not sure of its original use. Maybe posh people used them as butter dishes. I will use them for other things, like pretty stones.

Talking of Button (or daisy) glass I found some pretty amber glass and I can't remember is I showed that before.

I seldom buy clothes at thrift shops but have to say sometimes I can't resist. I found two tank tops I thought they would work for around the house. I used to wear tops like this all the time and gradually threw out many of them so.....I got two.

I couldn't leave this tea/coffee pot, I had intended it for the garden but actually its the colours of my dining room so for now I found it a spot

I really don't have room for anymore tea pots or cups. At some point, when ready to downsize I will sell them on line maybe......but not yet.
This guy will go in the garden

I enjoy finding pretty things even though I don't need them. If I don't make something out of them, then they go in a yard sale or if I just love them they stay somewhere in the house. I found this chicken plate and that one went
in the kitchen.

Going with my chicken theme. I have moved a couple of chucks into the garden, they would look better if I could get the weeding done but ah well. Always hope the garden would be pretty in the fall

Thursday, July 11, 2019

chicken burrito/enchilada............

One of the favourite suppers is my version of a burrito/enchilada. I use what I have on hand and usually have a stock of things in my larder. Tonight I had some frozen cooked chicken. I had some left over green peppers, onions and a can of tomato with peppers. I did not have an enchilada mix but had taco so what the heck not a lot of difference in taste and as it was the filling it hardly mattered. It tasted good.

I usually have wraps and for this I use the large ones.

Fill with the cooked chicken veggie mix

This made 10. Fill and put in a large dish and cover in Enchilada sauce.

This is where I over do it, on purpose. I used almost a whole packet of shredded Mexican mix cheese. I love cheese.

Bake at 350 for long enough to melt the cheese and I like it crisp. As everything is pre cooked it takes less than half hour depending on how done you want your cheese.

When its the amount of brownness you like take it out and serve it up. Some people let these things "rest" I don't haha. I love my cheese and can't wait.

Enjoy......a quick and tasty dinner that can be made ahead and just popped in the oven when ready.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Wow another trip to the thrift shop..........

Reina had spied some shoes she liked at the Thrift store yesterday, so I took her back today. They didn't fit but I found a couple of tank tops and cat toy for her.
Unfortunately or fortunately depending upon how you look at it. I spent 50 dollars. Well, mostly I hope for the garden but will probably trade a few things out with what I already have.
First. I love this teapot and will keep it in the house and find one to put outside

I also found a couple of Tea Cups and will keep the flowers one and swap out one that I am not keen on.

That reminds me I think I have more cups and saucers in the garage......I also found some more glass dishes. So now I can give a few to Laura. You can tell the cut glass or crystal by the weight. She wants some to put stones in,beach finds. I am thinking this week to have Reina do some decorating to take back to Laura, stones that is and beach glass.
This one is heavy

Specifically for the garden, yet another lamp

Then a nice red bottle, I will swap out one of the plain ones.

This is a very heavy glass ball, not sure of it's original purpose. I will put it on a stand outside. It's a strange colour and is flat on the bottom so I may have to stick something on it haha.

This little house will go in my collection. English houses not specifically these type. I just liked this one

Last but not least this little candle holder. It will be used on an outside project somehow.

I think I better stay out of the Thrift stores for awhile. Right?..........

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Ooooh pretty things........

It's been awhile since I went to Thrift Shops. When we were out the other day I stopped at a yard sale and found a few things that gave me the bug again. This lady had some nice things I thought I could use in the garden. I just have to figure out how. Anyway they are still awaiting me to decide.Today though I went to Goodwill but yesterday we stopped in Beaulah and found a shop by accident and oh boy I must go back there.

I put that one in the kitchen.
Then I have to find a place for these beauties. The prices, wow, 2.75 for the above and .75 for this hand painted one

I must find a spot in the dining room for this one.

I have a couple of others by the same maker. This one is so pretty and made in Bavaria

Then I got a few little things I can put together for a mini bird bath maybe

The base is a rose vase and if I put it together it would look like this.

Those little bits and pieces I think I may have got at a yard sale in Suttons Bay. At the "new" thrift shop I found another lantern for the garden.

I like those and will either hang them along the garage or on Shepherds crooks. Its so much fun to find things, this was 2.00. Ya can't beat the price. Right now it has a candle in it but I may put a glass ball inside.
We shall see.
Anyway, today I found a few things as well. A nice thing for the garden. What is it? No idea but I like it.

Also found a nice bowl, Laura is looking for glass bowls to put stones in. I may keep this one, not sure.

This mini frame I will show Reina how to draw a bee and put it in there to take home.

So I have been rather successful I think. It's addicting as anyone who likes yard sales and thrift stores knows. Maybe Reina will like to go haha. I know I must go back to the shop in Benzonia, it has such awesome things. I saw a candlewick bedspread for 14 dollars. I need to have a good look at that.

Saturday, June 22, 2019

June Yard Sale.............

Tristen wanted to stop at some yard sales and so we did. Found one good one. Good for me anyway although he didn't find anything. I was looking for garden items really. Instead I found some china and glass that I may be able to use outside. I am not sure about the teapot, its a bit too pretty to put outside.

Same with this little German milk jug. A bit too small to call a jug so I suppose it's a creamer?

I found this little chookie and he can be in the garden, I think in the herb garden.

I really do not need any more glass dishes but for a dollar I am thinking I can use this one in the garden somehow. Also two glass lids that I got both for a dollar.

That lady had some nice things but I really didn't need any more cups or dishes otherwise I could have got some good deals. I found this lantern that I will hang on a Shepherds hook in the garden.

We did stop at one more but nothing there that we could use. Just as well. I am not sure what I will do with what I got but will do something. The teapot was to go outside but I think I will swap it for a different one I can find one with chips on I am sure. Also have the one I got the other day to put outside

I'm not sure what I will do with that one yet either.............