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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Cheesy chicken in tomato......................

I am not sure if I posted this one before or not but in case I didn't here it is...................

 photo 90eccf20-3872-48e5-aa9e-def4e899f803_zps2zumkkub.jpg
You may notice I use a lot of cheese. Yes I do. I love cheese.
For this I use chicken breasts, nice plump ones. For 4 of us 4 nice size breasts.
You need to saute the chicken in butter with salt and pepper. I always use butter for cooking rather than oil. Just my taste. When they are brown and part cooked add the following.
 photo 20170921_161343_zpsuxg8ocd5.jpg
 photo 20170921_161358_zpseqcovc5q.jpg
When you have added the diced tomato and spaghetti sauce also add in the following
dried or fresh garlic
fresh rosemary
fresh basil
Italian herbs.
I know all this is probably in the sauce but I like to add my own as well. If you dont have fresh herbs use dried.
I let this simmer until the Chicken is cooked
 photo 20170921_161430_zpsu3hv0si6.jpg
Add a can of green beans (drained)
 photo 20170921_161402_zps6opsnalm.jpg
Just before its time to serve add a handful of shredded cheese on each chicken breast
 photo 20170921_162823_zps4r19onws.jpg
I cover the pan until the cheese is melted and then serve
This time we had a side of Spaghetti Squash. Yummy
 photo 20170921_162818_zpsuooxhxfh.jpg
To cook the squash I cut in half. Put 1/2 on plate and micro wave 15 mins bottom up on plate so that it steams itself. (Hole down)
Do the other half and shred into a bowl when done with salt and pepper and a pat of butter.
 photo 90eccf20-3872-48e5-aa9e-def4e899f803_zps2zumkkub.jpg
Now I want to eat that again. The chicken was so tender and tasty.

Saturday, September 16, 2017


For some reason I had been craving Goulash. I have not made it in ages. Not that it's even a huge favourite. You know how it is, all of a sudden you think of something and until you get it the idea just does not go away. It's a simple dish, more so in Winter. Tasty and satisfying.
 photo 20170914_163544_zpsksp6pkli.jpg
That picture above is my version.
Everyone liked it. I thought I made enough to freeze some for quick meals but it was all gone.
This is what you need to make this Goulash. I don't measure things I go by taste. I will give a rough estimate though. For most of these sort of recipes it's whatever you have basically and how you like things. I like tasty not blah.

2lbs turkey burgher.
2 cans of diced tomatoes (15oz)
1 large yellow onion chopped
1 large green pepper
1 large red pepper (sweet not hot)
Chopped or crushed garlic (I use it from a jar and used a rounded teaspoon)
1 teaspoon of Paprika
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
3 tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce
1 tablespoon of Italian herbs.
I used a small jar of marinara sauce with Basil or use tomato sauce whatever you prefer.
Elbow Macoroni
shredded cheese
(not my picture below I forgot till I was done)
 photo 2a2c5295-0149-4eef-ad7e-07b9c9af099a_zpsbe58j8kp.jpg
So after chopping the veggies I sauteed them in butter. You can add mushrooms if you have them or even celery. This is an anything goes recipe.
I cooked the noodles while preparing the sauce.
Throw in the cans of diced tomato and tomato sauce to the sauteed veggies.
Add the Paprika and other spices adding Salt and pepper to taste.
Add the Worcester sauce one spoon at a time till you like the taste.
When you have the desired result it is time to add the noodles and stir all together. Keep warm until ready to eat with some crusty bread.
 photo 20170914_163544_zpsksp6pkli.jpg
Top with shredded cheese and enjoy with some crusty bread and butter.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

new recipe...................

This evening I had decided upon fish for supper. What to go with it? Well I had cabbage that needed to be used up and some zucchini squash and green pepper. What to do, sounded bland to me so..........hmmmmm thinking......well Spaghetti sauce brightens things up and is always tasty so what about, stuffed cabbage? Too much trouble and not enough time. So I chopped the cabbage up and diced the zucchini and what was left of the pepper, went out and got some Basil (I am in love with Basil)
So here is what I did. I will say right off the bat, I was not thinking. I should have sauteed the stuff first but didn't.
 photo 20170912_154437_zpsucp4dxaf.jpg
Getting the lid of the jar was the hardest thing. Had to get Gabby to help me with that. Eventually we had success.
Basically this is what I did, I will write what I would do next time when I am done.
I chopped and washed the cabbage and zucchini and a large onion. I had a green pepper to use up and chopped that too. I poured 1/3 of the jar of sauce in an 8 x 12 dish and sprinkled on some instant rice.
 photo 20170912_154442_zpsncwm4jfi.jpg
 photo 20170912_154444_zpscgwjkvxg.jpg
I layered this with more sauce and then another layer and a little more rice. Then salt and pepper and some garlic powder to be sure the veggies had taste, it looked a little dry to me.I was thinking when the rice soaks up the sauce, so I added a can of diced tomatoe's salt, pepper and garlic salt
 photo 20170912_154928_zpswacgryal.jpg
I was cooking the fish at the same time and so the oven was on 450. It was cod in beer batter. I thought maybe it would be too hot, maybe it was because it did soak up a lot of sauce, I think next time I would lower the heat and maybe put in a little less rice. I didn't measure anything.
I put it in the oven and baked it, I had figured 1/2 hour and so checked when I put the fish in (that took 20 mins). Then when it was almost done I put on cheese,
 photo 20170912_163954_zpsrxsyo8m2.jpg
It looked awesome. It tasted awesome.
However the cabbage pieces that were bigger or thicker were a bit crunchy. I think I would boil the cabbage next time until it was tender but not fully cooked. I would not want it slimy. So don't fully cook. If you slice the cabbage thin and don't use the tough bits it would have been fine. I would do that with all the veggies actually so that its not in the oven so long. That way the sauce would not soak up so much.
On the plate with some sour cream.......
 photo 20170912_164044_zpspl820ise.jpg
It was really tasty and very good especially if you like stuffed cabbage.
 photo 20170912_164227_001_zps9mitnvg5.jpg
To recap
1/2 head of cabbage shredded, take out tough bits (unless you precook al dente ) I would suggest that you do that depending on what veggies you cook with it. It would cut back oven time.
1 large zucchini.
1 Large onion
1 large jar of spaghetti sauce (I used with basil)
fresh basil
1 can diced tomatoes.
1 cup of instant rice.
Pepper and salt and garlic powder sprinkled to taste
1 bag of shredded cheese, I had Mexican.
Layer the veggies and sauce as you would when doing lasagna.
Cook in the oven 350 until the rice is done. (I was cooking fish and it required 450 temp, it did well and took about 30 mins so adjust accordingly. If using 350 oven then precook veggies al dente )
Mix it up and be sure the rice is cooked. I turned it all over and mixed it well.
cover in cheese and bake until the cheese is bubbly and browning. Takes 1/2 hour to 45 mins. It will stay hot for some time because of the cheese on top

This would be a good side dish with baked chicken or fish. I am not a chef and so I cook what I think compliments each other. The bland veggies needed something tasty to go with and the sauce was just right with added basil. Because I added more tomatoes I used salt and pepper. If you cook it I hope you enjoy.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

A Thrift Shop a thrift shop..................

It's been ages since I went to a thrift shop. I have been busy all summer it seems. Edna went to Belgium on vacation and so did two other people I know. Sheesh!!! Me I stayed home and watched kids. Brittany, a friend of Alex moved back to TC after moving down state. Her relationship ended and so now she is settling the kids into school here and working at Munson. She was having problems getting sitters I am watching kids again.
Today was hair cut day for the poodle girls. The Thrift shop is right near Brenda's Pet parlour. So as she was not ready at pick up time, what could I do?
I certainly didn't need anything and really didn't want to buy stuff just because but well, you know how much I love a bargain,
 photo thrift_zpsjnjcgtvy.jpg
 photo 20170909_171315_zpsskhmusqw.jpg
I was thinking this little item would make a nice toothbrush holder. Not sure where though. Maybe a flower vase? Not sure but it was only 2.99
so here it is.There were also quite a few cups and saucers.
 photo 20170909_171403_zpshp6q10rx.jpg
 photo 20170909_171407_zps14rz5jsn.jpg
English Bone China. I sort of liked the floral pattern and am thinking of using it for a candle. Maybe I will make a few candles for Christmas gifts. Just one more project for me. I don't really use candles since the cat got her tail on fire (unharmed but funny)
I am getting my sewing machine out next week so the next one would make a nice gift with some pot holders.
 photo 20170909_171212_zpsrbl9tiw0.jpg
This one is extra large so maybe a nice plant, like an African Violet would be nice.
 photo 20170909_171140_zpsitl2kqap.jpg
 photo 20170909_171158_zpsmc8neqp5.jpg
It is certainly time to begin thinking about Christmas gifts that's for sure.
Well I am not usually even looking at the clothes but there was really a lot of things I could have bought there today but didn't. Over by the China is the first clothes rack and this was on the very end and caught my eye
 photo 20170909_171523_zpshetizzgg.jpg
 photo 20170909_171530_zpsf2d0tg8o.jpg
I looked at it and thought it might fit and with a cameo under it, well it seemed it would look nice. Right next to it was this.
 photo 20170909_171611_zpsxvolve71.jpg
It didn't show up on the picture but is actually silver metalic thread. No idea if either fit but if not then it will get passed along.
 photo 20170909_171625_zps6ywp51h2.jpg
I saw so much today that I could have bought. A teapot with cream and sugar, a 3 piece set of china vases with flowers on. They had new sets of sheets and furry throws. All would make nice gifts for maybe 1/2 price. Alas no money to spend really. This little haul cost 18.00 Really didn't need any of it but got my fix for now. I have not been in so long I guess I rewarded myself.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Quilting projects to finish..................

Thanks to friend Barb Gurn who has returned my lap quilts and wall hangings after finishing on her long arm. I now have to do the bindings and they are all done. As always she does a terrific job.
It is time to get my machine out now anyway, as summer turns to Fall its time to put away the summer (unfinished) projects and turn to other things. I have no idea where any of these will end up but here are pictures of the unfinished items.

This could be a Christmas throw or a wall hanging
 photo 20170907_121959_zpsh7emsklm.jpg
 photo 20170907_121922_zpshod3q8jx.jpg
This is an Egyptian theme, cat throw...........not sure where that will end up. Kitty footprints on the back
 photo 20170907_121732_zpsdzdfl4l9.jpg
 photo 20170907_121751_zpshdbuihp7.jpg

The hens on this one have a backing of fencing, see the square mesh thingie? I love the chickens, I may keep that one.
 photo 20170907_121615_zpsoffqf8sp.jpg
 photo 20170907_121641_zpshkcmvve7.jpg
Another Christmas one that can be a lap rug or wall hanging. Doubt I will use it though. I love how she did the back with red stitches.

 photo 20170907_121518_zpszndaek3u.jpg
 photo 20170907_121406_zps3ned0j4u.jpg
My Rooster quilt is small, would be nice for a wall hanging or table cloth. I would love to keep it but have no idea where I could put it. The background is black and white squares.
you can just see it on the side. That drove my eyes crazy.

 photo 20170907_120615_zpsilcykmsq.jpg
 photo 20170907_120634_zpsw67vhduv.jpg
 photo 20170907_120644_zps6whxexct.jpg

The next is a garden theme, that may go on the porch next year. The backing if very bright and colourful.
 photo 20170907_120731_zpsnqv9pza5.jpg
 photo 20170907_120746_zpsmsolt4su.jpg
I really like the next one, a farm theme and I love the pigs and critters. The red backing might make it useful in the living room unless I can give it up.

 photo 20170907_120852_zpssktwmxyp.jpg
 photo 20170907_120913_zpsqxpoil0g.jpg
 photo 20170907_120935_zpsognjyxai.jpg
The picture does not do this one justice, it is a wall hanging really and when we repaint I may be able to use that one somewhere in the house.

 photo 20170907_121036_zpsdksrwtat.jpg
 photo 20170907_121048_zpsumkt7ura.jpg
I like this quiet one, a backing of green with white dots it would go well in my bedroom. If I just had room for it.
 photo 20170907_121215_zpsnjl7faa3.jpg
I had no plans for any of these. I may give them away but I don't really know who would want them. I chose them all because I liked the fabric and wanted to use it up. I didn't really think about what I would do with them when done. I may give some as Christmas gifts except we probably won't do much in the way of gifts this year. With Laura down state it will probably be just me and Gerry now.
I am hoping to get my machine out and start on making some tote bags and small things. I need to cover some stools and make some cushion covers.

Thursday, August 24, 2017

No imagination............

I wish I had a good imagination. I always thought I did. I seem to have been endowed with certain skills but sadly lacking in the one that would allow me to make use of those skills.
 photo 31241e56-47e5-41d6-84fe-dc91038fcd5a_zpsmkkx4szs.jpg
I like to white poems/rhymes. I like to draw and paint. I like to sew..............there are many more things I enjoy too. I always thought that if we owned a small resort, then I could have a gift shop and supply it with my own crafts. Either that or have a small place in the country and have a small shop. I can't do that in town because of restrictions.
 photo 2_zpsvm9zffnb.jpg
So................What can I do?
 photo 103_3084_zps4pdoggbn.jpg
I often thought of writing a short childrens story. Then I would not know how to begin, how would I put it together and how would I publish it. No idea.
To make things and sell them? Well I have tried but the places I placed things to sell them add 60% that makes them not worth the money.
I did think about Etsy, having an Etsy shop. That just seems like a whole load of work for very little profit.
 photo 20170810_115657_zpsspsgidyy.jpg
I have written a couple of stories that remain unfinished but could be worked on and illustrated but as yet I see no point.
We are about to retire, at least my husband is. I would like to make extra income and it would be nice to supplement our income by selling things I have made.
I have no imagination when it comes to promoting and selling or even getting started.
 photo 86b9df9a-d17f-4eaf-928f-76a1ab4b587c_zps84honnr0.jpg
I really enjoy my sketchbooks. I did think of decorating the covers and selling those on Etsy. The originals. They cost me nothing but time, I could try one I suppose. Then again, what would I charge? Maybe do that on Ebay so that they bid on it? All original work as a coffee table book?
So what can I do?...............I need ideas, and having no imagination I don't know where to get the ideas...............
 photo 108_0708_zpstcievslh.jpg
Another idea is Tee shirts, graphics for Tee Shirts. What would sell though? I did have an idea when Reina was a baby, a line of baby Tee shirts but that was long ago and I forget. Maybe I am just lazy and don't want to do the work? No! I don't think that's it, I just lack imagination. I lack direction.
 photo 81108011-1.jpg
What happened to that quilt? I have no idea what I did with it but it looks like one I would like to do again. I have even made baskets.So you see a gift shop would have been perfect for me to indulge all the things I enjoy but I need direction. What I need is money. I need money to set up shop. Ah well, I can dream and that's about all unless I come up with a decent plan..........and I lack imagination