This part of my blog is all about the things I collect or the things I make myself. I love so many things, I paint and draw and want to learn oils and pastels. I knit and crochet but want to learn tatting. I embroider and can turn my hand to most things given a chance. So much still to learn and do. I live in hope of some day reading all my books, learning all I want to learn and now I am learning to blog. You will often find my original poems, poor as they are I offer them here. I also appreciate other people art and will feature things I find that I have enjoyed. That includes pictures of fairies and fantasy or maybe just anything beautiful.
I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Dad's stuff..............

One of the many things my dad attempted for his own entertainment was tapestry work. Needlepoint it is called here. He had this great curiosity, he needed to know how to do things that he admired. So he began with small things and liked it.
 photo 9e6ee8f3-0fd4-4eb2-a041-71befaabdaca_zps465df890.jpg
He went on to do many more things. He made this for my in laws who are Catholic
 photo 0e5d705c-a592-4a52-8ad3-ad774ba3eccf_zps16f2a074.jpg
I now have it in my dining room even though I am not Catholic, in any case I did admire that Pope. One of my favourites is King Tut. He did that when all that stuff was tour in England and was popular.
 photo 14a0db89-78f8-443f-b805-dbfde57ed204_zps413b228a.jpg
This next one I have now in my living room even though I am not a fan of the scene. I am very much anti blood sports but, on the other hand I still like to see the horses and hounds. Part of my youth. Horses and hounds in every English village.
 photo 5d821f6f-2ba5-4cb3-ab29-4252f7f4863a_zpse1f11418.jpg
He did a pair of tapestries, I think they were some of his early ones.
 photo 619e600f-1ec9-4f3d-950d-96ef2fc52a55_zps13acdb80.jpg
 photo 34c9cffe-97d0-479e-a8dc-8ac5f9701216_zpsabd82af1.jpg
I have both of those hanging in my kitchen. He also did the Last Supper, that hangs with them. He did one of those for a chapel on the Isle Of White.As far as I know it still hangs there. Maybe some day I will visit and find out.
 photo 248d4b15-d590-440a-93bc-d9e3939d3674_zps8dbc6c33.jpg
My dad was not the only male in my life who enjoyed that sort of thing. My uncle Eddie (mums brother) did the next one.
 photo 57a26271-a839-4901-96b2-19123ddfe48e_zps6bbe9723.jpg
I think we have people on both sides of the family who are artistic. My mums side, her younger brother liked to paint and make model airplanes. On Dad's side at least a couple of my cousins like to paint and do crafts. So maybe its all inherited because I like to do so many things that it is not even funny. I think painting is my favourite. I did not care for tapestry, but loved embroidery. My vision is not so good now so I doubt I will do a lot of that anymore.

Saturday, January 24, 2015


Today was cleaning day for some pooches. Bijou had to go get her stitches out. She had an operation on her bladder, they took out a stone the size of a quarter. Anyway, she then went to the groomers so not a good day for Bijou. At least not in her book of things she likes to do. The Thrift store I enjoy is right there and so naturally I went to see what they had. Not a lot today (thank goodness). I found a pitcher that I liked because it had hand painted pansies on it.
 photo 2755d508-175f-42c2-953c-0c876b244292_zpsd14f1215.jpg
 photo 69d8acbe-637f-476b-83f8-80a9be45999a_zps9d47752c.jpg
I really like the colours and I think I will put a plant in it come Spring. The next thing was a glass bowl that has glass stones in it, got that as I like the colour of the stones and will use for garden things later when I get back into that. I am hoping I learned a few things last year.
 photo DSCN2935_zpsf938c46e.jpg
 photo 5c45965c-de98-4754-a61a-e0573cf17936_zps163694e1.jpg
I think I will put the bowl on top of a stand and put an ivy in it or something like that.
I got this blue dish, not sure what it is but it too will be nice in the garden. Maybe a bird bath or something hanging from a tree? It was seven dollars, I think their prices have gone up. If so it won't be worth my while any longer. I don't mind making donations but I won't be ripped off. The glass is very heavy and a deeper blue than it looks. So very nice and will look nice in the sun.
 photo ca69ed58-9f90-445e-9d95-d10519cf0d7a_zpsf78cbd31.jpg
 photo 95bef9af-29e5-4e95-98d4-3c97bfa1df00_zps8d72b2b5.jpg
Then lastly I really liked this bowl. It goes with things I have alrady and I will maybe use for fruit or something. If I don't find anything then it will be nice for a plant holder. Maybe I could do a macrame plant pot holder.Then hang that outside, that;s not a bad idea.
 photo 5a6c17bf-0135-4bc5-b3e1-72557a8a17fa_zps04fa84cb.jpg
I am looking forewards to Spring. To garage sales (I must have my own) and finding nice things that way. The thrift shops are getting expensive.

Monday, January 19, 2015 guys.

So here I am at 68 and I have to say I still appreciate a beautiful man. My taste is probably exotic. I still like the bad boys. We have been watching Son's of Anarchy. Yes Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam) is a beautiful man. I love the character too, even if he is bad. So my question is, what's wrong with me. I am a Christian, I do not like or believe in violence and don't actually enjoy watching it. Still some movies really hook me in. Son's of Anarchy is one. Great characters (even if they are bad) and great story lines. Nasty gangs and people but you find yourself rooting for the sons and hoping they don't get caught. That's sooooo wrong on so many levels, but I can't, and do not want to stop watching until the story ends.
 photo 2c1f6039-f260-4f29-91a9-d265f32f8ffa_zpsf9183f33.jpg
 photo 713cf4bd-af7c-4c2a-bcfd-9d23965af630_zpsf192aafe.jpg
Another series I have been watching and can't wait for it to return in February is "Vikings" I can't wait to see that again. Naturally it's violent and today's movies are not tame like old movies used to be. In this series it actually is about a real person and does follow history. The lead Ragnor (Travis Fimmel) was a real person. The actor who plays him is just, well,
 photo fc0c4154-0992-4014-bfc7-6033b6c1089a_zps1806d1d6.jpg
 photo 79fefa1f-a7ef-4cad-9e46-55a64dcf1a72_zps69b88971.jpg
We also very much enjoyed "The Musketeers" another BBC production. I personally enjoyed D'Artagnon (Luke Pasqualino).....they keep remaking this story from Alexander Dumas, and it seems like it just gets better. D'Artagnon sure does.
 photo 3bfbcfd7-eacb-4e60-bb40-a908ddb690ed_zps7f8fb7d3.jpg
 photo 271b0ea5-5c54-4b0a-bfc7-cc8f8fbe4a89_zps99bb200a.jpg
So along with shows like "The Walking Dead" I have no fav's in that one, I watch for the sheer love of the story. Even though I would not normally enjoy zombie movies. Besides, no point in getting attached to anyone in that show. They seem to get bumped off.
Oh I like the shows like "Downton Abbey" where my fav charactor is the Dowager Duchess (Maggie Smith) but if I had to choose between then (on same night as Walking Dead) please don't make me choose I would go for the action movies. So far I have not had to choose just one conflicting night and I watched Downton Abbey the next night.
Well that's me spilling the beans.......I like the bad boys still. The good ones are just so.....lame. Sigh. I am bad, a terrible person I know.....I know.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bedroom number Five................

Bedroom number five was until recently the room my ex son in law lived in. He has moved on in his life so I have my room back. It still needs to be painted but that can wait. I am not sure if I want to keep the walls blue or if I should go with something else. Anyway, Gerry has the base boards to do yet. Meanwhile.......I was going to put my "patriotic" quilts on the bed but it seems rather off, to put that with Native American stuff. Sort of an insult to them. So..........for now I am thinking.
 photo DSCN2706_zpsd61ff361.jpg
The quilts would be like the pillow, sort of. The big picture is the one from the living room. I wanted it somewhere safe and I thought it went well there as a backdrop to the bed. What do you think? The next picture was in the living room too and both are too big for the walls in this room. They are original paintings that my parents bought me so do not want them damaged. One of the kids may want them some day.
 photo DSCN2711_zps6b11efea.jpg
I collected Native American stuff while on vacations. The piece of wood under the painting was from Arizona, its has carving on it.
 photo DSCN2712_zpsa45714c9.jpg
I love this mask, the lady who made it took the cast of her sisters face. Her sister loved the outdoors and so on the mask are imprints of corn, pine cones.....creatures foot prints. Feathers and beads.
 photo DSCN2714_zpsc69c79a2.jpg
I wish I could have got more of her work. This other mask is not Native American but I liked it anyway
 photo DSCN2715_zps743dfc0d.jpg
I made this guy many years ago in a decorative painting class
 photo DSCN2713_zps58c516eb.jpg
The bookshelf holds treasures I have picked up on vacations out west. Includes a Katchina Doll from Texas bought from the man who made it. The clay likeness of a chapel down that way, potters, Baskets hand woven and beaded, some birch boxes with quill work on them. Carvings from the Canadian Carver up in Ontario among other things.
 photo DSCN2710_zpsf6828365.jpg
This was originally the blue room, and this little shelf held some momento's from childhood. They are now boxed up somewhere. The little plaque in the center is a piece of bark off of a pine tree. It looked like a bird and so I put on a piece of wood and it hung in the living room for many years. The stag is lead, and came from my Granddad's house.
 photo DSCN2709_zpsa4f8e714.jpg
This corner is not finished yet. I have a board of arrow heads that will go in the corner. The bow and arrow will go with the mask. This is just the beginning for this room. It needs a quilt and pillows as well as painting but at least I made a start
 photo 1762aa24-5f44-4f6b-ac44-c9dae0d2203e_zps27e60d7e.jpg
When I get the arrow heads up on the wall I will add that picture to this post
 photo f701472e-99cc-4341-bb90-c20271e27b08_zps15b77598.jpg
The Arrow head collection I purchased from an antique shop. They came from a museum in Virginia I you see I did put one of my quilts in the room. Not sure if it will stay or not and yes I do have to do something with the window treatment. Not sure what just yet.
 photo 7a1d1bdf-8492-45da-9ec9-357e2358d6d9_zps90259aa1.jpg
I like how it is coming along. The quilt is not so much patriotic as I thought. When I bought it I wanted something for a boys room as most of my rooms are feminine. I just dont want to disrespect the Indian theme.
Anyway, I found a valance to use for now and took down the nets..........nothing more to do until I can repaint and buy drapes
 photo 2459b19a-f98d-4d23-85ed-f37e2db1a2fd_zps7c780b80.jpg

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I have finished my living room change around. I changed a few things since I began. I have not even finished going through all my boxes.
I don't know if I should even look, if I look I will want to find a place for the stuff and I really don't want any more clutter.
These are violets. One is made by Norman Brumm, as is the small plate. One was made by "wildflowers" a lady in Glen Arbor who did her own metal and enamel things. She is retired so no more from her. I love Violets
 photo 9174f9ed-1bf7-4c72-ab42-4f9e3a853c86_zpsec8c37bf.jpg
I made room for all my collections but some are spread around. Only one thing got broken. This plate is by a local artist and the Chickadee is another Norman Brumm.
 photo 543d96ca-4b96-485e-8e35-1bc5ca525307_zps900b0449.jpg
I now have several bowls of glass balls around the house. I gathered them all and put in different bowls. Some are in crystal bowls I wanted out on display and some remained in more rustic settings like the wire basket
 photo d6cd1280-e7d2-45b3-9336-6d3f930fb650_zps371d7caa.jpg
 photo fcc89774-6079-4ab2-99e9-bc35bc2a10f2_zps1408b744.jpg
 photo e18bfdb4-ecbd-4b0e-92cc-b0e41ccf3cb6_zps3adda73f.jpg
As you know, I love glass. I love the glass balls and will no doubt continue to find them. The fish floats I get in antique shops all over the place and have been lucky to find some at yard sales too.
The glass bowl that I bought at Pier 1 is better with a candle in it than the glass balls.
 photo fba8ffb4-30fb-41ed-bc78-969fcc2a6241_zps52fe5276.jpg
This shows some of the small balls I have around. They are a danger for little kids but are out of reach for Cooper at the moment
 photo 0f98736d-4c23-495e-a687-38fe3a6a3eb0_zps81c4e134.jpg
In the dining room things are much the same except that I took out all the old tins collection and replaced those with cups and saucers and teapots. I am using a couple of the cans in the kitchen but not sure what I will do with the others yet.
 photo 02a8ae19-5cb7-4119-a3e6-858c81ac777e_zpsf4b47d89.jpg
 photo 3d4eab45-96bf-4154-9d8f-f367959cb585_zps2bb404e4.jpg
The kitchen so far has not changed really. Neither did the other rooms. Not from what it was before Christmas anyway.
I have really enjoyed doing this. I am able to use some of my collections but still need to find what to do with all that have been removed.
I dread sorting out down in the basement. I will be able to decorate the one room left over since Dan moved

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nothing Happening here..............

With all the Christmas preparation over with, all the baking done. I am setting myself some new chores for this year. I want to redecorate. I have no money to do that and so I am going to try to do as much as possible as cheap as possible. I will take pictures before and after. For now though I am not doing a thing. Christmas is over, I sent as much of the treats away with people as I could. I do not need to be eating them myself. I made fudge, cookies, zucchini bread and much much more. I even made my CHristmas berry jam. That turned out well. I made green jalapeno jelly and one I have not made before, a peach red jalapeno jam. I made Salsa and cheese balls. Brandy balls .............oh boy. Now it is back on the diet again.
So what can I do to change my look without spending a lot? I bought some covers simular to this one but in burgundy.
 photo c28c2878-e498-4f26-b446-c1a1f3966167_zpsfe0055e6.jpg
I wont paint the walls. They are a deep burgundy colour. I need to dust them down and wipe off a few spots and that will be good to go. My theme at the moment is Native American. I have a large picture that is the focal point. That needs to go. I was in Pier1 and loved some of the things they had. So if I replace that with something colourful that will bring in several colours to add to the room. I am thinking I will put some pillows on the couch with some of the colours out of the picture.
 photo 8c41a148-ef9a-43c8-9aec-0666fda1ff90_zps1509813f.jpg
 photo de6f097a-df27-4ecd-8f65-484b014018df_zps1c8a7779.jpg
I saw several pictures I liked but cant afford more than one............will have to choose wisely. I want to get to more of a modern or cottage look. With the burgundy walls and sofa's I have a golden beige carpet. I need an area rug, with some floral sort of design that opens up the room. then with the colours I bring in with a rug, I want to get pillows to complement that. I think another pattern might be good along with some plain ones in bright colours. I am thinking I will then frame some of my bird photos and make a display.
Then the other thing I want to do is bring in some of my floral plates and cups and saucers. Well that's my idea.......we will see what unfolds.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Outside decorations...........

We do not have much in the way of snow at the moment. I am happy about that, except my outside decorations would look much better with some snow to cover cords and wires.
 photo 1d2be819-54b4-4aa6-a23f-87256b7c8a5c_zps2f122267.jpg
View from the front porch above. I finally got the hubby moving. He and Tristen got the trees out front. That was rather a fiasco but it's done. I can not expect more. The lights on the porch......well, no comment there. Thrown around is an understatement, but when they are lit up at night it doesn't matter. I guess one of these days I will get out there and redo.......for now it can stay.
We finally found the outside snowman too
 photo 7e6ee4a4-2a4a-4ef2-b2e3-0f6920990b17_zps66109573.jpg
I like this picture of the rocking chair. Almost the same as the first picture but close in
 photo fc5d382c-74f1-4ca0-83f0-9d73fc438d30_zpsc067b5ba.jpg
I didnt spend much time out there. It was really cold when I did it. Now I am into baking so I really need some snow to cover up all the junk haha.........ah well, its getting warmer so maybe one day I will get out there and sort it all out.
 photo 081e7de6-40cd-4d9e-8816-36790bd1e710_zpsdc4265f0.jpg
Have not done a lot out the back but did put up a tree. We had bought a smaller one last year because we couldn't get to all the stuff that was packed away. So that went on the back porch along with an old sled and a couple of wreaths
 photo 3e28a7ac-4747-4527-b78a-0e8dc8128234_zps495ca8f1.jpg
I would like to put some lights out there too but will save those and maybe do the ally. Everyone on our street decorates the back ally because they have a get together. We don't go because we have Tristen in bed and cant just up an leave him alone. Still I would like to paticipate in the decorating one of these days