This part of my blog is all about the things I collect or the things I make myself. I love so many things, I paint and draw and want to learn oils and pastels. I knit and crochet but want to learn tatting. I embroider and can turn my hand to most things given a chance. So much still to learn and do. I live in hope of some day reading all my books, learning all I want to learn and now I am learning to blog. You will often find my original poems, poor as they are I offer them here. I also appreciate other people art and will feature things I find that I have enjoyed. That includes pictures of fairies and fantasy or maybe just anything beautiful.
I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.
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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

New pictures...........

These are done on drawing paper and so they crinkle up. Not a great way to show work. Still I will show a few......A New Forest pony.

 photo b2207ecf-e455-4cdd-af62-69bbfa55fd20_zps4df1bc95.jpg

This came from a picture I saw, I liked the way the hair covered the girls face. I did it from memory and have forgotten where I saw it so I hope its not too much the same as the original

 photo 935ae88a-ef1d-41d5-ab9a-46300bf56ad7_zps0de8b38f.jpg

the rose is just another loose attempt done without a drawing first. Pencil added after.
 photo e65a4abb-9927-432b-a0df-53f1a758d5c1_zps32ab9be7.jpg
This is an original done after a day at the beach..........just a simple attempt
 photo 6a3e0404-01f7-4c8a-98fe-5293116f797c_zps59ee526a.jpg
Sometimes even the most simple drawing might make a note card?????
 photo cd61b63f-a057-4680-89e8-3ffecd1e8fcc_zps18f1bc82.jpg

 photo b9987b60-cf7b-4717-81eb-d53c182aa1f3_zpsc4add5a5.jpg
The flowers actually looked a lot better on the paper. Taking a picture never gives a good image, it highlights the ink too much.
 photo 81bfa59b-769a-490a-b1ea-3ce9b879a442_zps18d03095.jpg
This on is also a very simple depth or anything like that.....just look so much better in the book but that's OK. This is just to record some of what I am doing. I am on Book 5 now, its fun looking back through. Time to begin on original stuff.
I still see no point in doing paintings because I have nowhere to put them. I may do some note cards though.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

More lovelies...........

I am sort of recording some of these beautiful gowns for my own pleasure. I see them as works of art really. Especially the beaded ones. So much work put into them. I wonder what happens to them. I know those who buy them probably only wear them once or twice because they are so memorable but then what?
Most of what I am showing is Haute Couture.....that means lots and lots of money.
Look at this. Not sure what occasion would allow for the wearing of this but I think its awesome
 photo 94faf9e4-e624-4755-9c12-f3a2270b548f_zps5743450f.jpg
Why do the models make themselves look so the dress
 photo aeda4aaf-c388-4ac4-82bf-b648dc7df1ac_zps8957b2de.jpg
These silver gowns are wonderful
 photo e51614f5-188f-474f-9f84-a34db7e2acba_zps83e2e901.jpg
A short dress too, not so fond of the short styles these days but as its not for me, well she sure looks nice in it
 photo f8343e50-4c98-426e-847d-35d9b59942ce_zps9144d5b5.jpg
The gold is beautiful too
 photo 00c0ba66-6384-48f5-8a19-f3c9d261b942_zps96ec8284.jpg
I look for gowns with beading or beautiful use of fabrics. I liked these two
 photo 60b0eb45-fad7-437c-97d4-5b0e6887ba5d_zpsed72143e.jpg
The gold one looks very Egyptian. The other is Celtic
 photo 199b70a5-3078-4ec4-bd69-1af6942a6385_zps3383e0cb.jpg
I decided that I was a Magpie in a former life as I love glitter.

 photo e9db97c9-8e4c-4575-b4c9-82a7b0765b31_zps88f5b795.jpg

Not so fond of bright colours but I did find a few that I liked
 photo 5f2306f0-1524-428c-9b13-1be88dd66783_zps879b7605.jpg

How about shocking pink....or the Celtic robe?
 photo f502d114-0f33-4b1c-8d78-2338c3b55853_zpsc90a951d.jpg

The bead work and the silver is wonderful. I wonder what the fabric feels like? Is it scratchy?

 photo e5f32a86-2b2d-4dcf-905c-6ea36993fb7b_zpsc38e9257.jpg

These two are more elaborate and I think I would like the 2nd one without the slit up it.......but it looks great on the model.

 photo 94a49c4b-6f8d-4df4-a680-8899e23da6ca_zpsc67752a8.jpg

I am still not sure if I like the pink outfit, it looks like a 1950s or early 1960s outfit so I sort of like the fabric and style.........the red is just beautiful though. I wish they showed the rest of the dress

 photo 5bdebcd6-d883-4e2d-9518-1527ac9a9ed7_zpsa5394aca.jpg
So there ya go, a few more beauties to drool over.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

more beautiful things.............

I cant help it I see these beautiful things and just have to share.
 photo 5eb08955-e5d3-4d55-af31-1852021829f2_zpsbd0f2a7b.jpg
I think I would enjoy shopping for things like these, I love clothes and it would be nice to be able to get things that look good on me. As it is I wear mainly casual stuff.
 photo d90dc30c-0b3a-4251-838f-7161fe32c973_zps0f8e8889.jpg
I like the artistic quality of Haute couture. I would never pay those prices no matter how rich I was, but some things are just plain beautiful
 photo ec2d06db-5060-4d7b-bf31-301fc0b44458_zpsf89ddc40.jpg
Ok this next one may be weird but isn't it astounding?
 photo fee722d6-6135-48f7-8325-90c833dd74be_zpsa8a1aae7.jpg
I love this colour. I love the subtleness of it.
 photo 9674b435-0acf-4612-b69c-bf9bce5fc2df_zpsd4f551e7.jpg
I like the beadwork on this dress.
 photo fa8bfd8e-2f7c-4f31-bf4a-d96f738cf3de_zps2d44d3db.jpg
This is the most beautiful colour pink. I also love the beadwork
 photo a2e23de6-f2bc-4c7b-8ca2-40175c689b1a_zpsf774e080.jpg
This would be more my size if I am honest. Its nice to see that the larger sizes can look just as nice, just as pretty
 photo e132a023-d496-49bd-b8e2-1124c9c62c55_zpsd6a0f839.jpg
This one is unusual but pretty
 photo a53a9f4b-b8dc-4ca0-842d-d5c8e5587f48_zps3e0d9c7e.jpg

The colour combination on this one is dramatic and wonderful
 photo 654e4f4b-5511-447d-9bf9-0cf3b2b27e04_zps37a0b8e5.jpg

I have many more to show but enough for now. This is a place I can store some of the things I enjoy. I hope you enjoy them too

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Watercolours and some of my failures...............

 photo a887bf23-4ec0-459a-bf45-ed18094400be_zps3030a120.jpg

 photo 6797ec91-c074-4d9e-b354-3c44e5be27cf_zpscdc1ad98.jpg

Above are two "cartoonish" pictures that I like to do. I am thinking of note cards later on and thought these might be something I would like to do. Here is another

 photo adcface4-c3cb-4da2-a04e-31a08f11536a_zps65dcc550.jpg

I saw someone did a couple of owls on a twig. I liked it and did my version of crazy owls like a bigger one that I did before.
 photo d236931c-f691-4d57-8b83-400b444538cc_zpsedb1a430.jpg
This didn't come out so well but I may try it again.
 photo c5c97ad2-8184-4102-9495-19776fe59f86_zpsd8cec799.jpg
This one? maybe not
 photo 6744bb16-db50-4fb3-ba55-fe8a0cfc668b_zpse482f759.jpg
More cartoons.............copied this from somewhere and changed it a bit for me. I add it to my crazy cats collection. Remember Clarence the cross eyed lion? That's why I wanted him.
 photo c4c0f0ce-d6b0-4da1-80d5-bf9ceda1a364_zpsb6f87d2a.jpg
Then another pathetic attempt at a Cardinal. I just can not get it...........will keep on trying
 photo 2d1ef699-943d-42d4-bcec-423364921777_zps16da47e4.jpg
Another thing I find difficult is male figures. They end up looking like hairy girls
 photo 333557e5-2821-4a2d-ad71-29f2765bc507_zps93f6ac7e.jpg

Friday, July 12, 2013

more pictures....................

First some birds.....not sure now what I already posted so here goes.....Choockie

 photo 2c3fb715-404a-4e5f-8832-e3ff0d46bd82_zps4a6071aa.jpg
Working on you see these are not what you would call paintings, just practicing my looseness.

 photo 78f7d903-d8ed-4c51-873c-641e5fc023f6_zps95d8ab87.jpg

I am trying to paint without drawing first and just highlighting with a pen after. This is called Coming in for a landing. I saw the basic idea somewhere and then just did it from memory so hope its not too much like the original because I am not trying to copy people. Just get ideas to practice with.

 photo a6e76a1b-3f26-4cdd-a6e6-c29c51d66d46_zpsb132ed78.jpg
This little bird has gone through several incarnations before becoming this one. I think I ended up with a blue bird but was aiming for an Indigo Bunting

 photo 22c61769-bcf0-45cd-abd6-05414e2f1456_zps6f5d2942.jpg

A little French village street maybe?
 photo 3d6842fa-05a5-477b-b823-4082b38eb75e_zps6097e37b.jpg
To the Beach...........that was us yesterday. Catch our adventure on Bluebell Woods
 photo d01aaa0d-050a-4f88-bae4-2d835ad38f18_zpsd725559a.jpg
Thats it for today folks.............I appreciate comments and critiques. Only way I will improve
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

A few from my latest journal...........

I am still working on the loose idea of watercolour. I needed some idea of what to try next so searched the blogs and Pinterest. I collected some pictures of birds. I took a look and then tried similar things. They are just for my journal and to learn from people whose work I like. Not for any kind of publication or other use. This first picture is rather bland but I sort of like it. Called "Going Home"
 photo 9574b11a-612d-4730-8f9a-5695519b4aa1_zps298c318f.jpg
Some bluebells......loose bluebells (smile)
 photo a619a4f9-99a3-4183-a1bf-6471621983de_zpsa7ddc7e5.jpg
This is my poodle Bodicea. She was sitting on the deck and I drew her and then I painted her
 photo a75d03b3-0c25-48de-b80e-7fc468722aac_zpsad13b5a0.jpg
The other poodle that was sitting with me, Bella
 photo 77603529-e3f6-4698-b655-8df3f09363b6_zpsddd0a993.jpg
This is one of my baby birds.
 photo 2da88b18-a391-4f38-90ef-7f78e4be5981_zps364d1207.jpg
My English Robin
 photo 4c23c7c3-3eba-4f65-8f3a-d5689fec7e78_zpscbefec82.jpg
Flowers are still a work in progress
 photo d6cb0a25-ac76-4b49-8e9d-427e29b1a4e0_zps804382a8.jpg
 photo d1d1b97b-c3d5-4909-a96c-1840a31b4e21_zps18f9ecb1.jpg
my little table top fountain
 photo 1ea8ccd1-55b2-45b2-b1b1-6e521ed13090_zps19ea94d0.jpg
I am not sure I see a lot of progress, but in some ways I do. I like to look back over my other journals and try to see progress. I see baby steps. Not what I have in mind I want to do things well. I see so many others who do such a great job and I like to try their style, then I see more and try that until I don't know if I am coming or going. So I carry on in the hope that I will find my own style.......but I like to do so many things. I like child like drawings too for fun. Anyway all for mow