This part of my blog is all about the things I collect or the things I make myself. I love so many things, I paint and draw and want to learn oils and pastels. I knit and crochet but want to learn tatting. I embroider and can turn my hand to most things given a chance. So much still to learn and do. I live in hope of some day reading all my books, learning all I want to learn and now I am learning to blog. You will often find my original poems, poor as they are I offer them here. I also appreciate other people art and will feature things I find that I have enjoyed. That includes pictures of fairies and fantasy or maybe just anything beautiful.
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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Nothing Happening here..............

With all the Christmas preparation over with, all the baking done. I am setting myself some new chores for this year. I want to redecorate. I have no money to do that and so I am going to try to do as much as possible as cheap as possible. I will take pictures before and after. For now though I am not doing a thing. Christmas is over, I sent as much of the treats away with people as I could. I do not need to be eating them myself. I made fudge, cookies, zucchini bread and much much more. I even made my CHristmas berry jam. That turned out well. I made green jalapeno jelly and one I have not made before, a peach red jalapeno jam. I made Salsa and cheese balls. Brandy balls .............oh boy. Now it is back on the diet again.
So what can I do to change my look without spending a lot? I bought some covers simular to this one but in burgundy.
 photo c28c2878-e498-4f26-b446-c1a1f3966167_zpsfe0055e6.jpg
I wont paint the walls. They are a deep burgundy colour. I need to dust them down and wipe off a few spots and that will be good to go. My theme at the moment is Native American. I have a large picture that is the focal point. That needs to go. I was in Pier1 and loved some of the things they had. So if I replace that with something colourful that will bring in several colours to add to the room. I am thinking I will put some pillows on the couch with some of the colours out of the picture.
 photo 8c41a148-ef9a-43c8-9aec-0666fda1ff90_zps1509813f.jpg
 photo de6f097a-df27-4ecd-8f65-484b014018df_zps1c8a7779.jpg
I saw several pictures I liked but cant afford more than one............will have to choose wisely. I want to get to more of a modern or cottage look. With the burgundy walls and sofa's I have a golden beige carpet. I need an area rug, with some floral sort of design that opens up the room. then with the colours I bring in with a rug, I want to get pillows to complement that. I think another pattern might be good along with some plain ones in bright colours. I am thinking I will then frame some of my bird photos and make a display.
Then the other thing I want to do is bring in some of my floral plates and cups and saucers. Well that's my idea.......we will see what unfolds.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Outside decorations...........

We do not have much in the way of snow at the moment. I am happy about that, except my outside decorations would look much better with some snow to cover cords and wires.
 photo 1d2be819-54b4-4aa6-a23f-87256b7c8a5c_zps2f122267.jpg
View from the front porch above. I finally got the hubby moving. He and Tristen got the trees out front. That was rather a fiasco but it's done. I can not expect more. The lights on the porch......well, no comment there. Thrown around is an understatement, but when they are lit up at night it doesn't matter. I guess one of these days I will get out there and redo.......for now it can stay.
We finally found the outside snowman too
 photo 7e6ee4a4-2a4a-4ef2-b2e3-0f6920990b17_zps66109573.jpg
I like this picture of the rocking chair. Almost the same as the first picture but close in
 photo fc5d382c-74f1-4ca0-83f0-9d73fc438d30_zpsc067b5ba.jpg
I didnt spend much time out there. It was really cold when I did it. Now I am into baking so I really need some snow to cover up all the junk haha.........ah well, its getting warmer so maybe one day I will get out there and sort it all out.
 photo 081e7de6-40cd-4d9e-8816-36790bd1e710_zpsdc4265f0.jpg
Have not done a lot out the back but did put up a tree. We had bought a smaller one last year because we couldn't get to all the stuff that was packed away. So that went on the back porch along with an old sled and a couple of wreaths
 photo 3e28a7ac-4747-4527-b78a-0e8dc8128234_zps495ca8f1.jpg
I would like to put some lights out there too but will save those and maybe do the ally. Everyone on our street decorates the back ally because they have a get together. We don't go because we have Tristen in bed and cant just up an leave him alone. Still I would like to paticipate in the decorating one of these days

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Decorate without spending a fortune...............

Christmas that decorate for Christmas involves, for me, putting away everything I have and redo with Christmas things. When my Granddaughters lived in the south, and would all come home for Christmas, then I would put little lighted trees in their rooms. I would decorate bedrooms as well as the rest of the house. I don't do that anymore.......... I keep everything, if you follow my blogs you know I am a pack rat.
Well I did give a lot of my ornaments to my daughter because I had so many. The ones that meant something I wanted to pass along.
There are so many pretty ornaments out there that I always want to buy more. OMG I went to Pier 1 to buy some Christmas gifts........I could buy that store.
 photo 8367dbcf-4548-443d-bbf1-7b6ad7c8f1be_zps81e1054e.jpg
Over the years I have collected snow men and santa's and angels. So I have a lot of things. Some are hand made but most are not. Some I bought and some came from thrift stores. Never overlook the Thrift stores.
 photo 70200f4b-5797-42ca-8d0d-335693fc82a2_zps17b799a2.jpg
My house plants get decorated with Poinsiettas fake ones and Holly. That way the house plants blend in without me having to put them aside.
 photo ce002188-281c-46fd-b038-e0fb1c3a9d78_zpsda156df2.jpg
I have bought as gifts Christmas tree balls but then not given them. So I have a lot extra. The balls that go on the tree are now made of plastic and not glass. They don't tarnish or break like the old things did. This year I found some nice crystal bowls at the Thrift shops and they look great sitting in those. They really twinkle. I also use things like candle holders, the glass ones, fill those with balls to sit on a table.
 photo a14e23fa-6ef9-4a8f-bb06-9b750a061b66_zps2f40e223.jpg
 photo d7e99625-e57b-4cb0-9879-f56c81f9b467_zps352a7f53.jpg
I have a whole slew of fake trees. I just sit the plain ones around to make it look Christmasy and then I have some small ones that are lit and some just decorated and those can go in every room. I have some tiny ornaments I got years ago and so those sit on the small trees. It really costs me nothing now to decorate because I have all I need. I bought more things last year because my husband missed all the boxes in storage. Well I think we have found most of them this time. At least he thinks so, he found another box today.........I also know I am still missing at least one more box. I will have to look for that myself.
 photo 551937cc-1070-4761-aec5-c70b64787a4a_zps91546272.jpg
I have Christmas cushions that I use in the other rooms, and I also use candle wreaths instead of regular wreaths that are so ridiculously expensive.
 photo 9603e247-1a78-477b-b78a-6bcbcdff2305_zps20c85c0c.jpg
 photo 94dd8aa0-ba13-43a9-bf1f-b8c7b78ee083_zpseafc4880.jpg
I set the candle wreaths around lamps or let the snowmen stand on them, or put them on the wall.
 photo 87517427-5cc9-4ab9-9de9-cb7eef13615a_zpsb948a558.jpg
One year I bought two little snowmen wrapped in a quilt. I didn't notice the price till I checked out and wow.....I couldn't believe how expensive it was. Then I noticed the little quilt was actually a mini quilt. So now I am more careful and make sure that its not expensive when I buy things because there are some really nice things out there without paying a lot.
 photo e7260706-7b73-4bcd-b2ff-e5d41c71bbee_zps9bfa31ac.jpg
This little tree I made many years ago when I took ceramics classes. Do people still do that? It was so popular years ago I also made the little choir boys.
 photo 9daf74bd-848d-4533-831f-9bb8369d45e4_zps0c33c420.jpg
 photo 5446480d-b4fc-4ba6-b2fd-a3a848b116c7_zpsbe20eff2.jpg
I did paint some glass balls one year. I gave the best ones as gifts. I did Cardinals and Chickadees.......I kept the pinecones
 photo 959ff674-a4f6-4ca3-8156-4f71aedf6f06_zps55284441.jpg
Remember Macrame
 photo 31ee5421-a587-4365-90de-40f05413fc01_zps3b1f033b.jpg
I think I will paint some Christmas pictures this time so that I can swap out some of my other pictures next year.