This part of my blog is all about the things I collect or the things I make myself. I love so many things, I paint and draw and want to learn oils and pastels. I knit and crochet but want to learn tatting. I embroider and can turn my hand to most things given a chance. So much still to learn and do. I live in hope of some day reading all my books, learning all I want to learn and now I am learning to blog. You will often find my original poems, poor as they are I offer them here. I also appreciate other people art and will feature things I find that I have enjoyed. That includes pictures of fairies and fantasy or maybe just anything beautiful.
I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.
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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Who is that masked lady......................

 photo 6c31b5b5-87b7-4857-be53-669d5bc65c24_zpsf8cb43a7.jpg
Do you ever think you were born in the wrong day and age? I mean do things from long ago seem more exciting, more romantic? Even if we did the masked balls today it would not be the same. Our society is too different. I suppose its really a moot point because if I were born back then I would be a peasant and therefor not invited. I doubt I would have made it to being a maid. Ah well.........just pretend OK>
 photo 87b3279e-7a37-4d86-b87c-8c4f8ab575c0_zpsbce19db4.jpg
Still, I can dream.........I loved the clothes from other era's and all that went with it. Especially the men. Men now do not know how to dress, suits and ties, how boring........well women either for that matter. You can tell the ones born to money compared to the pop culture icons who have no class or taste (for the most part)IMO.
 photo d0e9978e-ede6-4a38-98fc-2bc51ddb4fbd_zps9927795f.jpg
 photo 6181e541-694e-45de-b717-62e6cd0e0c8f_zpsb3678bb9.jpg
Now imagine the costumes that may have gone with these lovely masks......imagine the intrigue. Imagine the freedom.
 photo 1435e98e-36dd-47cd-a89f-e07d5959316d_zps5edf61b8.jpg
Ladies could meet their lovers, or find one and never be known for who she really was. I am not saying that is what I would want but I can see the novelty especially in other times when women were married for position rather than love.
 photo e4df5545-aa49-4d11-bc4c-ad0527d4e9fa_zpsd6b5ad1f.jpg
Naturally there were scandals there always would be but.......well this was one way to avoid that maybe. In any case its all fantasy and romance and not reality. A different time and morality for the rich. The poor as always were too busy working.
 photo 8f59fe6c-4dc2-4668-8e8f-7495b65bed76_zps5e62fdb3.jpg
Enjoy the beauty if not the idea
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Saturday, October 26, 2013

More violets.......................

Why? because I have so many more pictures that I want to share.I had my other blog "Bluebell Woods" printed out into a book. I may do that with the other two at some point, but I will have Bluebell printed each year. So I am really putting this stuff out there to keep. When things are on line they tend to get lost with each computer so............this is a good way to record things I want to keep.

 photo 4b83c366-5aee-4ed3-a32c-da738f2d79c5_zps4e56c934.jpg
Thia ia a beauty
 photo 76e106dc-f281-4462-9b33-8fac82d4695b_zps5224e481.jpg
 photo 611a5dea-4132-4c79-9303-ef8b0fdb916e_zps621b6c9b.jpg
lovely colour isn't it
 photo 68e7148e-aa37-4df5-b4e9-91b5c624877d_zps367f606f.jpg
more flowers. It will be awhile before we see these again.
 photo cef7a621-56ff-469b-8d21-d1dceb670eb1_zps036eca98.jpg
how about this lovely teapot. I am looking for one with Violets on it.
 photo 07c06642-bbd9-4f29-8f2d-4c9f4e4806cb_zps7a479c7b.jpg
Then there are fairy folks, I love these flower fairies. I dont have a Violet one
 photo a5e9eedf-728c-4e99-bc71-b9a23a20bc88_zpsaeefdf17.jpg
I may have shown this dress before b photo 2bc61dd0-1760-4c06-bd3a-8e01dd5197d3_zps88004ce7.jpgut its so pretty its worth another look I think
Well its a short post but I want to do another one on Historical costumes. So all for now

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Watercolour .........

I took a picture I had and changed it to make one of my own, so now although I was inspired by a picture I have an original. Sometimes I need that to spark my imagination. I do wish I could just come up with these things. I never look at what inspires me when I draw my own.
 photo d652ea36-42f3-4908-ab2e-52c6fc877576_zpsdd5a1192.jpg
A rose is a rose.........still practicing.
 photo 49101b8d-2d58-4fb3-b984-7e6c6bb025ab_zpsef86b4bf.jpg
Doing some seasonal things
 photo 6148a81d-7458-431b-ad33-30d2dc4addc2_zps5efade6d.jpg
A Hornet
 photo 5009c96f-687f-49a9-89dc-6dce559373ff_zps51babb00.jpg
If this is your dragon accept my apology, not sure where I found him, it may have been in a book. Anyway, I changed him and now he is mine
 photo 2924d01b-cb30-4907-b2ee-d51f414c5046_zpsb8b784ef.jpg
More fairies
 photo 9d6f1dd3-f116-421c-9e7b-49b1055afc58_zps55f169a9.jpg
The Northern Lights
 photo ca8112e9-7210-46bf-ad19-5d2931db20eb_zps1170e527.jpg
Practice of trees in method
 photo 4174a549-d32b-47b3-8729-da0775dfd561_zps11d86567.jpg
Done from a paint blob, just a challenge
 photo 178c8bb7-812e-4316-9e0c-577db4ec7866_zps72568408.jpg
based on a magazine picure
 photo 87e1ec59-c5f0-471f-aaa0-1a59e9fb125b_zpsef67c796.jpg
Well Thats it for this time..........
 photo 68cb2213-1584-4b1d-b766-9e7d15938b3c_zpsdec045fc.jpg
I am beginning to go off the ink with the what next

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Purple Passion........................

I can not say I love the colour purple. I really like a pale lavender. I did a post on Violets and that was really what prompted this post. In doing that I found all these other beautiful things. I just love Pinterest don't you. However I find just as many from Google. Its such a fun thing to do. Sigh ......and wastes so much time.
 photo 49d46f3b-796d-4e0f-a86d-bb053e52f96c_zps5a18a578.jpg
I like the pastels best.
 photo b7ed62bf-8436-4d6d-a6bc-df2d577de306_zps0e867425.jpg
The colour is so relaxing when its pale. I don't care so much for the deep purple, but sometimes its perfect.
 photo 568f41c4-022f-432f-be1c-512e4ffa5894_zpsad823a49.jpg
 photo a94b6394-f670-4402-a361-4f21ed2c0b22_zps9ad3caa4.jpg
I love the pale lavender colours. In flowers and in clothes.China is one of my loves, and when it comes with violets, well then.......
 photo e16c50ad-7850-4f9b-9dc9-bef5e72460f9_zps7bc3c02c.jpg
.....and flowers.
 photo 8739ebf1-18ab-4360-9c3c-cdc3194b6d30_zps59a3e5b3.jpg
 photo f7d6c8ee-9a64-47de-9725-604d2464ea59_zpsb4f51df8.jpg
Or what about Fairies........
 photo a55f0bc8-41aa-4fef-a623-7d0ee545ee96_zpsb0fb2d3e.jpg
You realize that this post is because I have NOTHING.......I did take a few pictures from my sketch book but have not processed them yet. I have to get sewing real soon, so I do hope that this blog will brighten up soon.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Not many.........

 photo 8eaa924d-3502-4e01-94f2-d3b83e800887_zps8b161bb4.jpg
A few from the sketch book.............when the next one is full I must begin to do some serious work......maybe.
 photo 3751784f-9bfa-4ce6-8ee7-87cd03998c29_zpsef4f87cd.jpg
I did some pencil pictures as well as watercolour, and am trying out some Christmas themes for tags and stuff.
 photo 1d182914-9bee-4a46-87cc-3f0810872fe4_zpsf32540e3.jpg
Funny how different they look when you copy them......
 photo d250555e-1b60-464b-83d8-f2ca3ec09e9e_zps8a857572.jpg
 photo 34ebf569-e3b0-4e51-be9a-26525dcf461a_zps1117cce6.jpg
Then the ones I did thinking of kids rooms or cards???? I don't know.
 photo 32bb33e0-7c2b-4ed0-88ad-04cec9e72594_zpsce4c1e13.jpg
The ones done in pencil are just not what I want. I think I need to do some acrylics next.............getting all that out is a pain.
 photo 1dbbf558-ab70-48cc-acd7-3e2480bfafd1_zpsd55a4dc0.jpg
Another kiddie one
 photo c285621b-d6f2-496e-87d8-1b8ed855f6f6_zps0738d4d7.jpg
or two
 photo fbfe61b8-4ddb-46ce-b142-dc20161bb5a7_zps87a81794.jpg
Thats enough, the copies are awful so I wont do any more today................thanks for looking.