This part of my blog is all about the things I collect or the things I make myself. I love so many things, I paint and draw and want to learn oils and pastels. I knit and crochet but want to learn tatting. I embroider and can turn my hand to most things given a chance. So much still to learn and do. I live in hope of some day reading all my books, learning all I want to learn and now I am learning to blog. You will often find my original poems, poor as they are I offer them here. I also appreciate other people art and will feature things I find that I have enjoyed. That includes pictures of fairies and fantasy or maybe just anything beautiful.
I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.
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Monday, July 23, 2012

Blue Birds.............

Common-Kingfisher_RN-2 Above is a Kingfisher. His colour gleams in the sun and all one sees is a flash of light as he dives for a fish. Nature comes up with some wonderful colour schemes. I believe that God created them for our pleasure and His own. If there were no God then I am positive everything would be black and white. Beautiful as it is, black and white would be boring if it was the only choice. So here are a few pretty birds in blue. The Eastern BlueBird and Indigo Bunting are about the same colour blue, but the Bunting is pure blue. bluebirdsjpg Blue birds seem to have an angry expression all the time. That makes them look so cute. bluebirds1 Then we have the Peacock in all its glory. In England a lot of country homes have Peacocks in their gardens. The sound of their voice is distinct. peacockjpg Smiling Sally I will be sharing this post with Blue Monday. Thank you Smiling Sally for hosting.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Black and White..................

Well I had to didn't I? I mean I have shown the beauty of white and of black but found so many combinations that I just had to show a few of my finds. All found on the web and whose owners I do not know but gratefully give credit. Black and White is classic and beautiful if its animals and clothes and everything else. I am surprised that black does not appear in the world of flowers more often. I suppose it would fade with the sun. Well here are some lovely horses to begin with.......anyone figure out I love horses? BandWjpg and a few more with some baby sheep thrown in. BandW1jpg Zebra's are a prime example of the beauty of black and white together. They come in a variety of patterns too and no two are exactly alike. zebra-art61 zebra1 horsesmell I am sharing this post with Mosaic Monday hosted by Little Red House

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Black Beauty................

Black is beautiful. I can not associate it with evil. It has it's own dark mystery to be sure but no one can deny the beauty. The dark, the shadows, the night.........all is beautiful in its own right. Here are some beautiful horses, fairies and other things to enjoy the dark side of things. horse8722890 I think a black horse is almost a fantasy. The ebony black is rare, but some breeds just manage it so well. BlackFire Every little girl who read the story of Black Beauty wanted a black horse. The story by Anna Sewell was the equivalent of what Charles Dickens did for children. It brought to light the cruelty of the days before cars when horses were worked to death in the mines and in the cities. No one can read the book and not see how wrong it all is and still is today. These animals have feelings and love as we do. Probably better than we do. They are loyal and loving companions and they will work to please as best they can. black_horse_running I like to see them as free spirits, although with a kind human in their lives they can have a longer and healthier life. Fresian I can not imagine that mane and tail in the wild. Fresians are known for them and I would imagine require a LOT of grooming. I not only like Black horses but also black cats, especially Panthers. blackpan In fact I adore black clothes and makeup. Smokey, sultry eyes....... blackmakejpg Cher always looked so good in Black........... Cher2 Somehow, black seems to me as pure as white. Just look at the cats eyes and how the black shows them off to perfection. black-cat_01 Then there are the fairies............... blackfairjpg So black as devoid of colour as white to me is just as pure. I can not stop, I just have to post a few more lovely things...........I love graveyards. I love the silence, the melancholy the angels angel Back to horses......I just adore the long manes and tails, did I already say that? 2hair This one is just so full of freedom, and beauty and high spirits. beauty-1 I could go on but will refrain at least in this post........enjoy the pictures that I have found on the web and gratefully use giving full credit to those who took the pictures and who I do not know.
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Monday, July 9, 2012


I took some pictures the other day, I love to see Dragonflies, they are so pretty. I got a couple of good shots in the hope of drawing them later. dragonfly2 I must try to find the names of them.............this one is very pretty. dragonfly6 I must say that my favourites though are the neon blues and greens. I have not caught any good pictures yet of the big ones. I did manage this guy but its not a good shot. There were dozens of them flitting around in the grass, so not easy to capture. dragon6 We got this one a few weeks ago, again it was in the grass so its hard to see but this is what I am looking for. dragonfly This guy was in my garden yesterday. It was a job to get the picture. He sat still but was so small my camera could not focus. I also have a problem seeing (with one eye) if its in focus or not. Anyway......this one came out not too bad. bug One more from my garden...... yellowdrag

Friday, July 6, 2012


Pure white........anyone watch Game of Thrones. This girl and this horse together are beautiful. whiteonwhite Of course white horses are always beautiful. white This beauty looks shy.... Photobucket So many beautiful horses........ Photobucket A special bond between girls and horses it seems. I know I love them dearly and forever. beauty12 This one speaks for itself. I hope everyone has enjoyed this post. I will probably keep adding to it as I never run out of beautiful horses. gentle Pure as the driven snow........... silverdapple Wonderful Andalusian......look at that hair. Sorry mane. Andalusian1 Flowers in her of my favourites. beautifulhorse-1 Thanks to all the photographers who have such talent and capture the spirit of these beautiful creatures. The pictures come from Photobucket and some from Facebook calenders so I do not know the photographers but I have to at least give them credit that these lovely shots deserve I am linking up with White Wednesday to show off these lovely horses and things.