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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Native American music...............

I have always been intrigued by and loved native American cultures. Mostly the plains Indians or the woodlands although so many have merit and all are interesting. It is America's shame, what happened here. Still they have retained some of their culture against all odds. Still today they are lied to and abused.
I will add to this page as I find music that I love.
This first one I saw about a year ago and then lost it. I would like to know more about these flute players but for now I am posting them here.

موسيقى خياليه ... الهنود الحمر

Posted by AjyaL Radio Network-ARN on Saturday, 6 September 2014

This is another of my favourites
Cherokee Morning song.This too is hauntingly beautiful.

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Babysitting Blues................

Not really. When Laura works I have Reina here. I try to do things to interest her. Two days a week Tristen goes to day camp so its just me and her. The other day we went shopping she got a new outfit and some craft things. I showed her how to do French knitting. I know she wont stick with it but as she gets older she may want to learn more. Anyway, anything to keep her occupied.
 photo 100_7743_zpsvwrhdrxq.jpg
She concentrated very hard, the new gadgets are not as easy as the old fashioned wooden cotton real with 4 nails in it.
 photo knitting-nancy-french-knitting_zpszcgqd2zt.jpg
I know I have one around somewhere. I must look for it.
Anyway, this one she has is plastic and its not yarn that they are using.
 photo 100_7741_zpstowh5ezq.jpg
Well we had a good day. Next time we will be doing some stones. Painting them that is.
The Poodles have been enjoying some garden time. This is Bella
 photo 100_7730_zpsv4gqsxks.jpg
Bella, Bijou and Bodi having some time on the blanket near me. They go outside when I go outside, they go inside when I go inside. They follow me all over the yard.
 photo 100_7742_zpsrjeisdqo.jpg
Bijou and then Brea going for a walk around their paths and looking for things to bark at.
 photo 100_8123_zps26w8k56k.jpg

 photo 100_8122_zpsmq8gjdzq.jpg
As you see its always "What ya doin mum, can we help"
 photo 100_7755_zpshytxemun.jpg
They are so cute...........No one wants to walk on a leash and don't like leaving the back garden. I guess thats fine they get enough exercize and people and dogs going by provide the entertainment. I will keep on trying with the leash, but they really do not like it.