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Monday, June 24, 2013

My Garage Sale stuff............

Laura and I went to garage sale last week. I found a few cool things. This lovely tea pot was 2.00
 photo 396abd0a-9591-4304-b5a3-fd17d70e7371_zpse94646e6.jpg
This is a container that was purchased at Sam's Club no doubt, I got it for 1 dollar and I am using it for dog biscuits
 photo cdc1185c-9346-429a-92d8-5fbcd7886fb6_zpsd373944e.jpg
I got this to use as a bird bath. I have done several of them around the garden by placing them on a stand. This one only 2 dollars.
 photo 20c9f845-583d-42f0-927a-0a11b710d3ef_zps8bf2e9f5.jpg
My friend Nancy had a sale also........the stool or table, whatever it is I got from her. I am not sure what to do with it so it is resting here for now. The blanket on the back of the chair I got this past week for 1 dollar. How can someone get rid of all that work??????
 photo 8d6bd252-0ca2-4fa9-ba74-b449fe72d324_zps49a0dbea.jpg
The yellow box came from Nancy.......I could not resist it. Sits well in my new laundry.
 photo 02dd49c9-755c-438f-ab40-766a00fae351_zps60932f18.jpg
All these blue plates I got from Nancy also.......not sure what I will do with them yet, not my colour but I may use them yet.
 photo eae0d50f-334f-480a-b64c-b75dab6d02c0_zpsd742d9fb.jpg
The tray was from Nancy and I got it to actually use when we want tea. She gave me the napkins too. I already had the tea set, got that at a long ago garage sale I am sure.
 photo adf6e9b4-5787-454f-82d0-fe1e716d2c8e_zps3119e1f7.jpg
The plate here was also among Nancy's things. It is already in use in the garden. It stands on a small wrought iron stand and looks great
 photo 621b2572-4fb7-4f1a-aba1-45e66cec4434_zps16372ec1.jpg

There are a few more treasures that we found. I got a scooter for Tristen, its his pride and joy at the moment and cost me one dollar that was the best find of all.
I am sharing this with The Dedicated House Blue Friday

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Fairy Folk.........

I was stuck on beautiful dresses, I collected pictures of quite a few but I thought I should give it a here are some beautiful Fairy folk.
 photo d95e9ecb-1e51-4530-9072-c4dabf493c83_zpsf46cc18c.jpg

The woods are full of fairies!
The trees are alive:
The river overflows with them.
See how they dip and dive!
What funny little fellows!
What dainty little dears!
They dance and leap, and prance and peep,
And utter fairy cheers!
~Author unknown

She may not have wings but they are there, she may not look like a fairy but she is. This one too.........
 photo 8398124d-949c-4288-aee2-83dec12a523c_zpsa9fd2bcf.jpg
Believe in the Fairies
Who make dreams come true.
Believe in the wonder,
The stars and the moon.
Believe in the magic,
From Fairies above.
They dance on the flowers,
And sing songs of love.
And if you just believe,
And always stay true,
The Fairies will be there,
To watch over you!
~ Author unknown

In her golden dress with silver wings she enchants the birds and flowers
 photo 4a9fc0cc-af9f-4f03-94a7-065fc0d71b90_zps862b119e.jpg

And as the seasons come and go,
here's something you might like to know.
There are fairies everywhere: under bushes, in the air,
playing games just like you play, singing through their busy day.
So listen, touch, and look around - in the air and on the ground.
And if you watch all nature's things, you might just see a fairy's wing.
~ Author unknown

Walk in the woods quietly, you never know what you may see. Keep your mind and eyes open, you may catch them unawares
 photo a8544f22-2429-4fdf-9377-7ebfa4e392cc_zps4e2ab787.jpg

If you have a special garden,
Where flowers and herbs abound.
Then take a pinch of fairy dust,
And sprinkle it around.
The fairies will take notice,
And at the end of day.
They’ll tiptoe out upon the grass,
And dance the night away.
~ Carla J. Nelson

Fairies come in all shapes and sizes and do many magical things
Fairies go where faries go and no one can tell them nay
 photo 5bef905d-07f7-438a-b69a-7ba076822b04_zps7b64d4cf.jpg

There are fairies in your garden,
And they’re flying everywhere
Over trees and under leaves
And spinning in the air.
There are fairies in your garden,
And it’s plain for all to see
So look into you’re garden now
And you’ll see some just like me!
~ Author unknown

~ Where you believe there is magic ... you will find it! ~

The moon maiden
 photo 29b50a6c-a661-48b4-82f2-6395e7ae4a8e_zpscb61bf77.jpg
The wood nymph may look this way
 photo a1630976-48d7-4d71-81f5-915caab52f19_zpsf3330199.jpg
Then we have another wood nymph again in moonlight
 photo 1681d4a3-932f-41f7-a809-fb33a5ade4a5_zpsae609988.jpg

I borrowed the poems from this web site.....

Sunday, June 16, 2013

More lovely dresses.........

I can't help it but I have been looking at the wonderful dresses that are out there. They are romantic fantasy clothing. I can't imagine getting to wear them but then people who can afford them probably go places that they can indulge. I dont know what the first dress is designed for, I have a feeling its a wedding because of the roses. She is holding them........I was just looking at the bead work on the dress and how beautiful it was
 photo 9fe0de0b-a056-4cfb-941c-6fa103db1eb2_zps16c46c0e.jpg
The next one is Irish Lace. Hand made.
 photo 90607cf7-1fce-4af1-9f8c-da39e05ed64d_zps6ca75441.jpg
Maybe a couple of Eastern beauties............have you ever Googled Sari's or Abaya's oooh boy. I wish I could wear them.I love the head gear.
 photo 994b2dd4-9c00-4a34-8706-1eea2368e114_zps10a6cb94.jpg
The women are so beautiful with their dusky skin and huge eyes. They know how to show it off too.

 photo de1b5401-2799-4aee-b8b3-86b9e7963dcc_zps46bcfd9b.jpg
Tales from the Arabian Nights?
 photo 70e716de-82ee-4919-b534-d7a38dbb62fc_zpsc58dbd7f.jpg
This one looks so light and airy look at the legs, it has pants too.
 photo 5e4a6157-b7f1-4cd3-b25e-d4c59ed28e1d_zps39842eba.jpg
More intricate work in the fabric of this one
 photo af13b6fa-10da-4f18-aed1-3c0fbe4d662a_zps3aee6e1e.jpg
This one a froth of lace in pink
 photo b74535c7-34e3-45fa-8976-fcf8bb99b37b_zpsa8d5a40d.jpg
 photo d7f9cef5-51a2-41d2-baa7-638e89f5a8ea_zps560f95b2.jpg

The work in the fabric of the one above and this one below. They have to be hand decorated dont you think?

 photo d0feb3f6-75fd-476b-b83b-ed1fdd3a6112_zps84b63932.jpg
Then this beautiful sea foam colour all froth
 photo a8c74928-21ab-4176-80e4-ffde1b1103b6_zps8101f70f.jpg
Or this one perhaps. A bit more practical and possible.

 photo bc0760e9-5f77-4de4-8c69-e0e55b2a3658_zps66727888.jpg
Then again, I still love the neutrals

 photo 8c7232cd-eba4-4000-b517-b8198dcca261_zps121ca655.jpg

If I were young again and in good shape, I used to have a decent figure.........then what fun to try these on. I do not envy those who have the places to wear them because that's not and never would be me.....but I do love clothes and I probably would buy them just to look at (smile)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Pretty Things.....

I love the old styles, remember glamour? Remember when women dressed like women? I mean really........back when I was young we wore "an outfit" a "suit" along with a hat and gloves, matching bag and shoes. Even in the 1960s we followed fashion. Then I came to the States and it seemed like that was not done here where I landed. When I was in my teens and early 20s I loved the mini skirts and everything that was "In"............For this post I am looking back further than that to some antique dresses that are really wonderful. I hope everyone likes them and please do look at all the work in them. These are collected from around the web, some Facebook pages and Pinterest.

 photo a3a79f0a-ff4d-4835-a847-765db2c4bdb4_zps04e1ecc8.jpg
Imagine the work that went into the lace in that outfit, then look at the beadwork on the next one

 photo 8c704d09-a200-44c7-966d-c893b015b5ea_zps9891a08e.jpg
You would need a perfect figure for this one but I had to show it anyway
 photo 7f85d626-5ea3-4c90-b8b6-9ec5797cc8b9_zps7ca8568d.jpg
Probably for this one too...........but back in the days before hamburgers and fast foods people seemed to care more about those things.

 photo 16a7cb06-9bb6-4a09-98fc-df027d4a6879_zpsc8c9f937.jpg

I just loved this outfit........I can not imagine having to lace into gowns. I do remember having to wear corsets though and stockings.

 photo a28667ea-e190-47c0-8052-c2ab7b1414b5_zps31c32548.jpg

So lovely...........I remember my Mum having a "ball gown" it was black velvet and had cut outs around the neck with pink lace inserts. It was awesome.
 photo b5610db8-9b6c-442d-b382-14ae4c85ac1f_zps0c3b83aa.jpg
These two are really lovely and I think maybe intended as bridesmaids dresses. They could be ball gowns though. I can imagine the rich and famous still going to balls.

 photo 05c2bf37-ffb5-4f2e-9693-7544008a37e5_zpsf1e84ce3.jpg

When looking around for things to show I saw so many awesome gowns, it made me wonder at some of the stuff that the film stars of today wear. If I had the money honey, I would certainly not wear some of the things we see on the red carpet. Some women do have the sense of style though and I love to see them dressed up. Can you imagine being able to wear anything you wanted?

 photo 512a68d1-2ff4-4955-b690-ae32ec423851_zpsb9c9c7b3.jpg

What would you choose?

 photo 0189cdeb-523c-41b5-8322-7f752586fad0_zpsc827b9d0.jpg

Just a few of my choices, mainly neutral colours but if you care to delve again into some fantastic gowns in colours, then maybe next time......I will end with this one
 photo 3367a649-e9a9-4ce9-93a3-fc780b52310c_zpse960b595.jpg

Monday, June 10, 2013

Faery Songs.................

 photo 02d992dc-f76c-4a30-b66e-dcc9249ca910_zps351b13b3.jpg

Faery Songs

Shed no tear! oh, shed no tear!
The flower will bloom another year.
Weep no more! oh, weep no more!
Young buds sleep in the root's white core.
Dry your eyes! oh, dry your eyes!
For I was taught in Paradise
To ease my breast of melodies,--
Shed no tear.

 photo 7be6bc44-df3e-4fcb-9fa1-a6be255c6ec2_zps43f3d103.jpg

Overhead! look overhead!
'Mong the blossoms white and red--
Look up, look up! I flutter now
On this fresh pomegranate bough.
See me! 'tis this silvery bill
Ever cures the good man's ill.
Shed no tear! oh, shed no tear!
The flower will bloom another year.
Adieu, adieu -- I fly -- adieu!
I vanish in the heaven’s blue,--
Adieu, adieu!

 photo 7fb19e59-87be-47fd-ab3b-4a38431883bb_zps1a68e400.jpg

Ah! woe is me! poor silver-wing!
That I must chant thy lady's dirge,
And death to this fair haunt of spring,
Of melody, and streams of flowery verge,--
Poor silver-wing! ah! woe is me!
That I must see
These blossoms snow upon thy lady's pall!
Go, pretty page! and in her ear
Whisper that the hour is near!
Softly tell her not to fear
Such calm favonian burial!
Go, pretty page! and soothly tell,--
The blossoms hang by a melting spell,
And fall they must, ere a star wink thrice
Upon her closed eyes,
That now in vain are weeping their last tears,
At sweet life leaving, and these arbours green,--
Rich dowry from the Spirit of the Spheres,
Alas! poor Queen!
John Keats

 photo 77707d96-a01c-45e4-8bbe-b95837fb519e_zps9aa89092.jpg

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Lovely Blues......

Some flowers from my garden
 photo 42d11f1b-3648-43b6-81cd-acb730f07e11_zpsdf839978.jpg

 photo 159bfdab-4173-4b4d-a751-3c7baf2cb204_zps27e0890e.jpg

Lovely lavenders too
 photo 22519b25-b27d-4d95-ae01-2aaff3cc6a73_zps15548daa.jpg
 photo c20cd0c4-a3af-4df9-ae4b-7c9f6a64bf45_zpsa7a34158.jpg

 photo 6dcbbb54-1301-408d-8510-b2a2a5112d48_zps0626b475.jpg

I just love Grannybonnets

 photo 519f9d3d-6245-4dac-8a49-478e256b5f09_zpsba07acd6.jpg
 photo 5fa8eda3-1253-4415-b278-775d7c6ae9ae_zpsc843d3b3.jpg

Wild Geraniums
 photo 53e142f8-a941-49d4-b8da-e6269374b9d8_zps6d50bfee.jpg
 photo 645db536-7c93-40b2-8779-c1868e4fa4d1_zps4588e776.jpg
 photo 9935e699-8346-4d88-b833-7a37d9123efc_zpsab77745d.jpg
I hope you enjoyed a few flowers from my garden.......