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Friday, August 30, 2013

Evening gowns.........................

I have really enjoyed looking at the beauty and the workmanship of some of these beautiful dresses. I do not covet them, I just love looking at them. I would like to see them, not own them in particular. It's not my lifestyle. I sure love that they are there though and that someone somewhere gets to enjoy them. The models are so skinny, I am not sure they would look so good on a normal size woman. Especially the height. I can't believe how homely some of the models are though and I am trying to show the more beautiful ones
 photo 89ffe0d0-7c66-4a3d-878a-ed1731186b28_zps9f520708.jpg
I tend to like the neutral tones. The gold and silver, grey is nice with silver.
 photo 97fd9718-088d-4ece-ae5c-01aeca97a029_zpsb383f6bb.jpg
White and gold is royal, reminds me of Greece and Rome
 photo 1b29386d-098f-4925-b6f1-1fbf74cec3a9_zps7277099c.jpg
White cream, or should I say creamy cream elegant
 photo fc5cb916-8e45-4313-9c90-ec51321d3113_zps85eaeafd.jpg
Black is always elegant and black with beads, well what could be better
 photo 0ab0dc00-30ab-4287-9195-404cb90f15ce_zps8f2d918c.jpg
 photo e0648af8-cf0f-4c3c-af6e-759d7c14f8fe_zpsc15ba64f.jpg
This next one is a lovely coffee colour with cream and its very lovely don't you think
 photo 35c814cf-251f-42a6-a689-90e08315247e_zps9a840222.jpg

Metalic.......this looks harsh. It has lovely lace but does not look comfortable. Then again, neither does the model
 photo aa12e0c2-0027-40f0-94e2-ba027b4a2dc4_zpsd87124b5.jpg
I thought I should show SOME colour. I love the green, although more simple gowns and the pink is very pretty too.
 photo a5905f8d-aa68-456b-b58f-49372a0946ed_zps7f096d27.jpg
 photo 1c29f4b2-4823-470e-a75f-4901a39275ff_zps858a8763.jpg
How about short dresses
 photo 3cb329c3-1384-4d1a-95b3-3b4acf2d41e6_zpsebea7c1c.jpg
 photo 581d4e9a-c5c5-4b7a-a9e6-3b3f07617e6b_zps88df0e0c.jpg
Well thats it for this evening. The next post I do on clothes will be about Eastern dress. I have seen some wonderful creations. Indian and Pakistani women, Muslim women. Awesome and intricate fashions that dwell more on beauty and enhancing the female eyes and hair and painting the body. Wonderful stuff. I am jealous and I do think that they are much misunderstood when it comes to fashion. We shall see
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Monday, August 26, 2013

vintage gowns.............

Dont you just love vintage gowns? Well not just vintage but dresses from way back. They do such a great job when they make movies now. The "costumes" are so authentic and could almost be haute couture. The fabrics are exquisite and it makes me wonder what ever happens to them after the film is done. I do know some go on tour, some are on display in museums. Even the tower of London hosts costumes sometimes. I remember seeing the clothes from Elizabeth R and the Six Wives of Henry V111 but compared to what was done with "The Tudors" they were almost just not on the same level. At the time though they were so well done.It just shows the progress and the money that is spent today on movies.
 photo 133df387-e7a7-4756-a41f-bd6e20110c7b_zpse45e071f.jpg
Its in the details, in the fabric and the designers. The fabrics in a lot of cases are hand embroidered as if they are made for a person in real life. I do know that the designers of the Tudors really spent a lot of time and imagination in those costumes. They really did a great job they designed for Henry knowing what he was like in real life. He was fashionable and the best dressed man in Europe so they outdid themselves. His whole court was high fashion.
 photo 37b01b84-8562-44fd-b0f4-330f7fda7a4d_zps13a86730.jpg
Look at the details on this one. I don't know what movies these clothes were in but I love each one of them.
 photo c4348642-ab19-4841-b765-c532e7b47d73_zpsf2378cbf.jpg
 photo 06f68f35-ba41-4a75-ab3d-6e29e6537c22_zps7f6fb702.jpg
The movies Marie Antoinette and Elizabeth both had wonderful costumes. I think I saw the first one just to see the costumes but Elizabeth was one of my all time favourite films.
 photo bfaf0a3b-ff65-48fe-8bd0-1cffae21d640_zpsedbbb70f.jpg
This one from the Tudor times.
 photo 138ec335-b3d7-4672-b43d-b45bb8814b93_zps995e0b29.jpg
Here is Kate Blanchett as Elizabeth and a beautiful dress, this one did not seem to be so constructed and didnt fit as well as some did. The fabric though is gorgeous.
 photo efb49eab-7fe0-4998-b7bd-025e1ab57783_zps9cf814a6.jpg
Another one from Elizabeth. Some of the fabrics in that movie were much more dramatic than these but these are what I could find for now. I will be taking another look.
 photo 74b68257-09b8-4c62-8abe-64a18a299505_zpsfdac4dad.jpg
I wanted to go through the costumes from the Tudors but will leave that for another day.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

More drawings......

One day I found a pigeon with a broken wing. We named him Walter (you know, Walter Pigeon)......this reminds me of him.

 photo 09dd4912-dfad-4eee-ac7a-e81eade77e4c_zpsa64ae980.jpg
Old fashioned Ice cream.....hand made is best
 photo a1c0228a-e91e-47c2-8bae-663827e7983e_zps3dfb4faf.jpg
An Angel maybe
 photo bb10a2d2-7d33-44ea-a505-ce0b61f86fdf_zps30b71816.jpg
A few more faces
 photo 922b4d1d-879e-4334-8745-e30ef1f87be5_zps724699e2.jpg
 photo 19ec2cc8-89d6-45e3-ae8a-47265a029425_zpsadc049e4.jpg
 photo 3291e488-2c91-4b66-9370-588fa5708068_zps584edff4.jpg
 photo dbf465ab-e444-44d9-a178-566aafd4d43c_zps9bd6bad3.jpg
 photo ae70ddf6-8743-4b6a-a461-1958424e89a6_zps6e389c81.jpg
Another Mermaid
 photo bfc15dc2-51d4-4341-976a-325bde053a71_zps98417c66.jpg
What else do I have...........I have skipped a bunch. This one is different I suppose
 photo 54d41edb-f97d-461a-b984-428b998923e1_zps141f5621.jpg

Still working on doing a good Chickadee and a good far no luck. I record them anyway.

 photo 631c82d7-83c9-49dd-8e55-a88b79e73342_zps28d0cad7.jpg

What can I say.............
 photo f838653f-15e2-46f5-9c31-4b6d6292cdd7_zps4a31580b.jpg

OK, reality check........I am drawing and painting these practice pieces, simple lines, exaggerated faces to what end? That I don't know. I have to say that I prefer realism. This experiment is hard for me. I am enjoying it but to over simplify is very hard for me.

I do know that watercolour and drawing paper do not work well together. All these need ironing and are warped (in more ways than one haha)

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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Sketch pad again........

 photo d879c534-edf2-4c0c-b097-a39f5abfe2fe_zps596d927a.jpg

Lady Bug.............well, it's a name. Don't know how I came up with this but there you are......The next is an Owl
 photo 793da14d-2387-4389-8871-3037fbe4b160_zps09c65066.jpg
My friendly Crow
 photo 57924566-dfec-4ae3-8e6e-64575e64ed8a_zps8db7b72c.jpg
I am trying a different approach to faces. I am trying to get away from reality, over do the eyes and proportions.
 photo e0238dd8-d580-4c5d-ab3f-fc5a72cbd891_zps90b69ac7.jpg
This one is based on someone elses picture I saw. I saw it and did it from memory. Actually it looks nothing like it but it was not intended to. I liked the pose is this is all mine.
 photo b77f19d1-123c-42d3-9142-4f71db5b2c46_zpsf1eb7bb4.jpg
The flower came out OK but I was hoping to add a phrase to it, this didn't work too well.
 photo 81b3a8f6-9f4b-4e47-a63b-888563272cc8_zpsc680cdcb.jpg
 photo 46e02f5a-fb15-404a-93a2-84eb12324a85_zps3f949a2b.jpg
Thia one, I am not sure where it came from but I found a set of plates at the weekend with shoes on them. I must remember to photograph them
 photo e99ba792-d161-4f1a-a2b7-aa5e9977704c_zps4a3aff7c.jpg
I am thinking of the cartoon girls will make cards some day.
 photo b5ee7db6-39b7-4c4e-bde8-93ca9f0f2f5a_zps13f2a73b.jpg
A fairy folk
 photo eea2c61a-681f-4bab-a174-91e04adda7eb_zpsf6f7a3e4.jpg

What about this, black and white. Not at all my style but there ya go.

 photo 75a05021-b541-4b4a-af34-8bc3b1f05de1_zpsc17c24c4.jpg

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Celtic style.......

Do you enjoy fantasy, I mean dreaming of magical times long gone. Finding treasure that is all yours. Just for the beauty not for the selling. Well, dream of Celtic times and enjoy some Celtic Styles..........
Here are a few hair styles
 photo hair2_zpsa8dcf1a0.jpg

 photo bd3b4c83-ba6e-473e-b904-2474fe097b66_zps00d9f155.jpg

The red hair is very Celtic I think
 photo 42dbc128-f595-4ed6-a782-32fe64450177_zps4fa7f6e5.jpg

Kelts were an ethno-linguistic group of tribal societies in Iron Age and Medieval Europe who spoke Celtic languages and had a similar culture. We think of Ireland, Scotland and the British people of those times. It is not a nationality, its more and ethnicity I think.
They are much romanticized in movies.
 photo 73f1dccf-af6a-4f62-8aa8-2bc7c71d449b_zps32c2f5c6.jpg
The women had to be tough. While maybe not all were warriors there had to be a fair share of them. Again, they may not have looked as Hollywood portrays them but I thing their strength and equality were much like this.
 photo 97182183-9be7-4443-a01b-3c3998682b1e_zpscebd35ae.jpg
Back in the days of Bodicea who was indeed a Warrior Queen, I am sure for survival alone in those days they had to have some fighting skills. The tribes had to share their skills so maybe (who knows) the younger unmarried women or those not having children would fight with the men. Maybe not in the extreme but I am sure that when it comes to defending hearth and home most woman will fight.

 photo d90065bd-2972-45f4-97e4-203f202cb522_zpsc2124ee5.jpg

They were an artistic people. We know that because of what they left behind made in gold. Torcs and broaches, things like that have been found in many farmers fields. This is not a genuine example but I would wear it............the ivy is Pagan and I can imagine it being a symbol found in their designs. Along with the Celtic cross photo 2e17dcd4-39f5-4c36-b260-0267712a4086_zps3b2134ac.jpg

 photo 8061e42d-cc00-4d70-9912-90b7dfcf4509_zps9920f68e.jpg
modern day designs with the Celtic theme are popular at Ren Fairs and things to do with Fairy followers and Fantasy clothes. They are beautiful and I think can be worn in every day life. Why not?
 photo 80473fa9-e0ad-47c4-9ba0-c37888285391_zps04c420b1.jpg

More hair styles
 photo d9a18181-de24-4d7f-8411-b9673daee260_zps690818db.jpg
Well I would love to show more but its hard to find really nice legitimate pictures of clothing, so this is mainly fantasy but well, who doesn't enjoy a little fantasy.?