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Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I stood about an hour ironing doilies and things. As I stood there I was admiring the work of some of the table cloths, the time it must have taken to do them. I use all my things and wash them and put them away and use others so they dont get too worn. The kids around here are not at all careful and I often wonder as time goes on will anyone appreciate these hand made things? I know that the teens and twenties just put coffee or soda or whatever on them and they get stains and the lace gets torn and so on, well I expect my house to be comfortable and lived in but.........well I just wonder sometimes. If they had spent the amount of time it takes to embroider just one piece I think they would frame it on a wall and never use it. Not that I can see it ever happening. I grew up in a different world where people loved to do the needle crafts and hand crafts. Now everyone is plugged into their phones or some other electrical device. I sound old don't I. Every generation says the same thing about the young folks. "In my day......." and so on, fill in the blanks.
Will the pendulum swing back again as it did with quilting? Will there be a resurgence again when these kids are older? I know when I was young I hated quilts, thought they were ugly. Well now I appreciate them, especially the very old hand made ones. Even now I could not sit and hand quilt such a big thing as a bed quilt. I do small things. I am the in between age where I want instant gratification but also want the hand made things, so I choose to make small things. Baby clothes to knit and doilies to crochet. Lap quilts better than bed quilts and so on, but at least I do still keep the old crafts alive. I collect all I see at sales and add those to my collection.

(I made these collars several years ago now. I will sell them on Etsy when I set up a shop)


I still iron and starch my linens although since Tristen arrived I gave up on sheets because no one here cares enough, so why bother. I do that now just for guests. Besides the girls have about ruined all my good sheets one way or other. Does no one undress for bed anymore? They jump in fully clothed, how uncomfortable is that? The rivets on jeans take their toll and belt buckles. I keep my good things out of their way if I can. I have seen quilts, white ones at that laying on the floor under dirty laundry and being walked on. Why do I allow it? Because I dont go into their private space unless I have reason, and then I will remove things from the room. I just wish they had more pride in their surroundings. Sigh!!!!!

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