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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Winter dreams.............

When winter comes we think of Jack Frost and maybe the Winter Queen. Or is it just my English fantasy? I remember reading fairy stories as a child. It left me with a sense of wonder when I see that first snow. It doesn't last long, but I really think there are not many people who loose that awe of waking up to the first snow. Photobucket Photobucket One looks out over a virgin blanket of turned to a crystal field of white under the moonlight. It sparks that childish sense of awe again and brings back the child. Photobucket I would sit in my bedroom window. Chin in hands and with nose against the window. I would trace the frost patterns and stare at the sky. The snow blurring the light from the lamp post at the top of the road, there the houses ended and the fields began. Never sure what I might see. Photobucket Fairy's sprinkling fairy dust that made the snow silver and gold, little fairy folk who glittered among the snowflakes. Sitting on the branch of trees hiding and keeping watch.
Who were they watching for? The Winter Queen? The Fairy Queen? I don't know I always fell asleep before I caught a glimpse but sometimes I wonder if before my eyes were quite shut I might just see something stir, something coming................ Queen_of_the_Winter_by_hEyJude4 Photobucket I am sharing this post on The Dedicated House. On Make it pretty Monday I want to thank Kathryn for hosting the event.


  1. ooohhhh how beautiful is this post and so nice to see poetry, that which decorates language. I love it and the images are stunning! thank you for posting this! lady

  2. This is such a magical and beautiful post! I love it!

  3. Wow, love each picture here. I too, love fantasy and find magic in the snow. Of course, we don't get much here in Texas but snow never loses its magic quality for me. And I paint too - some fantasy, some realistic. Enjoying your blog!


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