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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Back to the sketch book..................

I got back to drawing and watercolour. I did not like using pencils. This book was not for paint but in the end I did it anyway so the pages are wrinkled. Still it's not for anyone but me. I have enjoyed doing faces and like flowers. I see a picture and draw it. Its just practice for me. I will just post what I have done mainly without comment. If anyone views this remember, this is just an idea book and practice.
 photo 103_4019_zpsc2aoilry.jpg
 photo 103_4018_zpszi0hu3st.jpg
 photo 103_4017_zpscigrpwwf.jpg
 photo 103_4016_zps197sjhjl.jpg
 photo 103_4015_zps1yuhnpi9.jpg
I am trying to loosen up and make my drawings more fluid, not so stiff. They don't need to be realistic for these exercizes.
 photo 103_4014_zpsiarntk8r.jpg
 photo 103_4013_zpsozbocjij.jpg
 photo 103_4012_zpsnziy9ilg.jpg
The trouble with a sketchbook is if its a crappy picture you are pretty much stuck with it.
 photo 103_4011_zps7tpqfanx.jpg
 photo 103_4010_zps6bxivys1.jpg
 photo 103_4009_zpsqjphobsj.jpg
 photo 103_4008_zpsx5l9wgzh.jpg
 photo 103_4007_zpslamycbku.jpg
 photo 103_4006_zps9rs3yfpx.jpg
Before I am done with the book I put in quotes and will go back and fill in empty pages and spots that can use more on them.
 photo 103_4005_zpsnzncgfli.jpg
 photo 103_4004_zpsx7tif5ba.jpg
 photo 103_4003_zpsyzljmjdp.jpg
 photo 103_4002_zpsqorqvgdc.jpg
 photo 103_3999_zpsa6vgcqjf.jpg
 photo 103_3998_zpsmnj9j2vx.jpg
 photo 103_3997_zpshhsyfh9b.jpg
 photo 103_3996_zps3rr3senm.jpg
 photo 103_3995_zpswzpqmpnr.jpg
 photo 103_3994_zps8i9xtq1j.jpg
 photo 103_3993_zpsn59jpn8y.jpg
Sorry there was so much this time. I have not done this for some times.
 photo 103_3992_zpsiqfqawqi.jpg
 photo 103_3991_zpsifkxj4i0.jpg
 photo 103_3990_zpsdev1okwz.jpg
 photo 103_3989_zpsjboxfk7k.jpg
 photo 103_3988_zpsggfdkwx8.jpg
 photo 103_3987_zpsrzmomzzd.jpg
 photo 103_3986_zpsxhjn85oc.jpg
 photo 103_3983_zpsmag7nkvx.jpg
 photo 103_3982_zps1nb9vvmn.jpg
 photo 103_3981_zpsngcapkqg.jpg
 photo 103_3980_zpsjxts3uu1.jpg
 photo 103_3979_zps8oipalr1.jpg
 photo 103_3978_zpsufzz7sky.jpg
 photo 103_3977_zps6eko5ray.jpg
 photo 103_3976_zpseruhjgpl.jpg
Thank goodness,that's it for today. I have this many again waiting to be painted. I won't wait so long next time though. They always look better in the book than they do here. I will have to stop doing this and work on some actual pictures. Then I will have to do a better job.


  1. I find them charming a very good effort.

  2. Good for you Janice, and thank you so much for coming to see me on my blog. I'm doing alright, and will be here again.


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