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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Christmas Goodies..............

It's countdown to Christmas, that means that me and probably many others are making their home made goodies to give as gifts. To day was jam making day. I was going to do more jams but today I just did the Cranberry and Jalapeno jam. The Cranberry is Cranberry/orange/raspberry. It is tart but sweet, my husband says he doesn't like it but I do. Not that I eat jam very much. Still some of my friends like it and so I still make it every year photo 102_0305_zpsqbxo3obb.jpg
I also made a batch of Jalapeno jam/jelly this time. I didn't last year and wished I had. Not only is it pretty but it tastes so good on crackers with cream cheese. A nice party gift, something people can use this time of year even if they don't like it themselves. It is hot and sweet.
 photo 102_0309_zpstqub65as.jpg
Both of these jams are easy to make and have always set for me. Can't say the same for my Strawberry jams. I bought a fresh pineapple and some oranges to make Pineapple/orange jam. That sounded really good but can wait a few days. Tomorrow I go out with Edna and meet Barb for supper. I will give them their cheese balls that I made and the jams and some treats. We used to exchange gifts but have sort of given up on that part. Just me and Edna still do that. I am going to give her a Christmas mug filled with fat quarters. If you are a quilter you will know what that is. I have yet to put that together. I will get to it tomorrow morning.
The other thing I made today was the "Saltine cracker chocolate treat" The other day I made some, it was my regular and when I was making it I wondered about doing some with white chocolate (I had some to use up)
It looks and tastes really nice actually.
 photo g_zpspns7vw1d.jpg
This I will call "Chocolate bark" I don't know why. The recipe is very simple.
 photo 102_0310_zpscsws95wl.jpg
You will need.
Two sleeves of Saltine crackers. (use Saltines rather than a cheaper version if possible)
2 sticks of butter (do not use margarine)
1 Cup of brown sugar packed.
1 large bag of chocolate chips. I use semi sweet because the toffee is sweet enough. Now I have also used white chocolate chips. (The white is what I used today)
I bag of crushed walnuts. (for the dark chocolate) or I bag of Slivered Almonds. I will make one more batch with regular chocolate chips using Toffee/chocolate pieces.
You need to have lined a baking sheet with foil and sprayed with Pam so the crackers do not stick to the foil. Lay out in rows to cover the entire tray.
In a medium saucepan combine and cook the sugar and butter. Bring to a boil. Keep stirring. Once rolling boil time 3 minutes. Watch and do not burn, keep stirring all the time.
Pour on the caramel from the pan and spread it over the crackers to the edges.
Place in a 400 oven for 5 minutes and it should come out bubbly.
Pour on the chocolate chips and spread once they begin to melt.
Cover up to the edges.
Let the pan cool and then refrigerate until cold and set. Then you can break it up and freeze until you are ready to use.
 photo 102_0311_zpsydsutooi.jpg
I do believe I have posted the jam before but if you want a recipe I can post it later. Just let me know.
This is a very simple, very tasty and pretty looking treat, good for gift giving.


  1. Janice you are so productive... I'll use that word LOL because it's just the one I thought of ...
    Looking at your treats makes me think I should get busy but I'm not a cook or baker... I know , I know ... easy peasy, but for me I say I cook when I make canned soup. Pathetic I know.
    I might try that saltine thing , well thought I would until I read you have to 'boil' something. I better stick to painting.
    hugs, and have a great holiday.
    Merry Christmas.

  2. Janice!!!! I love the jam! Both of them! What great gift ideas! And, that saltine treat looks so good!! Thank you for the recipe!!! Big hugs!


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