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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sewing and stuff...................

Oh boy, not a lot going on around here, same old, same old. Edna and I went to lunch on Thursday and after that we stopped at some resale/thrift stores. Not much going on there either. I found two things. One a pair of pink glasses that I will use to put my beach stones in. The other a sugar bowl.
 photo 20170210_163705_zpsu503ilg8.jpg
Nothing really exciting.
 photo 20170210_163800_001_zpsg5pdcfab.jpg
Later though we stopped at our friends quilt shop. I really didn't want to buy anything. I had been sorting fabric for Edna to pick some pieces for a quilt she is making. She took the stuff that worked for her and I left everything on the table. I hope to get to doing some sewing this week. Although all the work I was going to catch up on this weekend didn't get done. So.....that's debatable.
I really must get some sewing done, I must, I must.
Anyway, while Edna was looking for things to finish her quilt I looked around and saw (oh no) a panel I had wanted to buy. SO I did. It goes with a fabric I already had. Chickadees. I have a load of other fabrics, like pine cones and pine trees and so on that I can also use with Chickadees for my house.
The panel is more Christmas themed but, well I will be lucky if it's done by Christmas anyway haha.
 photo chic_zps51lkfokl.jpg
When Tristen was here at the weekend I asked if he would like me to make him some pillow cases and he said yes. So, I had bought some fabric to do that for him and will now give me some incentive to get cracking maybe. Also I promised Gabrielle an apron for when she is baking. I have plenty to do. I need to finish off all the quilts I had going last year and get them to Barb when she gets back from Florida so she has plenty of time to work on those. Once out of my house I am not worried how long she takes to fit them in with her regular work. I will then have gifts on hand for whatever comes up. Woo Hoo.
I also want to make tote bags for everyone and Laura wants a lunch bag. I should make one for Robert too.
Yes, I need to get sewing.
Maybe I need to let the house go a bit more, do a little at a time instead of worrying about cobwebs and such?
My African Violets are beginning to bloom and so is the Geranium that sits in the Kitchen Window.
 photo 20170208_101301_zpsdxiy3a9c.jpg
One job this week needs to be re-potting a lot of my plants. They need food too. Some of the Violets are not looking so good at the moment. They are getting old as well so need some care.
While we were out we stopped at The Red Dresser. That's a favourite place to get ideas for hand crafted things, I very seldom get out without buying something. They moved so we wanted to check out the new location. Well, one thing I saw and liked was 60 dollars. Phew!!! nice but way over priced I thought.
 photo 20170210_112804_zpswtbhxbos.jpg
One idea was a cover for a soda can, nice and simple and for me practical. I may make a few of those. I have to laugh at myself, yes that will get done (most unlikely haha) I am full of good intentions and ideas.
Just look at this mess
 photo 20170210_163811_zpsax1yjzsy.jpg
Oh its all sorted but I just have to get this fabric under control. I have a whole cupboard full of fabric and then loads of baskets of fat quarters and scraps. Shut up woman and get sewing.I really must, this week. Really.


  1. Get sewing girl! LOL! You have lots to do! I love the chickadee fabric! And, I love those pink glasses too! You have lots to keep you busy Janice! Lots of great ideas!!! Show them off, when you get them done! Big Hugs!

  2. I forgot to say, that necklace is cool!


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