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Thursday, August 24, 2017

No imagination............

I wish I had a good imagination. I always thought I did. I seem to have been endowed with certain skills but sadly lacking in the one that would allow me to make use of those skills.
 photo 31241e56-47e5-41d6-84fe-dc91038fcd5a_zpsmkkx4szs.jpg
I like to white poems/rhymes. I like to draw and paint. I like to sew..............there are many more things I enjoy too. I always thought that if we owned a small resort, then I could have a gift shop and supply it with my own crafts. Either that or have a small place in the country and have a small shop. I can't do that in town because of restrictions.
 photo 2_zpsvm9zffnb.jpg
So................What can I do?
 photo 103_3084_zps4pdoggbn.jpg
I often thought of writing a short childrens story. Then I would not know how to begin, how would I put it together and how would I publish it. No idea.
To make things and sell them? Well I have tried but the places I placed things to sell them add 60% that makes them not worth the money.
I did think about Etsy, having an Etsy shop. That just seems like a whole load of work for very little profit.
 photo 20170810_115657_zpsspsgidyy.jpg
I have written a couple of stories that remain unfinished but could be worked on and illustrated but as yet I see no point.
We are about to retire, at least my husband is. I would like to make extra income and it would be nice to supplement our income by selling things I have made.
I have no imagination when it comes to promoting and selling or even getting started.
 photo 86b9df9a-d17f-4eaf-928f-76a1ab4b587c_zps84honnr0.jpg
I really enjoy my sketchbooks. I did think of decorating the covers and selling those on Etsy. The originals. They cost me nothing but time, I could try one I suppose. Then again, what would I charge? Maybe do that on Ebay so that they bid on it? All original work as a coffee table book?
So what can I do?...............I need ideas, and having no imagination I don't know where to get the ideas...............
 photo 108_0708_zpstcievslh.jpg
Another idea is Tee shirts, graphics for Tee Shirts. What would sell though? I did have an idea when Reina was a baby, a line of baby Tee shirts but that was long ago and I forget. Maybe I am just lazy and don't want to do the work? No! I don't think that's it, I just lack imagination. I lack direction.
 photo 81108011-1.jpg
What happened to that quilt? I have no idea what I did with it but it looks like one I would like to do again. I have even made baskets.So you see a gift shop would have been perfect for me to indulge all the things I enjoy but I need direction. What I need is money. I need money to set up shop. Ah well, I can dream and that's about all unless I come up with a decent plan..........and I lack imagination


  1. Hi Janice i am sure something will come to you,but from what i see a gift shop would be perfect for you ,can you move to the country where lots of tourist go,or maybe rent a place there or can you do markets where there is little overheads.
    I hope somethings pops up for you my friend as your work is beautiful xx

  2. You have lots or imagination what you lack is marketing skills you need a partner to help you.

  3. You have lots of imagination!!! Maybe you should do craft shows?? Look into your area. I know they even have them at churches. And, if you want to do your items on clothing, etc., look into Zazzle!! I know it takes time, I have been doing tones of research. Take it easy and go for it! Big Hugs!


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