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Monday, March 12, 2018

More ..............

I am still making cards and probably will for some time. I will keep posting pictures on the blog for a record of what I am doing. I sent one out today for Raylene's birthday.
 photo 20180310_173833_zpswqkurj0q.jpg
It was not at first supposed to be a birthday card but I liked it and I thought she might like it. It's Raylene's 16th birthday, but she is not really 16 mentally yet. Raylene is the child with the brain damage from her Mothers boyfriend. She had the shaken baby syndrome. The guy went to jail for that and is now free, Raylene still suffers. She is doing well all considered, and it's hard to believe she is 16 now, they had not thought she would survive. Anyhow, a card is on the way to her. This is a detail.
 photo 20180310_173907_zpsrel9tfyu.jpg
I love the glitter.
If I am going to send cards to friends then I think I want to make more in the sewing theme. So I did these two. I will have to come up with more designs. So far I prefer the wreath to any others, but here are the latest two.
 photo 20180312_153335 1_zps1mtyieux.jpg
 photo 20180221_143509_zpstididinh.jpg
I am not fond of either of those but there is a base idea I can work with maybe.
I have done a couple of Mushroom cards that I really like, they are based on those by Annsdoodles. They are different but her idea.
 photo 20180310_174015_zpscithqfoj.jpg
 photo 20180312_153422_zpsu9iulzna.jpg
I also like doing Hummingbirds and there are two versions I have been playing with on that theme. To this one I added more bubbles and liked that, but I still prefer borders on the pictures.
 photo 20180310_173842_zpsyodije5i.jpg
This is the 2nd one
 photo 20180308_121109_zpsdog1pumq.jpg
Again, with borders maybe they would be a lot better. I now have quite a pile of cards done. I won't be using most of them but they will be a record of ideas and experiments and its fun. I also enjoy doing sun. I thought I might work on this idea and do seasons........
 photo 20180308_121052_zpseswuc2sb.jpg
I like that idea and will work with that.
At least out of the whole load there are a couple of ideas that I like and will work with. I will work on a line of the ones I can actually like and enjoy doing. I may try to get rid of the extras in my yard sale in the Spring. No skin off my nose and will give me an idea if people like them.
So thats all for now. Sharing with Make it Pretty Monday at the Dedicated House


  1. what an amazing imagination you have, beautiful cards!!!

  2. Such a delightful post! wishing you "Bee Happy".

  3. I like your cards I like the sleepy sun over the fields and the mushroom ones the best.

  4. Truly love them all Janice! Well done!
    I am so sorry about Raylene! Big Hugs!


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