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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Christmas decorating............

Here it is again, time to decorate for Christmas. I was not going to ever go all out again with my decorating but this year I have a plan. I will do it.
Here is the plan. I am going to put everything away (everyday stuff). When Spring comes and I am ready to put away Christmas I will have sorted everything out. That way next year it should be much simpler to find things. Gerry hauled up all the boxes from storage and nothing is going back (under the stairs) I will have everything next year where I can get my hands on them.
The Entrance. (note that there is now a dresser in there and I have no ornaments for it haha)
 photo 119_0607_zpsushw3zpm.jpg
 photo 119_0605_zps0ccs6uc3.jpg
 photo 119_0606_zpsfbw8qpqe.jpg
Right now my house is a total disaster. Every room is a mess. Is anyone else like this. If one room is in chaos I feel like the whole house is. I also found out while packing up some of the dining room just how dusty things are. Everything will have to get washed when I take it back out. No point in doing it now.
I didn't do much in the small bathroom but gave it just a tad of Christmas spirit.
 photo 119_0604_zpsrwz3ojn1.jpg
Not a lot in the Kitchen
 photo 119_0608_zpsl4w9d7ro.jpg
 photo 119_0641_zpsuo0qa9ob.jpg
I have found I have a forest of (fake)trees for outside and in. I'm not sure where they all came from. I can probably keep most of those and maybe decorate them. I can decorate the porch and deck with some of them. I will select the ones for inside and keep the best for that. I think I gave Laura my Angels but kept the red and gold ones. I have Santa's and snowmen but again I don't remember what I kept. This will be fun finding out again what I have, like old friends. At this point in life I have things like a Santa someone made in my quilting class, she has since died so I think of her every year.
Dining room.... well, the sewing machine is still out and once this is finished I can get to sewing yeahhhh. Gabby says she remembers the little kissing bears from when she was little.
 photo 119_0612_zpsrlfsidwm.jpg
 photo 119_0611_zpssomfe07x.jpg
 photo 119_0610_zpsz75dtswi.jpg
 photo 119_0614_zpsjxxixbla.jpg
I am taking a break because although I only packed 1/2 a room I am already whooped. The first day I could not stop and found myself getting up all evening and poking around.
Living room, this is the room most used, I suppose its the family room. I never know what the rooms are in this house as we have the extra room.
 photo 119_0618_zpsx7uegi1k.jpg
 photo 119_0623_zpsfmig0ssp.jpg
 photo 119_0624_zpslvq6arfe.jpg
 photo 119_0621_zpso6ymkjrl.jpg
 photo 119_0622_zpsdrug3w0m.jpg
 photo 119_0620_zpsldc2e1ch.jpg
 photo 119_0619_zpsrt5hruvf.jpg
I will seperate the outside stuff and inside stuff and pack it all seperately when the time comes, right now it's all together.
Progess, I found the trees that light and still work for the back. Have two for the house that light (except they didn't light up once I plugged them in). Lights for the deck did work woo hoo.
The front room, I suppose it was once the Parlour.
 photo 119_0625_zpsqw4rkzhr.jpg
 photo 119_0627_zpsxbglbxdh.jpg
 photo 119_0629_zpsacwdglkl.jpg
 photo 119_0630_zps78c7hhsk.jpg
 photo 119_0632_zpst4ctvh39.jpg
We did get a sprinkle of snow so that made things look better outside. The squirrels are very hungry and keeping birds away so I have to chase them periodically. Fat little Squirrels, time for a few weeks nap maybe. I will have to go get more bird food at this rate
Well one good thing I found all my photo chips that have been lost forever they were in a tiny drawer in a small chest. I was about to send for more. They are expensive so this has been worth it for that alone. The cats are being wayyyyyy too helpful and if not careful will get packed away in a box till Spring.
The front porch
 photo 119_0638_zpsumtvylet.jpg
 photo 119_0639_zpsuemsfdjl.jpg
So now to pack all the very small things. One thing that decided me was how very dusty everything is. Come Spring all this china must be washed. It looks like I still have all my snowmen and Santa's I must have just given Laura the Angels. I have way too many trees, its like a bloody forest in here. Still thats OK. I will use what I need and will know to get rid of the rest. I have 3 green (new) wreaths, they would make great gifts for next year decorated with some of my ornaments and balls.
 photo 119_0637_zpsaek1yfpf.jpg
Since last time I decorated I have added a dresser in the entrance. Glad I didn't pack that stuff away just yet because nothing left to decorate it now. That's Ok though as nothing that is on there will go in my sale. I may just hit the resale shops haha, please no, don't let me do it.
I have had lots more energy, the cold lasted two weeks and the cough meds made me lethargic and tired. I kept falling asleep. Anyway, I was up at 6.30 this morning rather than the 9am it has been the past two weeks. So lets get this done. I have boxes to haul downstairs that will about kill me but it has to be done. Gerry can barely walk when he gets home. I told him it's time to quit. In this cold he just can't do it anymore. The money would be nice but...........not worth it.
Back deck, looks better when it gets dark and the lights show
 photo 119_0634_zps8kxfdrbq.jpg
 photo 119_0636_zpsbln0fmi3.jpg
Just tweeking left to do now. I asked Gabby if she would like to decorate the tree with Cooper he has never done that before. All kids should be able to decorate the Christmas tree. So I sorted my ornaments and chose what I wanted on this tree, there's not room for them all on this tree.I also set aside some tin ornaments to put on another tree. He was so chuffed to do that and enjoyed himself I think.
Gerry quit early, he was just not up to working. So after he rested up he took the empty boxes to the garage and I was able to finish up. I have one box of things left to sort, but its mainly Poinsiettas and holly that I will set around later.
Thanks goodness that's done. Just 3 days that was quicker than I thought...........rather boring post but there ya go

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  1. Beautiful Janice! Thank you for making me smile! I love all the decorations!! Lovely!! Tell Gerry to take care of himself, you too! Give your fur babies hugs from me! Big Hugs!


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