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Tuesday, October 25, 2011


I am in the throws of organizing my craft supplies. I had foolishly boxed and stored most things in the basement. First off I hate basements. Mine is nice enough. We have 2 nice bedrooms down there that are often used by grandkids or who ever wants to stay the night. I hate it down there. I don't know why, I just do. Its not the mice maybe its the spiders. Not that there are a lot, I keep them vacuumed up whenever I see any signs but still I know they are around lurking somewhere. So then there is the furnace area and a rather large storage area. I have the plastic bins with lids and they are somewhat organized. I also have 3 sets of book shelves with containers as well as old kids books on them. I had my yarn and ribbons and other things stored there. Well............I never have what I need upstairs and end up buying something again and again. So with that in mind I brought up my yarn, the boxes of ribbon. I found all my crochet threads and embroidery floss. A box of teddy bears, some china dolls and this and that. I still have a bunch of other stuff to organize. There is a lot of wooden things, that can stay there once I have gone through it. A box of stones (dont ask) and goodness knows what else I will find. Things for making wreaths, silk flowers and so on. A lot of that can come up into my new storage area. I had a coat closet long ago. It became a toy closet. Now I have moved that all up into Tristen's bedroom closet leaving me with a large closet woo hoo. I can hang the wreath stuff on the hooks. Oh I have so many ideas, still a lot of sorting to do but well...........its a start.


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