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Saturday, March 31, 2012


With Easter just around the corner I would like to say this.......PLEASE do not buy bunnies unless you intend to give them a forever home. Not one in a cage at the bottom of the garden but inside with you. Be sure you have a place for them in your heart and home. A warm place for winter and cool for summer. They make wonderful pets, can be litter box trained. They are NOT good pets for small children. Most do not like to be hugged or held unless you sit on the floor. They do not like to be held when they feel insecure and could fall. Never pick up by the ears. You can do that if you have you arms firmly under their bottom. Hold close to your chest if you must carry them. Rabbits like for about five years unless they are special breeds. They may have longer life spans. Rabbits as with all animals are NOT disposable, they are NOT toys they have feelings just as we do. They need love and attention.Most children are not willing to give them that after the novelty wears off and most adults will not follow through and do not have the time.
I once had a couple of rabbits. I raised them from babies after rescuing them from the stew pot. I had a horse at the time and the guy decided to raise rabbits to eat. Well first batch of babies, my friend and I begged for them and took them home. My two were Baby and BoBo and I sure did love those rabbits. They were litter box trained and had a long and good bunny life. I will talk about them again on my other blog.


Meanwhile. I have a few Rabbit items around the house and now seems a good time to take a picture or two. Everyone should know Peter Rabbit?
Maybe they don't tell Beatrix Potter stories anymore?


Then there are these 4. I got those from my Mum's house after she died. I can never seem to get them in the correct order. People are always shuffling them and correcting them. Me? I have no clue so they sit as they are. I used to have them on the coffee table but not anymore since Mr Sticky Fingers lives with us he is at 2 1/2 the master at breakage. A whirlwind of destruction.


These two cuties were reminders of Baby and BoBo.......

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