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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Pretty Birds.............

It will be a time before I get back to crafts and sewing. I am still catching up after my vacation. So this time I will share some pictures I have found of really cute little birds. I like to show things I have found in any case and this is the place to share. blue_zpsb5e7e0e6 How cute is this? there are so many pretty hummingbirds but this one is just so cute. howcute_zps4270aa38 hummer_zpsf01c42ad hummm_zps65bfd555 Nature comes up with so many varieties and colours birds_zps5d287f34 This is an angry bluebird mad_zpsb83b9e81 Seems many are quarrelsome funnybir_zps34974037 The pride of the Peacock............he is in love with his image. pea_zpsfb2e9087 This has to be some kind of bird of Paradise...............or not? parad_zpsb40c482b This be no bird but what a cutie and he is a Poodle Moth can you believe it? poodlemoth_zpsb288f9c8 Well I hope those who follow enjoy these pictures as much as I did. A blog if nothing else is a place to keep the treasures one finds no matter what they be. Linking with Blue Monday with Smiling Sally


  1. Loved the pictures. The hummingbirds reminded me of our vacation as there were lots of hummingbirds where we were staying. They are such beautiful birds :)

  2. Very good photos. That first one is of Blue Tits and I remember them from England. The ones with the beaks open are young ones and they are asking for food. Do you see that their colors are not developed into the blue of the adult? That is how you can tell that they are juvenile. I really do know about birds, simply from years of observation. I love the birds!

  3. Beautiful pics..I find the poodle moth so interesting as I had never seen that before..thanks for sharing.

    goat weed

  4. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

    I look forward to reading your comment on my blog.

    Happy Blue Monday, Janice.

  5. Simply beautiful!

    Late visit from Blue Monday. I can't wait to read your comment on my BLUE entry.

  6. Cute, adorable and simply beautiful pictures :-) Dropping by from Blue Monday :-)


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