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Friday, November 9, 2012

Tea Time.......

Tea Time....the ritual? or what is it? In England its a way of life. In America its romanticized and people seem to love the thought of the tradition. Really, its not anything like all the lovely pictures I will be showing, not in my circles. How can I explain........well, maybe back in the olden days, when the nobility was more noble.......when things were more formal in every day life. More in the fancy houses.......then maybe one would see some of the settings I am going to show you. Most regular people had a set of "good" china. Saved and dusted and brought out for company. Most people never used them and they were passed down intact to the next generation. Then in my day things changed. My mum did not want any of my grandmothers things. She wanted the "modern" stuff. Mugs replaced china. There was no good china to be handed down and what they got they either gave away or threw out. The war time changed things and it changed forever. I remember mum giving away my Nan's glass cabinet and a Victorian glass globe with a stuffed bird in it. I wanted that. They wanted a new age, not the stuffy Victorian or Edwardian days. Women worked now and there was no time for all the pretty things. They all needed work that the women no longer had time for. Silver if you had it had to be polished and so stainless steel took over. So every day life became different, and although the tradition of having a cuppa still remained it was very informal. No tea parties, or garden parties not in our lives. The upper classes probably still did all those things. It was expected I suppose. Maybe things will change back, but to be honest most working people are way too busy. Enjoy some pictures of times gone by (not my pictures but ones I have found on the web, no copyright infringement intended and if you own any of the pictures email me for credit or removal) tea-time-a-healthy-tradition-10 Now I have collected quite a bit of China myself because like a lot of people now, I like to be reminded of the past. tea_time_narrowweb__300x4270 When one goes out to tea, ah, then the time goes backwards........then you get the fine china. Then you get the pretty sandwiches and the cakes. 520 yum There are many pretty books on this subject and they make good coffee table books. There is a whole cult of interest on the subject. teapo There are also small books that are very pretty and they too are very popular. The cake making has become a hobby too. tomkat3 I hope you enjoy these pictures...........and I hope you are one of the ladies who still enjoy this ritual, bring it back. If you ever get to England please do go for a wonderful Cream Tea TeaTable1

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  1. You know, you are so right about our mother's generation not wanting the 'old' stuff. My uncle was telling me not too long ago, that he remembers people throwing china and other goods over the river bank after a loved one had passed on. I shudder to think!
    Everything had to be new.
    Their daughters, my generation, are eager to learn about and collect all the antiques and have tea parties. We are too busy today and when we do take time for tea, we want it to be a special time. At least that is how it is with me. I want to savour the moment.
    Your photos, borrowed or not, are beautiful! Thanks for sharing and enjoy your weekend.



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