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Saturday, March 9, 2013

Chicken Tetrazzini..........................

I am trying to do a new recipe (to me) at least once a week. I have to justify all the cook books I buy somehow. Besides the same old fare gets a tad boring and my husband does not mind trying something new. Lets face it, he likes his food and is not fussy.
So this week I tried the Chicken Tetrazzini that was in the latest book I bought.
I will put the complete recipe at the bottom of the post. That way I can be sure you get it right. I wish I knew how to make it printable so if anyone knows please do let me know OK.
You will need

 photo dfcf3bd8-d4e7-47c6-90ba-d568c4e349c9_zps0035636b.jpg

(see list at the end)

I cooked spaghetti the night before and so I saved some cooked spaghetti for this. You chop the celery, prepare mushrooms ( I peel them) Chop green peppers and onion and cook that in butter. It looks so pretty.
 photo a829e1ca-2399-4b8f-97ab-be34f7d5ed69_zps295e830d.jpg
Add the spices and the Sherry and Worcestershire sauce,garlic, pimientos. Add flour, milk and cheese stir it all well so cheese is melted and blended. (be sure to follow directions at the bottom)

 photo daba1488-62ab-40af-aaf5-7517cc0135fd_zps258ef63a.jpg
Its looking good, add the chicken and make sure its all mixed well. (heat the oven now)

 photo 996d639d-bfb2-4319-a1bc-9b032de5ff02_zps0ca12770.jpg

I had to taste it at this point. My advice is not not substitute the Sherry as I did and I think the black pepper was a bit much but then I never do measure things well, so that may have been me. Next add the spaghetti and turn it in with the rest of the ingredients.

 photo 2de4786e-17b7-426e-a6fc-2e402c6a3a33_zpsca69d604.jpg

You prepare your dish for the oven by spraying with Pam..........pour your mixture into the dish and top with grated Parmesan cheese. It should look like this when done.

 photo 108_0521_zpse939b6bd.jpg

 photo a32c98ab-96ae-426b-b7b4-250879ab035b_zps51c2217f.jpg photo a93d3178-c165-45d7-93dc-be0f5a89c651_zps8ca7686b.jpg

Enjoy it, we did.

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  1. My mouth is watering! Thank you for the recipe!! Hope you are having a great weekend ;o)


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