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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

my journal again......

This poor old Cardinal. I thought I was doing a good job but then when I look at it now, well he looks like he is constipated or something. He is so "stiff"....I must try again. I hope you all appreciate my failures. I filled that book up and have got another one now. Meanwhile I am working on an old sketchbook I have had a long time. In both books I have enjoyed so much doing, there is really nothing outstanding, nothing I would frame. I suppose I am too much of a perfectionist. I want to do something worthwhile. None of these things will get beyond my sketchbook/journal. Some are copied from others pictures that are painting in a style I like, they are only for me to use for practice and no other reason. So if you see anything you recognize I was admiring the work and trying to do as well. I have failed but its been fun. Unfortunately the Cardinal was all mine. I keep looking at him, I think its his feet that are the worst. Maybe I can fix them????

 photo dde2018f-9f66-46d8-a90b-1176af3ccb9f_zps296a4f68.jpg

well I went and scrubbed his tail and put it on the proper side of the log and cut off his feet. Does not look quite so constipated now but certainly not relaxed enough.

 photo 108_0623_zpsa3adface.jpg

This little phrase I saw somewhere and added it to the cup and saucer in my sketchbook..............

 photo d3795d68-ad18-4f83-86f1-9fa3a0c32dfa_zps03b0e931.jpg

This is a sketch that I copied from a book I was reading.

 photo 73b84a61-ae0f-4524-84a1-1512cc5ce8a2_zps0e186e72.jpg

Just a leaf......
 photo c3be6750-4208-4414-ae85-9acd711f515b_zpscec15d31.jpg

This is something I copied from a magazine and changed it for myself.

 photo 0f1524f1-2782-4c6a-9054-c8f8e5af9c1f_zpse0c2592e.jpg

This I saw on a blog and although I didn't copy it, this was not my original idea. I liked it and drew my own version.
 photo 108_0553_zps510e8788.jpg
The poor rabbit is eating a daisy, he looks like he has a ribbon under his chin........
 photo eb0a52be-f67f-429d-8dda-7b5b7d6beb7b_zpsd540ca06.jpg

 photo 9472cd86-6539-427e-9ad2-25f6971814c0_zpsf804157c.jpg

Tea again.....
 photo 474d147a-2a27-4c0e-a8b0-b1cc43c05898_zps97502655.jpg

More flowers

 photo ddacb22c-3283-4a05-b392-cf8d9aa170d8_zpsb1899a16.jpg

This is something I painted on a paper bag, I cut it out and put it in my book. Thats why it looks strange

 photo 1661a7a1-2f02-47e4-bdb1-797b2e87ce68_zpsa095500c.jpg

For someone who likes owls (smile) I gave it a shot.

 photo f35b4027-6da4-4a62-b2c9-c79555b4cfdd_zps5178a98b.jpg

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  1. Janice, I think it's great that you paint everything! Nothing stops you! You made me laugh big time about the constipation! LOL! Your baby bird sketch is adorable! I love the rain boots and I think Laurie would be proud of your owl ;o)

  2. Your paintings are looking good. I love to draw birds but I'm never so brave as to share them with my followers. lol Thank you for joining us at Transformed Tuesday this week.

    Peggy~PJH Designs

  3. Your paintings have a delightful style. I love your cardinal and your "drinking tea".


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