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I try to use my own photo's as much as possible, sometimes I borrow from the web. If I inadvertently use your picture without giving credit, please do let me know and I will either credit or remove it, I hope you will do the same with mine.
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Friday, January 10, 2014

Another journal.........

My art journals are for my own personal use. I may copy pictures from books, or blogs or anything that catches my eye. They are not for any other reason than for me to practice and learn to create. Its a way of getting ideas. I like some, and not others but either way its fun to do. I think I am on my 6th journal. I do a lot of fairies. I also only do a rough sketch and paint it, I don't do a real painting with background etc. That is for later.
 photo 0093d237-23e1-4ec2-84fe-a6e3e9a105d4_zps1cca7417.jpg
I like to do wildlife too
 photo 96fd1d38-2afb-400c-9a72-d1558a86ff5a_zps3cb3c44b.jpg
 photo 50bbfb5b-920e-40ed-8fbb-48c13e08aedf_zps22e5fe53.jpg
I also like to do cartoonish faces..........not supposed to be lifelike.......I prefer that, but that is not the idea just yet.
 photo 2ea9e408-2eb1-4dad-a786-cfde83ab56f1_zps8ccdf3a8.jpg
I like to look for phrases to go with the picture. Maybe later this year I will begin a new book and actually do some proper work with a poem or something to illustrate it.
 photo 926b87da-b0a8-4499-a0fb-0c11aac70ba7_zps0079cab3.jpg
Simple, trying to get some motion in the picture
 photo ad47203c-b22d-43cd-bfc8-f156073180f1_zps72858456.jpg
Trust me they look better in the journal because they are not enlarged.
 photo 5b5c614e-cbfb-48b7-9047-52e4089cca52_zps375c1060.jpg
The colour never shows right in a photo........
 photo 1b315610-57fa-4131-945c-e67b0a96d5ed_zps50e567b2.jpg

 photo 63a66ef6-8b25-4e05-9a02-26a81f5b87aa_zps38ae1385.jpg
I think some I could make a picture from, but most are a no go
 photo 4672212d-bfe0-4831-bb27-ae2897293a99_zpsafe2d5b1.jpg
Ah well..they look better in the book. I think this will be my last journal post. I had better do something real. Something better or everyone will think this is what I do. LOL.


  1. I just found you today I hope this is not your last journal post because i really enjoy looking at others journals, I will be back to visit!Your work is beautiful,

  2. Janice, I love your art! Seriously I do! I know I always say this, but you are too hard on yourself! Keep showing your art, please ;o)


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