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Monday, January 27, 2014

Art journal again.

 photo c39934ab-c5fe-4b8f-82cb-788617064b6b_zps6c44917e.jpg
Another face, a male.......I am not good at males but I liked this one. Its better in the book because I enlarge them to put on here.
 photo 40cfa958-b58f-409c-a52f-d3f5504c4df7_zps633c238c.jpg
This next one I copied from a Christmas card, at least the idea was from the card. The quote is "Forgiveness is a gift you give yourself"
 photo 106f874b-79e9-4fb0-aae9-ced5729f6e40_zpse13bf4de.jpg

The two bunnies I thought were cute. I did like this one......
 photo 757c64f1-2c7d-4560-acd3-d2be653ab91d_zps1d27580f.jpg
A Chickadee.........not bad but not my best. Sort of blurry haha.
 photo 16b46ec5-40b2-4ab7-a714-1a3d2c5992ce_zps5583e80e.jpg
Another face and this one I liked her expression. I think I can do something with this style.
 photo 3bf56182-b921-4532-801e-d33a16a672e8_zps8c5149e5.jpg
A fairy maybe.........
 photo 1b7bbdd8-1377-41f6-88ad-9da7cbd0c63c_zps358f3625.jpg
.....and a fairy sleeping.
 photo 059d179d-56e0-4d53-a5eb-7cab38ddca8b_zps7bbe4edd.jpg
Now I need to find an alternative to the black ink......the pencil leaves smudges. I may find a different type of pencil that does not smudge.

I am sharing with Cottage Style party
Lavender Garden Cottage


  1. Love them Janice! My fav is the fairy looking down, with the pointy ears. She is sweet ;o) Thanks for showing your art ;o)

  2. What wonderful paintings! I am so envious. I can't paint a lick. My art is mostly in my quilts, I guess. I especially like the chickadee.

  3. These are beautiful Janice - you are very talented and creative. I especially love the chickadee! Thanks for sharing!


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