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Friday, May 30, 2014

My journal again.........

I have been spending as much time as possible outside on the deck. Its very cool in the mornings. I am enjoying being outside. It has been a very long winter. Not a lot to show on here at the moment and I have neglected my blogs. Ah well......will catch up soon. Meanwhile, just a few things I have done recently.
 photo 5d00dd66-97b9-4d89-a7cf-dd484a5c1bde_zps3fcfcfb6.jpg
I like that one (above) not often that I do, but that one I like the way the watercolour cooperated and did that shading for me.
Sort of liked the next one too.
 photo 2ea02573-0efd-4e6f-ac28-9240d9c5f67d_zpsdf6d777a.jpg
Foxy did not turn out exactly as I hoped but ah well, I sort of like him.
 photo cdaf341b-dd21-4629-9633-9127042cf7f6_zps070cc550.jpg
This is based on me seeing the sheep this Spring and imagining them now the blossoms are out
 photo 76a1c2ed-033e-4842-b3b0-ad5763226e84_zpseab61015.jpg
I really do not ever have anything in mind when I start a new page. I never know what I am going to do. I usually sketch a few and colour later.
 photo 40df5b62-3caa-422b-81df-cb197506256d_zps46f0b95a.jpg
The last couple I am not so fond of, but it shows what I am trying to do. I am putting in quotes and sayings or verses with the pictures. I go back after and fill the pages with other little things as the mood directs
 photo 79938f80-3f4a-445d-a868-d493bc7ff691_zps46e1c3a9.jpg
Its a fun thing to do and relaxing. It has also taken up time I should be doing other things. Like sewing.
 photo 2894ade7-8a30-471b-a450-2ebde6163966_zps79d40f62.jpg
some pictures are from my own imagination, some are inspired by something I have seen. I never copy, but I do use ideas. Other peoples work can aid in poses and body positions. Things like that.

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  1. Lovely I enjoyed it all

  2. You are very talented, I love your drawings.
    Have you ever read "The Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady"? It is amazing to me how she perfectly captured the plants and flowers that she sketched and she had poems or quotes to go with her pictures too. .it was fun to visit England and recognize a flower from her book and also from the Peter Rabbit books from my childhood, Beatrix Potter was a great artist too!

  3. Such beautiful work!! I'm trying to teach myself to paint with acrylics! If I could sketch like you, it sure would help!! Love your drawings!

  4. Lovely. You're so talented Glad your learning to relax. Life keeps us too busy.

  5. Janice, these are my favourite art pieces of yours! The quotes really touched my heart too! They are all beautiful! Big Hugs ;o)

  6. You have an amazing talent, and these are beautiful! My favourite one is with the sheep.

  7. You are a girl after my own heart! If I had all the time I'd wish for, I'd likely spend it drawing. You are so talented!! These belong in greeting cards and beautiful books! A sidebar--the fox you don't like so much is my favorite! ❤❤

  8. Nicely done Janice. I've been working so hard on a project lately that I've neglected my sketchbook. But seeing your work makes me want to get back at it again. Maybe now that the days are a bit calmer. :)

  9. Your journalpages look great! Love how soft your images look....


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