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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

How its done................

A few people asked me how I made the garden ornaments. I will try to show you in pictures. You need a good clear waterproof glue. I found the E6000 worked for glass on glass. I have used it also on wood. We will see how this works. I can't really give any of these as gifts until I know how they hold up. If they do then maybe next year I can make some to give away.
 photo 7064e3fc-78d6-4d08-acec-95ed06d75c72_zps40a14e2b.jpg
You can see the fittings that I got at a hardware store. They worked on the wood and the plates. You do not have to use copper. YOu can use wooden spindles, anything that will fit in the hole. These copper ones screwed into the silver fitting and then the pipe popped into that. Hey, I am not a plumber, I don't know what these things are called. Hence the pictures.
 photo f288a8df-97f0-4f90-a612-a1f4f2fe731d_zps7280c4cd.jpg
This is the glue that I had tested last year with glass on glass.
 photo c55e908a-5539-4739-831d-db3143d56790_zps9f3f7261.jpg
Here you see the fittings glued to a plate
 photo e1db90aa-d89f-4e4f-abc2-d80e89cf044f_zpsa6cdaa51.jpg
The finished plate
 photo e6d903d0-95bf-43ad-a717-5096da1fc19a_zps066689ad.jpg
The bird house thing in its place outside
 photo 8cbc8dce-8e16-4cf7-8d87-f7b291d5fa94_zps0c1b916b.jpg
This was a set I got at GoodWill, one plate, one bread plate and a pot with lid. All glued on each other and then the fitting put on like with the other ones. At this point they are just stuck outside. I have not found where I want them yet.
 photo a7f64ed6-8818-41eb-a1f9-1c71ba5487d1_zps6f6fa0a8.jpg
This one needed no fittings, just glue. Its being tested in the rain..........the fairy is swimming at this time.
 photo a409bb3d-141b-4743-8cd3-976e0e8e313d_zps4c2640a0.jpg
Well if you have any questions just ask.........
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  1. Fantastic Janice!! I can't wait to see how they hold up! Thanks for sharing everything ;o) Hugs ;o)

  2. First of all, you are so talented as an artist and your art is beautiful!!

    O MY!! I LOVE these pieces for the garden!! So whimsical!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am now following you!!


  3. Looks like you've been having fun! What a darling little birdy house! Thank you for sharing it with us at our Wednesday linky party.


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