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Friday, June 20, 2014

A mixture..................

Going to the thrift shop the other day I really didn't find much. I was looking for a few pots to plant some flowers in. I did accomplish that goal. I found this jar/container that was missing its lid. I liked it because it had dogs on it, It says "Dogs smile with their tails". I got it home and wondered what to do with it. Then.....duh!!! I want planters right.
 photo 4e63b0fe-96b3-45ef-9b0a-614e707d4e78_zps11a8599c.jpg
The pot that I found was ideal for this plant, just the right size. If the plant likes it I will plant it in this pot it was just what I was looking for. For 1.99 how could I miss?
 photo 1632125f-a481-48df-8708-97613caf9e4b_zps0c79d78f.jpg
I also got these 3 bird house thingies someone made.
 photo 8fa66791-0718-4489-a8d0-d8e19e04d953_zps44afa414.jpg
Then there are ones I painted myself.
 photo ff891683-c795-4e4f-9c4c-d48b52844dab_zps6ffc136d.jpg
One year I made a bunch of butterfly houses. They do not do well out in the elements. I should bring them in and repaint them but......well at the moment I have other projects. This one was in the house and I put it out this year. The bird house in front is waiting for a plant to go in it. An ivy maybe.
 photo 4b16d0fe-ca44-4813-ad78-47f70c68d4cf_zpsf419a822.jpg
I don't have a lot in my sketch book to show so will just throw a couple in on this post for now
 photo ecb95107-ea8c-438d-8d3c-ffd10c3689a1_zps538555d5.jpg
Not much going for me this time, I did like my fox though
 photo 5e4ebbe9-9d85-4c8d-8569-80f3a2dcb98e_zps4613384e.jpg
Here is one page of faces.........
 photo 6d9d0249-7ec8-4022-9e16-2b3ac07fe78d_zps971d0fae.jpg
I have now filled book 8 and have to go get another. I am still enjoying doing it so may as well keep going.
 photo 33d5c765-d26a-4c0f-a421-f2d91fa19af4_zpsb74e91ee.jpg
This is a wren
 photo 1d9c4d5f-d6e1-4bfd-a042-b9df4a978666_zps1e4ba5dd.jpg
Thats it folks..............all for today.
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  1. I love those Irises! The fox and wren are excellent, too. I always thought you were a talented gardener, but now I see you are a talented fine artist, too!

    The dog pot is really cute!

  2. Your fox is cool! I love him ;o) You always find such excellent items ;o) Your painted items are really pretty ;o) Big Hugs ;o)


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