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Sunday, June 22, 2014

More odds and ends..................

I found one garage sale this weekend. There was not a lot of stuff there but I did find this for 8 dollars. I only paid 8 for it because it goes with my pink (red and white?) things I already have. The lady was asking 10bucks. I didn't want it that much.
 photo a76762b7-77fe-4c5c-8cc4-3f32ae5dd960_zpsbf56fae5.jpg
 photo 62908fed-6220-4477-8a1c-6045d89803a2_zps80b74fea.jpg
I also bought this small plate, it was pretty and only 25c.
 photo 9a6356b9-55d8-43a1-83b7-07be01d407c7_zps66d9c029.jpg
This old Button hook was also 25c
 photo fd9724a4-d057-4b06-ba4d-a8620a864c41_zpsac6b1905.jpg
Then I decided I could use this lovely tea pot who had lost its lid. A plant pot, what else. Perfect for 50c
 photo 83e12fd7-a6e1-406f-97c7-1b396e43242b_zps6e57e1a7.jpg
Another 50c item will come in useful when I find something to hang in it.
 photo e910603a-516b-459c-a46d-718d8c7d2e2a_zpscf57a2a6.jpg
When we were at Manitou gardens I picked up some herbs. I found this old box in the garage. I had Gerry screw it on the deck. I will keep it there for now.
 photo 79ed40ea-35de-4f6f-a810-f30ffe6164b5_zps464f6aa0.jpg
I love old boxes. When I find them,(or baskets) I have a job relegating them to the outside. I am always aware that it wont take long for them to be weathered away.
 photo 21a038ea-248c-4608-b26f-180a78ca0433_zps919dbc3f.jpg
While I was getting the box out I refound this old mail box. Not sure what to do with it. I bought it as a planter but still not sue where to put it. I need to clean off the brown paint and make it more presentable.
 photo 73c77acb-ee45-4b40-bba8-c7fbbfd5a215_zpscb0f4f72.jpg
These are the blocks that I got from Laura, I am thinking around the pond and the garden there will be a great place for them. If not, plenty of other places to put them.
 photo a13650ef-bc45-4a71-9700-8b17a3943e07_zps5ba45af2.jpg
Its just a question of getting down to work. Some of my other treasures I have not found a permanent home for yet so this glass dish on its base will sit there for now.
 photo 541fa10c-8784-4e56-b17a-321fe1cbd558_zps1f5d3216.jpg
At least the things I found this week were the right price for a change.
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  1. you found beautiful treasures, and I hope I do when I go tomorrow! I love how you found homes for everything, just like they had always been there,

  2. Oh what lovely items, Janice - you really found some beautiful treasures :) Enjoy and have a wonderful week!


  3. Janice, you are amazing! I love your finds! And, I love what you do with them! I love old wooden boxes too ;o) Big Hugs ;o)
    Sorry for being late coming around! Blogger is not showing the latest posts. I am trying to find everyone through the comments!

  4. What wonderful finds you brought home. My favs are the transferware and the beautful embroidered piece beneath the button hook.

  5. What a beautiful piece of red and white transferware you found for only 8 dollars!


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