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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Loves Old Boxes..............

I love old boxes. I collect them. Well of course I do don't I, what don't I collect right?.......well I have two old trunks to begin with. My friend Nancy loves to finish old furniture and she will finish anything she gets her hands on. Me, well I leave them "rustic". That means I don't want to mess with the smelly stuff and do all that work. So........thanks to Nancy I have a nice collection of nicely finished off boxes. The two trunks came from her. The one in the bedroom is full of my dads old army blankets and souveniers.
 photo 3921ce12-a9c8-4173-8d52-b084f3a272a9_zpsde7623f2.jpg
 photo 3b811c92-4314-4e1b-b1cf-5067cea61bc3_zpsb9032d1e.jpg
I find the boxes (and baskets) very handy to store things in. Better than plastic boxes and I can keep them out on display. This old tool chest I have yet to find a use for but the other one is now a laundry cupboard. Looks a lot nicer when I don't have all my outdoor plants inside.
 photo 003b9092-0414-4d59-949e-6fd5b0ee0f2d_zpsad185539.jpg
 photo 1e578585-ee7a-48a5-98b0-d11e399b27fc_zps0db30494.jpg
I like crates, used for vegetables and other things. Good for magazines and books. Toy boxes in Tristens room and for storage under benches.
 photo 6a7107bd-b5f9-4f02-b09c-56c9d80613c9_zpsaa4cf72e.jpg
 photo 0731bc40-9d09-45d4-adec-566ce8f62ffe_zps5f412dea.jpg
You can see the ones Nancy had her hands on, they are nice and shiny and polished. The ones I find are just rough. I do like painted ones though and like those in their original condition. This one (and my English box) have bird seed and supplies in them.
 photo c9644963-0d2f-4614-b0a1-e415021ad6c0_zpsa3906039.jpg
Small cheese boxes I use for pencils, colouring pencils, patterns and just about any little thing I want to be able to find. You can see the wooden barrel, yes Nancy polished that too. That holds a collection of walking sticks and my Dad's old cane fishing rods. I also see I have some dusting to do. Don't look OK.
 photo cfde7505-158f-4a01-8168-160b2a078025_zps5b1d115c.jpg
Picnic hampers and whicker baskets are handy too for storing things. Of course if I were to get rid of all the stuff I need to store I would have a whole lot more space.
 photo a9dd3ac4-f5a0-4726-bf79-3d8882e4090e_zps5faa6a3e.jpg
I also like small useless boxes too.
 photo 0583c988-7199-4b34-8e6e-75d5975a803b_zpsa881b48a.jpg
This is an egg crate that Nancy finished and well, all the things Nancy does not want ends up at my house because I cant bear to see them go in a garage sale. I always get first dips. Some day I will just have to go through my entire house and get rid of things. Sigh!!!!
 photo ef539e65-a1a3-4274-ba90-81f0ab8454e1_zps800a9801.jpg
Some crates make wall shelves, I have an old Coco cola crate and this Pepsi one and they are on the walls in the kitchen.
 photo 413639af-fb45-4296-acb2-7b604cce1fa7_zps8619400e.jpg
Well I know what I will be doing tomorrow.......polishing.
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  1. Bellisimas cada caja que nos muestras con su aire rústico desgastado,,recicladas!!

    Perfectas pàra decorar cualquier rincón del hogar

    Gracias por compartir


  2. I understand why you like boxes -- I do too. You have some wonderful ones!

  3. I am in love!!!! I love all these old boxes!! I want them all! LOL! Great post ;o) Hugs ;o)


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