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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Decorate without spending a fortune...............

Christmas that decorate for Christmas involves, for me, putting away everything I have and redo with Christmas things. When my Granddaughters lived in the south, and would all come home for Christmas, then I would put little lighted trees in their rooms. I would decorate bedrooms as well as the rest of the house. I don't do that anymore.......... I keep everything, if you follow my blogs you know I am a pack rat.
Well I did give a lot of my ornaments to my daughter because I had so many. The ones that meant something I wanted to pass along.
There are so many pretty ornaments out there that I always want to buy more. OMG I went to Pier 1 to buy some Christmas gifts........I could buy that store.
 photo 8367dbcf-4548-443d-bbf1-7b6ad7c8f1be_zps81e1054e.jpg
Over the years I have collected snow men and santa's and angels. So I have a lot of things. Some are hand made but most are not. Some I bought and some came from thrift stores. Never overlook the Thrift stores.
 photo 70200f4b-5797-42ca-8d0d-335693fc82a2_zps17b799a2.jpg
My house plants get decorated with Poinsiettas fake ones and Holly. That way the house plants blend in without me having to put them aside.
 photo ce002188-281c-46fd-b038-e0fb1c3a9d78_zpsda156df2.jpg
I have bought as gifts Christmas tree balls but then not given them. So I have a lot extra. The balls that go on the tree are now made of plastic and not glass. They don't tarnish or break like the old things did. This year I found some nice crystal bowls at the Thrift shops and they look great sitting in those. They really twinkle. I also use things like candle holders, the glass ones, fill those with balls to sit on a table.
 photo a14e23fa-6ef9-4a8f-bb06-9b750a061b66_zps2f40e223.jpg
 photo d7e99625-e57b-4cb0-9879-f56c81f9b467_zps352a7f53.jpg
I have a whole slew of fake trees. I just sit the plain ones around to make it look Christmasy and then I have some small ones that are lit and some just decorated and those can go in every room. I have some tiny ornaments I got years ago and so those sit on the small trees. It really costs me nothing now to decorate because I have all I need. I bought more things last year because my husband missed all the boxes in storage. Well I think we have found most of them this time. At least he thinks so, he found another box today.........I also know I am still missing at least one more box. I will have to look for that myself.
 photo 551937cc-1070-4761-aec5-c70b64787a4a_zps91546272.jpg
I have Christmas cushions that I use in the other rooms, and I also use candle wreaths instead of regular wreaths that are so ridiculously expensive.
 photo 9603e247-1a78-477b-b78a-6bcbcdff2305_zps20c85c0c.jpg
 photo 94dd8aa0-ba13-43a9-bf1f-b8c7b78ee083_zpseafc4880.jpg
I set the candle wreaths around lamps or let the snowmen stand on them, or put them on the wall.
 photo 87517427-5cc9-4ab9-9de9-cb7eef13615a_zpsb948a558.jpg
One year I bought two little snowmen wrapped in a quilt. I didn't notice the price till I checked out and wow.....I couldn't believe how expensive it was. Then I noticed the little quilt was actually a mini quilt. So now I am more careful and make sure that its not expensive when I buy things because there are some really nice things out there without paying a lot.
 photo e7260706-7b73-4bcd-b2ff-e5d41c71bbee_zps9bfa31ac.jpg
This little tree I made many years ago when I took ceramics classes. Do people still do that? It was so popular years ago I also made the little choir boys.
 photo 9daf74bd-848d-4533-831f-9bb8369d45e4_zps0c33c420.jpg
 photo 5446480d-b4fc-4ba6-b2fd-a3a848b116c7_zpsbe20eff2.jpg
I did paint some glass balls one year. I gave the best ones as gifts. I did Cardinals and Chickadees.......I kept the pinecones
 photo 959ff674-a4f6-4ca3-8156-4f71aedf6f06_zps55284441.jpg
Remember Macrame
 photo 31ee5421-a587-4365-90de-40f05413fc01_zps3b1f033b.jpg
I think I will paint some Christmas pictures this time so that I can swap out some of my other pictures next year.


  1. Your house looks gorgeous, what a collection you have. I'll bet your grandson loves it.

  2. How festive! I do like decorating inexpensively and with old, loved things. Just filled with charm.

  3. Ah ha! First I have to say that I did spy the beaded dragonfly plant stick! You have a seriously huge amount of decorations that make your home really festive. I don't have that many and tend to keep them in the living room and kitchen.

  4. Your house looks like so much fun! I love it!!! I love seeing all the decorations! Your house puts a smile on my face ;o) Thanks Janice ;o) I love it ;o) So festive ;o)

  5. The snowmen in the quilt is really cute!


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