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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Fake flowers.............

I love to have flowers in the house. The thing is they are a pain to take care of. My African Violets are an exception, they do well and I will keep those going and probably get more. However, I collect what I can find of decent fake flowers. They are now so life like............and expensive.
I have found some good deals over the years.
 photo 319b18f6-317e-43fd-8088-a26d76125236_zps50273fb7.jpg
These roses (above and below) I got many years ago. I was taking art classes and the place has things for sale at a discount. I loved the roses and bought as many as I could. They are in two shades.
 photo 69b9e844-a859-4c18-9c50-dfd8cae1c2de_zps0b34c5a7.jpg
The poppies are somewhat worse for wear, but work in the place I have them between rooms.
 photo 2a700254-f0b8-45a2-97de-76bdeff76bd4_zps225f111b.jpg
They fit in with the colours in two rooms. I have used fake greenery in places I can not get to to water plants.
 photo 37470aca-eb01-40af-b2fc-1fd8f8f4883e_zpsaef23e01.jpg
 photo 8848ac5b-9c84-4d1a-bfbd-aa9f1e6aaa75_zps728dcb8b.jpg
These are in a vase that was my grandmothers. They are a mix of colours but they go with my pink and green theme in the dining room. I think I got most of those flowers where I got the roses. 
 photo fcf8f9ab-c488-4908-8591-874f7a7beb1a_zps3a996d56.jpg
This next set of flowers I got at a thrift shop. They are in a brass container and the colours are in peaches and oranges and go well in the family room. They had to have been good ones when new. I could not afford to buy those new.
 photo ba96466c-7a12-4422-997f-d5d78298df68_zpsd30fa623.jpg
Then again, I buy wreaths for different things and then end up with them on the walls. Most of the things I have I have bought over a long period of time. I have them in every room, flowers or wreaths to add colour. I have house plants too but they need watering and are becoming an increasing pain in the butt. A lot of my fake stuff I use outside as well as indoors. I will always pick up good ones if I see them at garage sales or thrift stores. 
 photo 1af7e162-92a4-402f-af16-9025e9cbb7d5_zps3afb7d52.jpg
 photo 64c09893-f5cf-4e80-bede-1fe728c95d55_zps22943d2d.jpg
 photo 381a9656-1cb3-4a66-ba00-3f50d4228a81_zps9ffe9cc3.jpg
I have found nice things in florist shops. In my bedrooms I have several vases that I have bought special for the room when I first decorated it. They last forever, naturally. Mostly though I have found some really good ones at garage sales. I have not photographed any of those. Maybe I will do another post later on all the others haha........or not.


  1. Your flower arrangements are all beautiful! I especially like the swags you showed.
    I'm always looking at the ones in craft store advertisements or other stores I am in to get ideas!

    Hope you have a great weekend! (Snowdrops finished soon)

  2. Some of them are so real you have to touch them to tell. You definitely have some lovely ones.

  3. I have them too, fresh ones do not last but they do smell good, but sometime I spray the fake ones with perfume for a pick up.
    You are so right they are very expensive.

  4. I love all your flowers ;o) You decorate so beautifully my friend ;o) May I ask, how do you take care of them? For keeping them clean and looking so beautiful?


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