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Friday, February 27, 2015

More from sketchbook.............I think #8

 photo 2312d7c9-5280-43e9-a734-4059e6f5b5e4_zpsmrm9o9ru.jpg
Well, I was not going to do anymore sketchbooks but find that I just enjoy doing them. They are not anything special. I am not trying for good artwork here. Just experiment, have fun and practice. I get my ideas from other blogs or artists, pictures I see, photos I take......just about anything that inspires me to pick up a pencil. Because they are not always original ideas of mine they are in the sketchbooks and not made into pictures or artwork. The above picture was modified from something I saw. The next is original. I will forget what is what over time.
 photo b823a9d4-12b7-49b6-9649-4587da9fc144_zpslmogu7dg.jpg
I kind of like that one. The next is based on a Susan Branch picture. I love her work.
 photo 7396ebef-2cee-49ad-a0aa-42473d282e83_zps94ygicke.jpg
I tried some letters. I used to love manuscript writing. So.......I tried some decorated letters.
 photo 6373a96a-16c7-45c8-825d-b8c6e201f416_zpsu8vgmjwz.jpg
 photo 98e6d31e-d31b-4477-8110-f67684340be8_zpspisafkpn.jpg
Anyway, I try to attempt different things in the different books but I do get repetitive sometimes. I do a lot of faces because I enjoy that but they are not portraits.
 photo 59fd36a8-d1e1-4d73-9689-c08e500190fb_zpswjvkofib.jpg
 photo 77f5f8c7-7713-4b3a-ba91-6269b0cb82e3_zpsezvteon6.jpg
I like doing animals
 photo d4adff0c-349c-4e7e-904c-3b97dec75387_zps6rnwcufq.jpg
and birds
 photo 01127c65-70a7-4a52-ba10-f2f2a4926d48_zpsvntqejnh.jpg
Anyway. I guess until I have something better to show I will have to show excerpts from my sketchbooks
 photo d53c434b-f92b-4d4a-a1b7-f35b886a93a7_zpsdwrgmogy.jpg
tantangles are fun.....I enjoy them sometimes
 photo 3ec25c1d-e251-48fe-a008-a95aa2e1c556_zpsqivmnxmx.jpg
Well that's enough of that thank you very much, more than enough.


  1. I sure love your sketches! I wish I had more time to sketch, but those darn beads are always calling to me, LOL!

  2. Nice work, you do have a way with animals.

  3. You are so creative Janice and talented! Truly you are! Love your sketches! Always make me happy ;o)


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