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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Day with the girls..............

I really didn't want to go out on Saturday, I wanted to work in my garden while it was sunny. As always I am glad I did though. Nancy came up to bring some quilts for Barb to sew. Barb is our long arm quilter lady. When we left the bank that is what she wanted to do, she started her own business and is doing very well at it. She is also loving it. Trouble is she is always busy so it was great to see her.
 photo f25ebee2-f407-4758-a135-cc4333d26ec3_zpsax8znowf.jpg
Barb Gurn....
The next picture is Edna and Nancy, doesn't Nancy look happy haha.
 photo 02322f29-6dfd-4704-8190-b5e6c610c8fe_zpsywom9f7n.jpg
We went to Applebees. I got an awesome sandwich. I don't usually like family type places as it can get noisy but we got there quite early and it was great, the food is good.
Well Barb had to go right away because she had a load to do, but the rest of us went thrifting.
I showed them a place I love called The Red Drawer. It sells antiques and crafted items. I just love that place and they did too.
I bought a couple of things. A wire basket for outside. I intend filling it with moss and putting some pots of plants that I can change out through the year. I also found a tin I could not live without. Had a rooster on it and for some reason I have started a collection of items with roosters on. I am going to find some more if I can and in this one I put laundry detergent.
 photo a349f376-2907-4981-bd55-c7b83915e87b_zpspzncwglw.jpg
 photo 174a1b9d-31f5-45b9-a49d-bed7b8f03326_zpsz2xvj1mx.jpg
This is the wire basket
 photo 4d87ddf5-d275-4ba1-8ab8-a6a13b8dd514_zpswyhlli9b.jpg
After we left there we went to my favourite thrift store. Edna liked it so much she figured Nancy should take a look. Apparently Edna's son also had to go take a look. Maybe I should have kept it secret? Nah, it's not that I need anything. WHat I did get this time was a nice little bowl in the colour I collect.

 photo f3fd8bb6-b825-44b2-87bc-328cfd386518_zps4vogwm27.jpg
I saw a chicken that will go out in the garden.
 photo 51295aba-d572-43d6-9ad7-d05e1147209c_zpsyqvj1ta2.jpg
I found two little plates that may or may not become bird baths.
 photo 3d488b81-984f-4cf1-b9c4-5c02f50c813a_zpsfjysjmys.jpg
I always pick up doilies. These 50c each.
 photo 286ab0e9-3cde-4fd3-a058-e8c11642f9a4_zpsqm3xcix6.jpg
I think that was just about all we did that day but as always it was a fun day with good friends and a few nice finds.

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  1. What a great day! You always find great stuff! Love your foot! LOL! Take Care ;o)


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