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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Old pictures to redo some day.........

This is an old water colour that I does not hang anywhere as I am not sure I like it.
 photo d2eeccb6-c903-4c19-bb12-56033f7a7674_zpsgjcncppa.jpg
I did not draw a picture. I just painted and let it develop. Probably a mistake. There is not much colour there and the bird was a mistake. I was trying to put some "life" into it.
I used salt to make the foreground. Not much to it really. So sits in a corner hiding.
This next one I have done several times and can not get it right
 photo b03d331b-6199-4477-abe6-9a5da204fc25_zpsq0uny9j0.jpg
Laura has one version of it. This is called "shadow of my mothers house" it is from a photo taken from mums bedroom window. It is one I have done nothing with. I did it a couple more times without the shadow. I have overdone it. I think I might try again. I do like the subject and the view and it has meaning for me. SO.............maybe I will try it again.
The next one is a shadow painting. It reminds me of dad fishing so.......again, it is one to redo.
 photo f19851f9-5a58-4b66-925b-4b1f5ecde205_zpstvbteqkd.jpg
It was done on an old piece of paper rather than watercolour paper, so is not any good. I just got the idea down on paper. I have a few pictures like that where I just got the idea down. I do want to do that one again properly.
Another in that category is this one.
 photo b34f3a4e-5aa8-4fdc-9caf-5e3da477dd10_zps2h2ikvyf.jpg
That is another very very old picture I did on a scrap of old paper. It is of a piece of land I pass now and then and for some reason I am drawn to it. So I drew it quickly and painted it so I could remember to do it again some day. Some day...........


  1. Beautiful watercolors, and I admire that you refine them over and over!

  2. Well done. I do enjoy your work! Happy, Holy and Joyful Easter!!!

  3. Hi My friend ;o) I have been away from blog land for too long. Trying to get back into things. I hope you had a great Easter ;o) Your paintings are beautiful!!!! Really they are!!!


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