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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Pretty Girls...............

My poodle pals are looking smashing. All trimmed for Spring. Bodi likes to sit out on the deck and watch the world go by, but only if I sit with her. Unless she knows her dad is coming home. Then she will sit and look through the trellis.
 photo 37913e76-b72c-4c00-b1c5-98bf8c3454f9_zpsolicg1ku.jpg
I need to scrub the deck but it was way too hot today. So Bijou, is feeling a bit better, I will take her back to the vet tomorrow to get checked before the weekend. Her tummy is sore and swollen. Anyway, she has been enjoying laying in the sun relaxing.
 photo dbab8b44-d751-474e-bffd-ac6dd8dcfd70_zpszueyarad.jpg
Bella is so sweet and she wants to be on my lap. She eventually agreed to lay on the cushions with the others. She is saying "Why cant I sit on your lap mum"
 photo 00ec89cb-0520-42eb-81b4-108f3080e75e_zps7ntr85yt.jpg
Brea chose to stay inside, but she did come out later wanting to play. That kid needs to go on a diet. She has a bum knee so she does not want to run around so much at the moment. After we get Bijou sorted out maybe we can get her knee fixed.
 photo 22fea9e5-0c6a-433f-8e41-5f30c8eb8c62_zpshcgpu4ax.jpg
Here they are soaking up the sun.
 photo 8392cfa6-bc14-46c2-9e19-58b502602c91_zpsiw850hod.jpg
Bodi moves to the shade
 photo 4ddc5f31-8524-4f74-9181-e873c4f835cb_zpspepylr1k.jpg
She is supposed to be on a diet too. Still at least she is getting outside and walking around a bit.
 photo 83c219a3-7b1a-435f-8765-5220496a8c84_zps39aejekx.jpg
So that's my lot, enjoying the Springtime.


  1. Hello. I haven't been on blogland for a while, but this post is sooooo sweet! Love seeing your little girls!

  2. So much fun!! Beautiful pictures of your fur babies ;o)

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