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Monday, May 11, 2015

A few from my sketch book...............

I know, I was supposed to stop doing the sketch book and start sewing. The machine is still on the table. I really did want to do some sewing but so many things have happened. I lost the enthusiasm and just drew instead. Maybe I will still get around to it because I want to make some cushions for the bench outside and a cover for the seat. This when its painted. I have to do that first. Seems like there is always something else that needs doing first
Anyway, some faces........

 photo 100_6631_zps6hwugutx.jpg
 photo 100_6629_zpszx6cml0u.jpg
 photo 100_6623_zpszgpuutho.jpg
I like doing faces
 photo 100_6619_zpssggkgvub.jpg
 photo 100_6621_zpsbucmuwsa.jpg
My pages have no reason. I see something I like and try to do something like it. I enjoy doing flowers as well. You may see some things you may have seen elsewhere, could very well be. I do not copy exactly but I do my own version simply for the idea and practice.
 photo 100_6618_zpsjbmiosgc.jpg
 photo 100_6616_zpszdf0urjd.jpg
 photo 100_6610_zpsjr2jtjoi.jpg
 photo 100_6609_zpsfqwduzqc.jpg
 photo 100_6605_zpswx3kjlmb.jpg
I am showing how my pages look as I do them. The above are selections from some of the pages.
 photo 100_6608_zps1smjcfty.jpg
 photo 100_6598_zpsh3sz5avm.jpg
 photo 100_6603_zpswp05wm3i.jpg
 photo 100_6588_zpsm40a2gcz.jpg

Ah well, thats enough for now, they don't really show up so well when they are enlarged like this.


  1. Very fun sketches, Janice! I've been working in my art journal too -- take a look at Marmelade Gypsy when you have a chance!

  2. Janice, I really enjoyed this post! I have bought an art journal for the first time in my life and I am excited to start it! Big Hugs ;o)

  3. I like your sketches, lots of different expressions and interesting looks my people all look very much the same.

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