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Sunday, November 15, 2015

Not done yet..................

You would think I would have run out of steam by now. I mean, I have probably not got this much accomplished since I began quilting. I do feel like a bit of a fraud because I am not actually doing the quilting part myself. I am sending them to Barb who has the long arm. Still, my goal was to use and not waste all the fabric I bought over the years. My first project a nine patch got me hooked. That one I did stitch in the ditch and hand tied it. My first quilting lesson I was talked into taking. Silly me. How could I know it would become an obsession with fabric?
 photo 103_1409_zpspowibwo4.jpg
 photo 103_1408_zpsjvitl8ju.jpg
 photo 103_1407_zpsfmgcrmcy.jpg
I wish the colours would show better on this one (above) Its just beautiful. I bought the panel and the fabric seperate but it just goes so well. It will be backed with a nice deep red. I did add another border and it was the right choice. I love this one and may keep it myself.
I started sewing just after I left school. We did learn to sew in school back then so was already well on my way. My Dad bought me and mum a sewing machine. Well we both made clothes with it. I had started going out on weekends with friends to dances and needed clothes. We would make a new dress for every Friday night. It was easy back then as "shifts" were in. I have always learned quite well by reading instructions. I taught myself to crochet that way. So I even sewed one dress with a scalloped hem. I made clothes for our next door neighbour and even made a wedding dress.
Anyway, it seemed that a 9 patch was simple enough and would teach me basics for quilting. I enjoyed the lesson because I was with friends. I was horrified when I saw the 9 patch quilt we were to make. I figured 9 squares sewn together how bad could it be? Well those 9 patches were small and formed one quilt block, not at all what I envisioned. was fun and we got er done.
 photo 103_1406_zps0imu0xfo.jpg
 photo 103_1405_zpsqmtjhp2m.jpg
 photo 103_1404_zpsytl3rvje.jpg
The next one above is a Christmas quilt, most likely wont be done for this year but will be added to the stash for next Christmas gifts. I have two more Christmas ones to do.
I do have some bed size quilts to make but will save those for last and maybe make those a bit more complicated. I do hope I can get the machine out again after Thanksgiving and not stop while I am on this binge of sewing. I have 3 more cut out to start this week. I am hoping Edna will have time to come over and help me figure out the size for the backs of the ones I have done so far. Also hope Barb has time to do them for me.
 photo 103_1411_zpspme1uark.jpg
 photo 103_1410_zpssy7sdgrd.jpg
Meanwhile I also got another Scubbie done. I love this yellow. I am going to buy some plain tea towels and put borders on them to go with the quilts I am giving as gifts. I am currently doing one in a raspberry shade. I like the combination of the two yarns together. Although I must say that the one I did for me in the beginning that is just the scrubby yarn works very well for what it was intended. I just wanted to try with a more absorbent yarn in it to see if it works better. I shall see when I try the first double yarn one.
Meanwhile I am also doing scarves but they can wait until done to show those.
Carry on................


  1. Oh my Janice, !!! I could have told you how addicting quilting is after you do the first one.
    I started one back in the 90's and it was a simple muslin block with each corner having an appliqued heart...that was just the beginning . Of course being the addictive person that I am I hand quilted and all the ones after that ... I must have been nutz! but it's really what I enjoyed about the quilt process. I don't do it anymore... although I've done what's called a 'Rag Quilt" easy peasy. ...
    Anyway, yours are beautiful.. wow !!!
    Barbra Joan

  2. Janice!!! Love everything! I have to admit, I am not a good sewer or knitter! But, who knows what the future holds? LOL!

  3. I am so far behind in visiting, but just wanted to let you know I was here--that poppy quilt is stunning!I have not made a whole bed quilt--probably because we have a king size bed, LOL, but the quilt I've mentioned before that I made our daughter is about the size of a twin bed (top only).


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