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Sunday, November 1, 2015


Not a lot accomplished this week but a bit anyway..............I got 6 more quilt tops to Barb this week. I picked up 3 she had finished. Good deal right. She does an awesome job with her long arm quilting. She also has some nice patterns. I did this small one for Cooper at Christmas and she had a pattern of a happy little fat plane that went on the back.
 photo DSCN5578_zpsbu1j16fj.jpg
 photo DSCN5579_zpsynctsyha.jpg
Isn't the little chubby plane cute?
These are lap size quilts. Handy for snuggling on the couch to watch TV or maybe take to a ball game.
This next one is a kitty quilt and she enhanced it with kitty paws in the machine quilting.
 photo DSCN5581_zpsrzbtkvns.jpg
 photo DSCN5582_zpsa3ydnyid.jpg
The third one is a bird quilt.............these quilts are quick and easy to make and use up printed fabrics that you dont want to cut, or use panels. I have so much fabric that I am using as much as I can. I will keep on making these and keep a stash of ready made quilts for gifts instead of fabric.
 photo DSCN5584_zpshharrfk1.jpg
 photo DSCN5585_zpstiozxmaf.jpg
On the bird quilt you can see that Barb used a pattern of small birds.
I have two more cut and ready to sew. These too are both a panel and some fabric I dont want to cut up. I didnt have a lot of the Egytian cat one so its going to be a lap quilt and I have some Egyptian pattern fabric for borders. I am not sure what I will back it with yet. This is what I am putting together as the top.
 photo DSCN5575_zpswd063ync.jpg
Then the next one I think will be a table topper.Not sure, I may just do another lap one.
 photo DSCN5577_zpscykzsvu8.jpg
Another thing I have going, I am making pot scrubbers. I made one as directed but found it not at all absorbent. SO............I did the same thing with double yarn, the scrubby yarn and some cotton. If that's no better then I will back it with terry fabric but dont want to have to buy more stuff
 photo DSCN5573_zps5hw7jfdd.jpg
I will also do a few kits that I have to give as gifts. This is one from a couple of years ago that I kept but will give away I think. If I had more followers who left comments on my blogs I might just do a giveaway.
 photo DSCN5572a_zpslpbmn54f.jpg
Then this is one I bought a few years ago with the intent of doing a few myself.
 photo DSCN5574_zpshd9lqeim.jpg
I stopped in the Thrift shop the other day and didnt find a lot but did get this little teapot.
 photo DSCN5588a_zpssfhpa3ba.jpg
Well thats it for this time

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  1. I love how Barb quilted with the motifs to match the fabric you used! These will surely become treasured heirlooms!


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