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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Red ware ........

I am not sure what it's really called. Red Ware fits the bill for me anyway. When I did my last post I had forgotten the basket that I found and bought. I really liked it and will fill it with glass balls. A good time for that as I am now getting the Christmas stuff out. I think this year I will sort it and maybe get rid of some of it. Pass it along that is. I can't help it, I keep seeing more things I like and already have way too much. Well, that's getting off track, I will do a post on that when I do the tree tomorrow.
So anyway, this is the basket I found at the Red Dresser.
 photo 103_2172a_zpsaiirdeaw.jpg
Isn't it sweet?. Well I had to rearrange a few things. I decided I would put it with the tea set that I have in the entrance. I may as well keep things together right?
 photo 103_2175_zpso68d8vsl.jpg
I really liked this set. I went through my cupboards to see if I could find anything else. I did, so they all sit together now.
 photo 103_2177_zpsckmtxqjd.jpg
 photo 103_2178_zpsubyirnqz.jpg
I have two plates in the dining room, on the wall that were my Grandmothers. They also belong in that line but not enough room out in the entrance where the big dresser is. So this gives me something else to hunt down now. Red Ware. Hmmmm
 photo 103_2180_zpsrjg3jld3.jpg
 photo 103_2181a_zpsjqt5ms3h.jpg
I need to make a trip to my thrift shop. I did find another couple of pieces that I didn't take pictures of, those I put out with the others.
After Christmas, when it all dies down, maybe we can begin to do some painting. I can maybe rearrange things and get a bit better organized. I don't know. I do know I have way too much stuff. I still have boxes downstairs of the things that were in the bedrooms when they flooded. I never did go through them to see whats packed away. I should do that.
I could use another glass display cabinet but would have nowhere to put it. Do you think I should downsize? ..............but I love finding treasures.


  1. These are really pretty, Janice! I can understand "running out of room" as that is how I feel regarding craft supplies. As I move onto other interests, what I collected for the previous "fads" pile out. I am just starting to sell some supplies for things I will never do anymore--so I can buy more for the new interests, of course!!! :)

  2. Lovely Janice, I had one piece of this and if I remember it was a sugar bowl. Of course I never use something for what it's made for and probably had it filled with cotton balls !
    Your art is on it's way.. enjoy.
    hugs, Barbra Joan

  3. Beautiful items Janice! I love your treasures! Only downsize if you feel like it! I know the past few years, I have been doing a large clean out. I guess it was time for me. But, I will never get rid of things that are truly dear to my heart!


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