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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Red Dresser and things.............

As I mentioned on Bluebell Woods today, Laura and myself went shopping. I love the Red dresser. It's a shop that sells antiques and crafts and somethings in between. Eclectic. Anyway, I found a few things I wanted to show here. The rest I took pictures of so I would remember them and the ideas.You can check that out on Bluebell Woods.
I found some really cool things. I forgot to take a picture of a red china basket that I found but I can add that later.
Meanwhile I found a few things I could not live without. I got a couple of Santa's
 photo 103_2112_zpsu0hudh9l.jpg
 photo 103_2113_zpsm7ni68ae.jpg
 photo 103_2114_zpskgapljh8.jpg
They were both around 9 dollars each and I loved both of them. I will be sorting my Christmas stuff out when we decorate at the weekend.
 photo 103_2119_zpsulst4pja.jpg
 photo 103_2121_zpszrjh4lbt.jpg
I collected snowmen and Santa's and I am not sure I want to decorate like I do every year. I usually put away everything and decorate with all my Christmas stuff. I mean all pictures off the walls and everything. I usually do that the weekend of Thanks giving so now I am feeling its too late. We will at least put up the tree this weekend.
Back to the subject at hand. I was looking for a gift for Edna. I wanted an English china cup and saucer. We went to the Park Place Gift shop first and I could not find one I liked but did find a little milk and sugar set. The Park place is one of our older and more up scale hotels and they have a lovely gift shop.
 photo 103_2117_zpsub5ewlhd.jpg
She will like it
 photo 103_2116_zpsurnlz0lq.jpg
 photo 103_2118_zpsv0qml1d8.jpg
Well after we left the Red Dresser we stopped in at the Salvation Army and voila! I found a cup and saucer and guess what? It matched.Blue cornflowers
 photo 103_2115_zpskiquj47b.jpg
Back to that later. So,back at the Red Dresser. I found some table linens I could not resist. One will go on the coffee table, it reminds me of the Christmas candy, you know, the red and white peppermints.
 photo 103_2110_zpsnnh1dtot.jpg
Just what I need, more linens, but hey, I don't have to iron them. I don't have to sort out the ones I ironed and put away so there.
The craft items I got were pot holders and a tea towel. I intend to make some but so far have not and so these are my back ups, or I may just keep them. I did buy some that I intend to decorate if I have time so..........
 photo 103_2127_zpsy10t6rps.jpg
 photo 103_2126_zpsbqqtz810.jpg
Well after we left The Red Dresser we stopped in the Salvation Army store. I found a cute plate for cookies maybe to give Christmas stuff away on.
 photo 103_2108_zpsit3mvfwy.jpg
I also found the cup and saucer that I already showed and this one I am keeping for myself. It has honeysuckle on it.
 photo 103_2128_zps4dbhahga.jpg
These two little candle holders were 1.25 each, the cups 8.00 so it was quite thrifty.
 photo 103_2111_zpsvjfcfenm.jpg
 photo 103_2106_zpspa8ifguq.jpg
They had about 4 more of the candle things but I didn't know what I would do with them so left those for someone else.
I had forgotten to say on my other blog that our first stop of the day was at the Park Place hotel. They have a great gift shop. Its unique because it has a large stock and variety of gifts. I found the 4 plates out on the sale table for 8 dollars for the set of Santa's. I will give those with a cheese ball on for a gift for someone, or cookies. each plate is different and so I can keep for next year those I don't use.
 photo 103_2107_zpswtb36g7p.jpg
I bought the little hand made pendent for me. I can use it to see how to do the silver work when I start mine.
 photo 103_2129_zpsanmqz3f7.jpg
I also found this scarf, again for Edna, she likes cherries.
 photo 103_2125_zpsujjpil45.jpg
So all in all I think I did pretty good. That's about all the shopping I will be doing for Christmas. Well, maybe not as Edna and I are going down town next week haha. Then again, there is still Tristen, but I have quilts for most people and apart for a couple of gift certs I am good.
Woooo hooooo.


  1. Very pretty, Janice. Merry Christmas!

  2. I always say this, but I would love to go shopping with you! I really love the treasures you find! All so beautiful and fun!


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