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Monday, February 8, 2016

Here we go again..................

Yes, I took the poodles in for grooming. I have to find a cheaper way. I sent for some shears. I am hoping I can do a half way decent job myself at least once in awhile. I need to keep faces and bums clear. I will try on Bodi first as she has more flat surface (read plump) The shears were over 60 dollars but with tip I spend 100 for two poodles and I have 4. So maybe, just maybe I can cut back a bit on that expense. Time will tell. They just look so cute when they are done, but really, I like them fluffy.
Here is Bella looking fluffy. I just love their faces when they are fluffy and they are just sooooo soft
 photo 103_2470GV_zpsmmcotxmu.jpg
Then the after shots. This is all of them, the two older ones were done last month so are a bit longer but they are all still quite tidy
 photo 103_2475J_zps5ydrg3sw.jpg
As you know by now, my favourite thrift store is next to Brenda's pet parlour so one might even say I would save a great deal more by cutting back on my grooming costs.
Yes, I could not resist even though I went the other day with Edna. I was glad I did because I found some cups and saucers.
 photo 103_2499J_zpsjiuauqwp.jpg
 photo 103_2502A_zpsmprjy72u.jpg
 photo 103_2501H_zps7qkmfaen.jpg
I also found teapots. I really do not have room for either any more but the plan is come Spring some will go into the garden.
 photo 103_2493_zps5ljyzjsm.jpg
 photo 103_2491_zpsf8vqttgh.jpg
You wont believe it but I found another glass jar with a lid.
 photo 103_2497_zpsc9yzzwft.jpg
And a crystal bowl. I do not need any more of those either. I just can't help it.
 photo 103_2494_zps77d311ac.jpg
So you see by grooming my own dogs I might save quite a bit of money. I will be sorting stuff out as soon as I can drum up some enthusiam for a yard sale in the Spring. I must let go of some of the stuff in storage. Seems like that's the best way of making a bit without having an Etsy shop. I do want to start that sometime soon. Sigh if only I could get stuff done.
This little gem is a candle holder but it will go out to stay with Alex, on the grave for the summer. Not sure what I will do with her exactly but I think she will look nice among the flowers
 photo 103_2490_zpsf1p70lu4.jpg
Then the last thing is a little candle holder but I got it for the little crystals around the exterior.
 photo 103_2507H_zpsbkhg1xe7.jpg
After a good wash they all came up sparkely.


  1. Janice, all of your little treasures look so precious. The fur babies too :) Mimi xxx

  2. Beautiful teacups and teapots! I'm green with envy! You are also a very brave lady to take on grooming your puppies! Wishing you well!

  3. Your dogs are so cute and it looks like you found some beautiful treasures :)

  4. Cutting dogs fur not a job for the faint hearted hope it goes well.
    They are cute fellows with fur and without.
    Love the fine china but wasted on me I break so much.

  5. Good luck with your poodles! They are so cute! I hope you save money, grooming them yourself! I love your finds! The angel candle holder is beautiful! Love the butterfly tea pot and the first tea cup and saucer!


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