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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Out With Edna.............

I had a free day with Tristen at his Aunt Laura's for the weekend. He was excited to have Cooper there to play with. Gerry had a job to do with his brother so I did not feel bad going out for the afternoon. Edna had some ideas what she would like to do and that worked for me too. Edna had said she would like to go to our fav Thrift Store and in the same area a Dollar store she needed to pick up a few things. I looked at prices and think I will be going back at least to get some of the packaged and cleaning items.
Anyway, I was not disappointed at the Thrift store and found several things.
I think my last post, or at least a recent post showed how I use some of the things I find. Well I did find another glass jar with a lid. That completes a set of 3 for buttons.
 photo crystage_zpseaorpbwl.jpg
There were a lot of nice crystal and cut glass vases, but those I resisted. Maybe when I get back into making garden things but not right now.
How about this really pretty Hummingbird feeder? That will go in the garden next year isn't it lovely?
 photo humm_zpsadaew77p.jpg
I got these two tiny glass swans. I have a swan theme in my bathroom but for now they sit in my living room.
 photo 103_2377k_zps22yx7raa.jpg
I found this for my daughter Laura a cat addict.
 photo cate_zps2xhmkwiq.jpg
This bird is for the garden also. I intend on doing a renovation of the garden this year. I wont have money to spend and so I will be thinning out and moving things.
 photo 103_2376j_zpsvlsxw6ie.jpg
I actually found a piece of pink glassware that I have a few pieces that match. I did have a cake plate but it broke, so what I have left is a glass tray and a dish on a stand..........this will go well and who knows, I may even find more some day.
 photo 103_2373_zps5hxl2p7h.jpg
This is the new find.
 photo 103_2372_zpsuzvuflvf.jpg
Well the good thing was all that I got was also on sale. So I spent maybe 21 dollars in all.
From there we went to The Quilting Bee and had a look around. I got a couple of magazines that I think I left in Edna's car. I took some pictures for later ideas. I won't share those.
Next door is "Hunan" a Chinese restaraunt. It's got an awesome buffet and I treated Edna to lunch because she is always driving me around. When we go a long way I share the gas money but we do a lot just around town so its always nice to say thank you now and then.
After that we went to a few more Thrift shops and I found some dishes that were only a dollar each. I bought all 6 of them. I have been looking for some bowls to use for stew. I have soup bowls but sometimes one needs a big dish to maybe put mashed potatoes in the middle and stew all around. Yum........or as in today we used them for soup and home made bread.
 photo 103_2388_zpso9p0ih6n.jpg
While they may not have been exactly the pattern I would have chosen its pretty enough and if I find something better then I have not lost much and can pop them in a garage sale next time I have one. Hope to do that in the Spring.
 photo 103_2387_zps8yfppjoz.jpg
This year is going to be a tough one. We have to actually pay taxes because I took my retirement money. So its going to be a very tight budget this year. No more spending frivolously. I need to find ways to make money instead. Got to work on that one.
I do know a Spring Yard sale is in order.


  1. Love the pretty things you have shown us, I really like that pink glassware. Hope you have a good week!

  2. Love your finds Janice!! The hummingbird feeder, and the pink glass are my favs, but I love the cat and swans too! I think if you have a garage sale, you will rock with sales! You can also do a few garage sales! Maybe 3? And, maybe you should start selling some of your creations too! Big Hugs!


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