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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Bits and Pieces...................

My Pretty Things, awwww I have not had anything to post in awhile. Today though I did do some baking and got some bread ready to pop in the oven. So I will mix todays effort along with a few pictures from my sketchbook. I have not been out to thrift stores in awhile. I think I need to go soon. The kids have broken at least two of my large outdoor pots and as those are upwards of 60 dollars a piece to replace, I think I will check out thrift stores.
Meanwhile. Today I made bread sticks. Tristen loves breadsticks and I had been scouting things on Pinterest. I did find a recipe and so off we go. I already had some pizza dough and had taken it out of the freezer last night. Today I took it from the fridge to come to room temperature. I didn't want to make pizza but had left over spaggetti sause from last night. Seemed like a good lunch for the kids. Bread sticks and Marinara sauce.
 photo 103_3170h_zpsvdot9cbz.jpg
I rolled out the dough and melted some butter, to the butter I added some garlic and brushed it on the dough. I topped that with Parmesan cheese. Oven at 450 I baked for about 20 minutes. Keeping my eye on it browning.
 photo 103_3171_zpsrppa53kf.jpg
The kids loved it. Tristen ate one piece and I ate 6. Reina had 3. It was so tasty and crunchy.
 photo h_zpsydzra9ev.jpg
I will get more pizza dough and will do this again for sure to have with any Italian dish.

 photo 103_3084_zps1rnqdlfz.jpg
 photo 103_3083_zps1nsoywva.jpg
I will just throw a few sketches in between. I had been trying coloured pencils and didnt like it. The paper is not water colour paper and so is wrinkled but I don't care. I had to go back and redo things best I could.
SO, the next thing I did was to make again my hot crackers. We love these. I used to do them without baking them. In that case you need a very large bin of some kind to mix everything and keep turning until they are all coated. Several days, and who wants to wait. So now I bake them and they are ready to eat right away. Goes really well with cheese.
I have posted the recipe before so will skip that. You can always leave a note if you want it but don't want to search.
 photo 103_3186h_zps73vykccv.jpg
More pictures
 photo 103_3085_zpsmuawvzdh.jpg
 photo 103_3096_zpsuncbfqtl.jpg
 photo 103_3090_zpsctggkzso.jpg
With the same box of Saltines I made one of our favourite snacks. Sweet and salty these go down well. The kids like them and so do the adults.
 photo 103_3173_zpsumkeswuk.jpg
Start with Saltines on a cooking tray lined with foil.Boil the butter and brown sugar.
 photo 103_3174j_zpse9xeonr4.jpg
Pour that over the saltines and pop in the oven for 10 mins. Then sprinkle with chocolate chips. Spread when they melt.
 photo 103_3175h_zpsrxrzt75m.jpg
Refridgerate to set and then break them up. Soooooo good. These two things with Saltines I make all the time. Great snacks that are cheap and go a long way, plus everyone likes them.
 photo 103_3188_zps581bqicg.jpg
Another couple of pictures to finish up for today.
 photo 103_3128_zpsjyaqpetc.jpg
 photo 103_3131_zpsvws06qgd.jpg
Thats it folks, it's a wrap for today. I am going to have to get cracking and start some new projects or something, very soon.


  1. Such a grand post. I like all of your drawings, two in particular. I love the cat (I guess I'm missing mine.)but even more I love the one "If you don't believe in miracles...! And, oh my, how I would enjoy the chocolate saltines. Have a grand weekend!

  2. Your food is making me hungry! I have to try the crackers and chocolate! Excellent idea! I really love your art! I know I have said this before, but you are talented Janice! Sorry about the big pots being broken! Not good!


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