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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Bread and scones..................

I was going to do more but thought about the calories. I tried some Soda bread yesterday. It tasted really good but was very dense, Gerry wasn't to keen on it. He said it was OK. That usually means not good. I liked it so thought I would try a different recipe. I didn't have buttermilk and most recipes for Soda Bread calls for it.I was looking for a recipe that used milk. The one I did yesterday had me add vinegar to the milk to curdle it. Now my friend Donna's husband Kim is a good cook, so Donna gave me the one he made that she liked. I figure if Kim liked it, it must be good. LOL. So after I spent the morning cleaning the house I got down to it.
 photo 103_2760h_zpse1gysyxi.jpg
Soda bread is very easy to make, it does not use yeast and so does not rise like regular bread. It's very basic
 photo 103_2762_zpsmim7kydc.jpg
The basic recipe is flour, baking soda, salt and milk. Not a lot different to the scones really. The difference with this one was its put on a greased baking sheet and covered. The one I did was in a cast iron skillet and not covered. Plus mine was not cooked as long and so didn't go the lovely golden brown that this one did. We live and learn and I am still learning to bake bread. All kinds of bread. I am all for this quick stuff. No waiting hours for it the rise. Its great with soup or spaghetti. It would be great toasted with garlic butter.
Next I did the scones.
Last time I did the scones they did not turn out like Donna's did. They were good enough to try again though.
 photo 103_2763_zpstxjtiopw.jpg
I used 1/2 milk and 1/2 cream. Butter, flour sugar and salt. This time I put in some sultanas, cherries and cranberries. I cooked them 2 minutes longer and I must say they were perfect this time.
 photo 103_2764_zpst939wekz.jpg
They were very tasty.
 photo 103_2765_zps4b8dopxw.jpg
The frosting was simply butter and powdered sugar and I thinned it with cream. Whipping cream that is. Whipped it up and it tasted very good.
 photo 103_2766_zpsupojamly.jpg
I had some left over. Not enough to do anything with and I resisted the temptation to just eat it. Honest, I did not eat it. What a waste of good creamy butter.

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  1. I would have ate it! LOL! Good job Janice! I think you did excellent! It all looks very yummy to me! Bread is a down fall to me! When it's fresh and warm, I could eat it all! LOL! Hugs!


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