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Saturday, June 25, 2016

Finishing up my sketch book...............

I can't remember what number of sketchbook this is. It was done on a regular sketch book. I wanted to do it in colour pencil but didn't like it and so I did watercolour. That doesn't go well on regular paper. That's OK. The book is just practice stuff. Some day I will go to these books for ideas for paintings. Its fun to do. It's good practice for me. A lot is not my original ideas and so the books are just for me and practice.
 photo 103_4688_zpsa4u9bamg.jpg
 photo 103_4687h_zpsztx8alul.jpg
Some are not so good.It doesn't matter.
 photo 103_4686_zpse0qnal7y.jpg
 photo 103_4689_zps7vei6ihq.jpg
Good or bad they are here for the record.
 photo 103_4682j_zpste4qhcdj.jpg
 photo 103_4684_zpsymmmabrr.jpg
 photo 103_4683j_zpsnn5ct1o3.jpg
The pencil sketches will get painted even though its not the best method. It saves the pencil from rubbing off.
 photo 103_4680j_zpsrpoyw6ty.jpg
 photo 103_4678j_zpsmwdk79mq.jpg
 photo 103_4677k_zpsrvajxg4f.jpg
I find quotes and put them in the books. They don't necessary go with the picture but some day maybe I will have collected enough to do pictures with quotes that go with it. I can make cards or something.
 photo 103_4675h_zps59lyohg6.jpg
 photo 103_4676h_zpsvr0r70oe.jpg
 photo 103_4674j_zpsfybxud6d.jpg
 photo 103_4671_zpsgvwarkz7.jpg

 photo 103_4672h_zpsuavyqasa.jpg
 photo 103_4673j_zpspsubywak.jpg
 photo 103_4668j_zpsmzqi0jjo.jpg
 photo 103_4669h_zpszvzie7eo.jpg
 photo 103_4670j_zpsmdbyrya5.jpg
 photo 103_4681h_zpsy7swzrur.jpg
I am not sure that I will continue doing the sketch books even though I enjoy it. I should really try to do some real work. I would like to do a few tests and give them away. We shall see. I have been getting the urge to do some real paintings. I guess I don't do that much anymore because I have no wall space haha and don't know what else to do with them. I may try putting some on my Bluebell Woods page or giving some away on my blog. For now, thats probably all I will do as far as posting on this book.


  1. I really enjoyed looking at your creations! Your good Janice! You really are! Especially the way, you have the "female" body move!

  2. Keep it going I enjoyed your creations as very much.


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