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Thursday, July 14, 2016

Leland Blue...................

Our new hobby is collecting Leland Blues. Ultimately I have to learn to do something with them. I do not have (Well I do) a rock tumbler, the small one I got years ago is around but, it just takes so long to get a finish on a stone. The stones I have I actually like raw.
 photo DSCN6791j_zpscvhxjn0l.jpg
I have some big ones that would need cutting and naturally I do not have the equipment for that either. I do know where to go to get them cut though. First though I must figure out how to use them. I did buy a drill and I know I must do that under water.You know what they say about a little bit of knowledge don't you?.
Well I am going to look for a silver wire jewelry making class. Just need a couple of lessons to get the technique and I will be all set.
 photo DSCN6792j_zpsy9zqfkuj.jpg
Some small stones are pock marked and already have a pleasing shape.
 photo DSCN6793a_zpskrx0d0ah.jpg
This green stone would be nice just as it is with silver wire to hold it.
 photo DSCN6789j_zpsitncsgft.jpg
Once I learn how I have some really nice shapes. Some other rocks too other than the Leland Blues. Many many Petoskey stones for one thing. I love the colour and shape of this stone.
 photo DSCN6782j_zpsae4muqwa.jpg
I think lessons is the first thing on my list before I ruin some nice stones. I am scared to try drilling but will practice on some of the lesser stones. This next one is unusual, its almost white and I am wondering what I can make from that one.
 photo DSCN6794jl_zpsqwd6cqbh.jpg
When I die, and people go through my stuff hehe, just wait and see what they say when the encounter some of the odd things I have kept for projects. With luck I can get rid of a lot before anyone sees it all.


  1. Janice!!! I love these stones!! I want them all! LOL! I would love to just hold them! You know I collect stones and crystals! I have bowl fulls around me! I actually do give some away, but I keep tones! I am going to a rock hound gemboree at the end of the month to buy some! Good luck with the jewellery making, but personally, I would keep some, just to have in a dish! Big Hugs!

  2. You made me laugh about, when you die! LOL! Only you!


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