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Sunday, August 14, 2016

Time for a treat....................

The last couple of months have been difficult. When it's over with I will write about it but not yet. It has also been very hot and I just do not do well in heat. I mean its been up in the 90s and once it goes past 75 I am done for. On top of that it has been humid, and then I suffer. I sweat and it makes me itch, my hair is always damp at my neck and under my bra itches. I just am not a hot weather fan.
Poor Bijou is sick again. If you recall she was sick about 18 months ago and we almost lost her. I am not sure she will pull through this event but we are trying. She has antibiotics and I hope that will do the trick. Also pain meds if she needs them, she does not seem to be in pain.
 photo DSCN7191_zpszqjqxjy9.jpg
The girls all had an appointment with Brenda's Pet Parlour.We took 3 of them and Bijou stayed home. She is throwing up and not eating. She is finally drinking but soon becomes sick. It does seem today that she keeps it down a bit longer. we are putting peanut butter in her mouth and I just gave her some honey. Just a taste of things to hopefully keep something in her. It does not look good but she shows a bit of the old spirit still. I may call the vet tomorrow but if it's the old problem there is not much to be done. We don't have the money either, it's sad to see her moping but she does get hugs and kisses and is made comfortable.
So when I took the other three girls in I indulged myself. I went into Goodwill. It has been a long time. I just needed a few moments alone and to do something fun.This is what I found.
 photo DSCN7189_zpsh1lt3w1o.jpg
 photo DSCN7180_zps7y983poj.jpg
Eight nice crystal wine glasses. I love them, can you believe 6 dollars for the set of 8. Wow. I didn't know they were crystal until I got them home and tested them. I didn't care they were so pretty that was just a bonus.
The next thing was a small teapot. I could not resist that. Its inscription says Royal Norfolk.
 photo DSCN7183_zpshcfjvvvl.jpg
 photo DSCN7185_zpswgmer8yg.jpg
I found what I initially thought was a butter dish, its glass. I wanted it. When I got it home, sticks of butter don't fit so I will have to cut them up into squares. That's OK. It could be a cheese dish but who keeps cheese out these days. We do keep a stick of butter out because we do use it every day and I don't like hard butter when I need it.
 photo DSCN7186_zps5slcslav.jpg
 photo DSCN7187_zpsk52m5uu3.jpg
 photo DSCN7188_zpslcplix8k.jpg
A fairy for my garden. Probably next year. Right now it's sitting inside. When I get to work on the garden again she may go outside. If it ever cools down
 photo DSCN7182_zpsxvz44ue8.jpg
The last find was a game for the kids, well and actually a book for me and two for Tristen. That was it, and it made me feel good. It didn't take away the problems but took my mind off of it for a few moments. Today I took out some of my glasses for the yard sale and replaced with the new ones. I didn't want to get rid of the ones I already had but how many glasses can we use haha. I also need to find more stuff to sell so there ya go. My entrance is full of boxes. I am waiting for the weather to cool and it may end up September before we get set up. No hurry.

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  1. Your Goodwill has better bits than ours!

    Wishing you well for Bijou. It always hurts to see your pet in pain and the fear of loss is powerful. Sending hugs.


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