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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Yard Sale.........

It has taken me forever it seems, but I have finally set up my yard sale. For the longest time it has been too hot. Now it's too wet. Looks like I may have to wait another whole week.
 photo 101_0462_zpstbmw1dtc.jpg
I cleaned out my jewelry box of all my vintage stuff. I have not had much luck with that yet. Still only had one and maybe 1/2 days.
 photo 101_0472_zps5xiiymdi.jpg
I have vintage purses and dresses. Hats and plates.
 photo 101_0471_zps7kez7841.jpg
I sorted out most of my salt and pepper collections.
 photo 101_0466_zpsl0h7kg3q.jpg
Paintings I had no room for,
 photo 101_0463_zps7botlsvo.jpg
Quilted wall hangings
 photo 101_0464_zpsnweuqkhg.jpg
 photo 101_0465_zpsustly7ve.jpg
There are sheet sets, quilt sets, pillow cases and some vintage ones that are hand embroidered.
 photo 101_0467_zpsvepjlm1n.jpg
 photo 101_0470_zpst7mbz3nu.jpg
The things that sold the quickest were Reina's toys. So I think I will be sorting out some of Tristen's stuff, old wood puzzles and stuff he will never play with. I washed all the stuffies and those are nice to give away when little kids show up.
 photo 101_0469_zpseuosi28u.jpg
A whole table of craft items, some of that sold but there is plenty more.
 photo 101_0476_zpswtblyjbc.jpg
Books, there are always books
 photo 101_0474_zpspxdpvdrl.jpg
Laura and Reina were my helpers. I made 250 dollars in the one day. I need to do a lot better, I have loads to go through in the basement yet so will need another couple of weekends yet. I also have a bike for sale. Time to rethink and dig in for more stuff. Then a nice dry cool weekend that's what I need now.


  1. Wow! Bonnie & I would have too much fun at your sale Janice! Lots of fun stuff!!!

  2. Good for you!! $250.00 is excellent! I wish I lived closer!! You would be getting some of my money! LOL! Good luck on the future sales! Hugs!


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