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Sunday, November 6, 2016

Something New........................

I have neglected this blog, mainly because I have been busy doing other things. I normally post things I make, or things I find on here. I have not been to the Thrift store in quite some time. I have not been sewing and only just began to do some painting again. So.......not a lot to write about. Oh I have been busy, just mainly things that I have put on my other blogs.
I will sort out a few things to share here.
About a month ago I did find a new (for us) Thrift shop. It was a rainy day and we were heading for coffee before the beach so, we went in to a shop in Lake Leelanau.I have no idea what this is, but will use it as a planter come Spring.
 photo DSCN8620_zpsavtzlmrc.jpg
This little dish, just because it was pretty.  photo DSCN8621_zpsbiaqeydv.jpg
I know I got Laura some shoes and an old tea kettle that was hand painted, that too will be a planter. It's put away now. I can't remember the other things I bought now.
I have been painting too, working on another sketch book.
 photo DSCN8670_zpsx8khc3qa.jpg
I have not done much that's good. That's OK, it's not meant to be. I do the sketch book just to keep ideas that may or may not become something later.
The new thing I am doing is trying to use some of my photo's. I want to make positive things to share on Facebook. So much negative right now. I want to be able to share some positive thoughts.
 photo 47445eb8-8afb-448c-b896-c376c2c6c437_zpsn6jhtjff.jpg
 photo 4c074d4c-1622-4463-98e7-67396c9ace5a_zpsq31zytye.jpg
I try to have my subject somewhat fit the caption. We know sparrows are little squabbling birdies.
 photo 6b33f8f2-8f10-4708-827b-0d101d3456b8_zpsqhxx10ro.jpg
 photo 02d4e4af-93ef-4c57-943e-c0abbecdd627_zpshusx8zab.jpg
 photo 36130d80-45f5-44d2-a334-a8e68114707e_zps4dbrdjil.jpg
It's a way to use some of my own photography. Maybe later I will have a few good ones.
 photo 0bec9a00-733d-4e22-9d21-7951c38f0685_zpswfszxg5j.jpg
Well now winter is closing in I will probably be getting back into sewing. Christmas is not too far away. Dread to think about that but will have to very soon.

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  1. Nice thrift find pieces! Love your cat! Beautiful images and with beautiful words! Those are Deb's beaded flowers, right? I haven't talked to her in ages! Big Hugs!


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