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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Just a few today.............

On Saturday we took all four poodles to Brenda's Pet Parlour for haircuts. We had to do it in shifts.Two by two. They shake like its mid winter and they are outside or something. Funny how they know where they are going. The groomers or the vets. You would think they would love being groomed and relieved it's not the vets. Brenda always does a wonderful job and they always look so cute, they go in looking like strays and come out all beautified.
 photo 103_3955_zpssptktr5r.jpg
Bijou is always cold after a hair cut. It has been almost a year since she had her last operation for stones. We keep her on antibiotics and special food. She still has her treats etc but so far is acting pretty normal. Thank goodness we said no when asked about putting her to sleep. She is active, happy and seems as though she has a few more years in her yet. We take it one day at a time and are thankful she is not in pain.
 photo 103_3957_zpsaxi3bajo.jpg
Bella is looking sweet as always. I love them with long hair but it gets matted and their ears get mucky.
She was keeping warm on the heating pad and chewing a chewy
 photo 103_3959_zpsc6qxwqrz.jpg
Brea was hiding in her usual spot
 photo 103_3964_zpsbonpsvk6.jpg
Brenda says Bodi is like a little bowling ball. She has bad hips and knees and so Brenda just rolls her around to get her done.
 photo 103_3961_zpswn8dqcli.jpg
Between picking up two and dropping two off I just had to stop in at the Goodwill store right there where Brenda's shop is. Could not help myself. Thankfully not much for me today. Some of their prices are too high for me for things I don't actually need. Still I found 3 treasures. This little pot for one
 photo 103_3948_zpszvnu7hrt.jpg
 photo 103_3947_zpsic1lthoa.jpg
 photo 103_3946h_zps5az5ab8q.jpg
A teapot. I like this one and may keep it inside. Not sure yet. I have a couple that have chips in that I will put outside and replace them with this one.
 photo 103_3949_zpszaiu6eii.jpg
Then this little candle house thingie. I pick these up when I see them and have a sort of collection in the house. I already have this one so it will go outside.
 photo 103_3951_zpsvjngk1ld.jpg
I did find when looking through my garden stuff that a lot of things I made didn't survive the storing in the garage. What with Tristen moving his things in and out and my husbands idea of packing things away. Well, lots of broken things. I am saving that china stuff and maybe use for mosaics (like that will happen hehe)
So all for now.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

wash and brush up...........

Tristen's room was terrible, he had written on the walls and any surface he could manage it seemed. We could not keep up with it. The worst thing was when he got into the ice cream, it had to be chocolate naturally. He managed to sneak 3 ice cream sandwiches. The wrappers went under the bed and I think maybe some of the ice cream too. Anyway it would not come out of the carpet. I will have to try again another day. Meanwhile Gerry painted the room. We had some left over paint that he mixed with white. Didn't have enough. So he had to go get some more.
I won't post a before picture because I have some out on the blog somewhere. This is how it looks now.
 photo 103_3549_zpskojbpsri.jpg
Tristen wanted his bed moved under the window again. We will bring up a headboard tomorrow. We made enough mess today. So we swapped things around after it was finished. I want the headboard to protect the glass. Or I should say, protect Tristen from the glass. I don't trust him not to jump on the bed.
 photo 103_3551_zps7suhkdlw.jpg
 photo 103_3550_zpsyyncfxyx.jpg
We put back the pictures and stuff and found a place for everything else. We need to downsize those dang stuffies again. I have a bag of them in the closet in the other room. It's so hard to throw them away or give them away. Who wants to hurt their feelings right.
 photo 103_3558_zpsi10pmahr.jpg
A picture of him and his mum.
 photo 103_3557g_zpspdqfj5q9.jpg
 photo 103_3553_zpssbabmx8m.jpg
It's nothing fancy but for a 6 year old who won't take care of his things just yet, it's the best we can do.
 photo 103_3560_zpsnyfpwlcm.jpg
I spruced things up with a change of blankets, we had too many at first so I put some away for later. I am glad I did.
 photo 103_3561_zpshubuorsm.jpg
 photo 103_3559_zpsjwctvkxe.jpg
We will see how long his room looks like this. He knows if he does well, on his birthday he can get a TV for his room. We have had so many behaviour problems with this ADHD. Sometimes it gets very frustrating. He broke the last tv by jamming a couple of cds in the tray and broke it. So we hold that out as a carrot on a stick in the hope of tempting him. We try to use rewards, bribes if you like to get him on track sometimes.
For now he likes his new look. We shall see how long it lasts.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Indoor Survivers......................

This year when I put out the houseplants, (if it ever warms up) I think I will leave them out. I don't like all this stuff in the house. It looks pretty sad by the end of Winter. ideas. The Spider plants do really well outside from Spring through Fall. They are big and lush when I bring them back in. Trouble is they get scrawny over the winter and I bring them inside because I hate to see them die, and also then have to buy more in the Spring.
The same for Cyclamen. They don't do well inside unless I never put them out. They are like my African Violets, they like a certain window and are not happy anywhere else.
My Christmas Cactus is blooming now. It's ever so pretty when it does. I think I may get a couple of nice ones this year and stick with just a few inside plants.
 photo 103_3446k_zpsdlwpcagx.jpg
I know they come in a variety of colours, they like the windows too.
 photo 103_3444j_zpsqhsfy39d.jpg
 photo 103_3448l_zpsewfhfflb.jpg
The Cactus does not need a lot of help either. I like that. I have a few plants inside that wont be coming back (shhhhhhhhh don't tell them)
 photo 103_3443h_zps57intspp.jpg
I don't know what this next one is called but it is also a sort of cactus. It does really well in the house and I have split this one from one original plant, into many.
 photo 103_3452_zpshzpyethl.jpg
It is not fussy. It does well in light and more shady corners. I had one that a friend gave me many years ago and it is now in several pots. I should give some away.
 photo 103_3451k_zpsrpldvn7r.jpg
Once I can shift some of the others outside I will sort these all out, repot those who need it and give new soil and munchies (plant food) to them all.
One plant I brought inside is looking really nice and I will keep this one inside now. Its some kind of Begonia I think. I wonder if it will bloom. I don't really care because I love the foliage.
 photo 103_3450_zpskwizew4k.jpg
I brought two inside because I loved the leaves. The other one is bigger and leggy, it just needs to be repotted. That will get attention as soon as I can get everyone sorted out for the Summer. I may just keep that one inside too if I can make it look a bit better.
The other house plants that do well for me are the Devils Ivy or Pothos (sounds like one of the Three Musketeers)
 photo names-of-common-house-plants_zps4mvexqhv.jpg
This one I can split and just grow in water. They like shady corners and last forever. If you buy one, you will never run out. Almost impossible to kill. Well, some people can kill anything but these will give you a good run for your money. YOu can tell when it needs water but just dont overdo it. Even so you can grow them in water instead of dirt so........hmmmm.
I have a Peace Lilly that never blooms. I put that outside every year and it doesn't bloom out there either. So will that come inside next year? I don't know. I just hate to let things die. I just don't have room for them all. I have a small Snake Plant that is doing well and will repot that one and it can stay. I like those who do not need fussing.
My African Violets are the best, they have a window they like and bloom all the time. That table is full though.
So Spider Plants. You best behave or wont come in next year. I wish I could plant them outside but they wont survive the snow. I could put them in unused bedrooms but would forget to water them. So what will I do? I do wish I could keep Geraniums over winter too, lots of people do. They don't do well for me though and neither does Ivy. That I do plant in the ground for the next year.